Petra Nemcova and James Blunt break up

October 17th, 2006 // 96 Comments

Petra Nemcova and James Blunt have reportedly broken up after Blunt allegedly cheated on her with a string of girls, including Australian TV presenter Tania Zaetta. A source tells Britain’s Mail:

“Rumours got back to Petra that James had been partying with loads of gorgeous girls in Ibiza over the summer. They had a huge row during London Fashion Week last month and now it is all over.” According to close friends, the singer is desperate to work things out with Petra, but the 27-year-old model is unsure whether she can trust him again. The source added: “She’s agreed to meet him a couple of times to try to work things out but it isn’t looking good.”

Just to be clear it was James Blunt that cheated. On Petra Nemcova. This isn’t like Kevin Connolly cheating on Nicky Hilton. This is like a Ford Taurus cheating on a Ferrari. Like my 4-year-old cousin’s finger painting cheating on the fucking Mona Lisa. The only world where stuff like this is supposed to happen is the world where ice cream tastes like broccoli and rain falls up.


  1. BLucky


  2. BLucky

    Sorry. First is the best best I can do with this. I can’t seem to care about the guy who sings the same song 10 different ways on his CD or the super model no one can seem to remember until they google her name.

  3. ahh.. jim jim must be hung like a horse cause there ain’t one damned thing about his face or demeanor that’s got any kind of sexual magnetism.. unless of course you’re into beastiality with a greasy looking pasty faced fast food monkey..

  4. jrzmommy

    who will be her next conquest? Beck? Carrot Top?

  5. About fucking time. This guy’s a total douchebag

  6. CCClub

    I, personally, think he played his cards right. When you go out with a super hot girl, every woman on the planet adds points to your stock. The hotter the girl, the hotter the girls coming on to you. I suspect that considering the girlfriend here is Petra, the girls coming on to him on the club island of Ibiza were outta sight.

    Even James had to realize that sooner or latter Petra would realize she had been dating an otter, so he’d lose that at some point anyways. Might as well propagate the illusion that he’s a mighty stud, no?

  7. combustion8

    What a grade A stud!!!

  8. RichPort

    I googled Tania Zaetta. She makes Petra Nemcova look like driftwood.

  9. jrzmommy

    Rich: Nah, gotta disagree here. Tania is pretty, but she looks old. Petra is gorgeous.

  10. He… cheated on… her..? Someone needs to slap him upside the head, explain to him in no uncertain terms that he is this generation’s Christopher Cross – his future no more than an answer to a 2000′s Trival Pursuit question – and that nothing he will ever have will be as good as what he just fucked up. Petra, if you’re going to date scrawny, effeminite Englishman who are quasi-gay and cheat, by all means make it Jude Law. At least he can act.

  11. *HelloKitty*

    What was she thinking??? At least she’s rid of that fugly piece of work.

  12. Binky

    She’s lucky to be rid of him.
    Apparently his nick-name is ‘Blunty’ but it has nothing to do with his name.

  13. BigJim

    He probably just got sick of all her damn whining about her supposed near-death experience with the tsunami.

    Hotness takes a major hit when all the bitch does is whine.

  14. Pavarottie

    Well. I don’t even have a smartass comment for this one I’m so blown away. But I suppose she can now move on to greener pastures, such as Gary Coleman.

  15. RichPort

    I agree with Jim, she looks like a whiney bitch, and every time she hears a faucet or someone flushes the toilet she probably grabs on to something and starts to sob. Plus we already know at the first sign of trouble, she’ll leave her boyfriend.

    That would get pretty fucking annoying after a while.

    Jrz – maybe I only saw the slutty pics… pretty Indian girls always make me feel funny below the waist.

  16. LoneWolf

    No matter how hot a girl is, there’s someone somewhere who got tired of her.

  17. NipsyHustle

    #9—-i googled Tania Zaetta and she looks very much like a tranny. plus she’s from australia where 70% of the population has herpes simplex 1, so sounds like james may have picked up the gift that keeps on giving…forever.

    secondly, petra hung on to a tree for dear life during a tsunami. she’s got to be able to stayed gripped on your wood in the sack. that’s a great skill. no worries about her bending your boner while she’s riding you.

    and finally, ibiza is nothing but eurotrash on ecstacy so we can’t say that he was getting better trim than petra. besides, ecstasy will have you happily humping a palm tree for hours and you’ll swear the whole time it was scarlett johannson.

    i don’t blame petra for leaving this troll. it’s enough that he’s british=bad teeth and uncut cocks but who wants to have a lifetime valtrex bill?


    Yeah I smoked a blunt yesterday.

  19. popegoestheweasel

    These rumours stemmed from The Mail on Sunday article, which I haven’t seen (mainly because it’s not really a newspaper, but just a children’s comic) claiming one of their elusive “sources” thinks James relationship with Petra Nemcova is over.

    I doubt James will say anything about his private life, other than what he said to the Sun, which is, “It’s all good. Thank you for asking.” And Petra’s camp don’t seem to be too flustered either.

    The “other woman” Miss Zaetta, has also made it very clear that there has never been any romance between her and JB, so at some stage, those who bought the Mail on Sunday should be asking, “can I have my money back?”

    There are other articles when you search Google, and if you want to collect them here, then do, but more than concerning ourselves over the state of JB’s private life, it’s probably worth discussing the responsiblities of newspapers and how we should view journalists today.

    P.S. Please don’t think this means I’m keen on this discussion. I’d rather the public didn’t discuss my friend’s private life, but there are rumours on the web, and as such, they will be discussed, so we might as well have them here, with a bit of clarity rather than blind rumour-mongering.

  20. popegoestheweasel

    The above post was on James’ official site

  21. jrzmommy

    that’s her new love interest right there in the orange striped shirt.

  22. I’m confused!
    By the way the Fish was beating around the bush, does he think Petra Nemcova is hot or not?

  23. katie

    she has got a fat ugly face.

  24. LL

    Why is anybody surprised that he (allegedly) screwed around on her? Big deal. If he worked at Jiffy Lube, I’d say “bad move,” but he’s famous and (I assume) rich, he can probably get a supermodel delivered to his room anytime he wants. Maybe he gets tired of supermodels bitching about how hungry they are and wanted to hang out with a chick who actually eats every now and then.

    RE girl in striped shirt: I gotta give her props, it’s a brave (or secure) woman who will walk directly in front of a supermodel. Especially wearing horizontal stripes. Even if the supermodel is wearing gigantic sunglasses that make her look sorta like an insect. Just sayin’.

  25. BigJim


    Just sayin’.

  26. BriBri

    Monica Bellucci pwns this chick.

  27. Italian Stallion

    I wonder when Frankie J is going to get shot for being priceless?

    Nothing to add to the story on the tree hugger…………

  28. BarbadoSlim

    holy mother of god, this guy is an ear rapist and should be shot on sight as a favor to humanity.

  29. LilRach

    Yeah he’s no Brad Pitt – but face it this guy will always get the ladies. I guarantee that his next girl will be just as hot maybe even hotter than Petra.

    It must be:
    a) his huge personality
    b) his huge cock
    c) his huge wads of cash
    d) his fame or
    e) all of the above

    chicks just go for that sort of thing i guess…….duh!

  30. BarbadoSlim

    Maybe it has to do with how Nemcova has become a fat cow. Guy has standards.

  31. I don’t know either of these people. They’re just names that I’ve seen on this website and in other gossip columns. And, though I can’t point toward documentation of rain falling upside down, I can do snow.

  32. tati

    and apparently SHE’s the one dating that millionaire who supposedly went on a date with natalie portman, as was posted here a few days ago. at least that’s what i read in a magazine, and that they went together to the NY fashion show and sat on the first row with brazilian model and tv host Fernanda Lima, canadian singer Avril Lavigne and some other people i can’t remember.

  33. BarbadoSlim

    I just realized that if all these people were to disappear suddenly from the face of earth, my life would not be affected in the least.

  34. tsarinaamanda

    James Blunt is an ugly, ugly little troll-like man, but I can’t blame him for dumping Petra. How anyone could put up with a chick who is only on the public’s radar because she exploited her surviving the tsunami is beyond my comprehension. Fucking cunt.

  35. I’m going out on a limb, but I bet it is because she never changes her skirt.

  36. ApacheRose

    You JUST realized that? LOL

    HA! I had the same thought. The same pictures must just keep circulating. Surely she’s got more clothes than that…

  37. assfacecocknocker

    id cheat on the bitch too if i had heaps of equally filth bitches willing to jostle my tally wacker.

    i like typing tally wacker

  38. assfacecocknocker

    hay number 19. im from stralia and your mama RIMS MOUNTAIN GOATS!

  39. assfacecocknocker

    i mean number 18. number 19s mama watches! na just kiddin, number 19s alright in my book.

  40. JohnniePolo

    I’d hit it! The chick in the orange stripes that is.

  41. RichPort

    Maybe I just don’t like Eastern bloc bitches, but this chick doesn’t rouse the old trouser snake, apart from imagining her screaming like a Vietnam vet with shell shock every time it rains. Now that makes the ol’ dragon zipper pledge allegiance…

    #34 – HA!!!

  42. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    ‘Artists’ are notoriously insecure. That’s why they always pull stupid shit like this–it bolsters their fragile egos when they cheat. Asshats-on-parade.

    Maybe there are just a lot of dumb girls who think James Blunt actually means what he sings.

  43. BarbadoSlim

    #43 tell me you didn’t go and call James Blunt an artist now.

    Unless by artist you meant whiny little fag.

    you’re BEAU TY FUUULL!!!your BAU TY FUUUIUL!!

    kill me with a blunt machete why dontcha.

  44. sexybitch

    This is the model Bruce Willis was drooling over earlier this year – and she was totally disinterested. So has he peed himself laughing yet, or what?

  45. This is all crap. he left her for me.

    ya’ll wouldn’t see real talent if it hit you upside the head and said “Hey! I’m true talent!”

  46. BarbadoSlim

    Whatever bitch…

  47. flashback

    Rofl James Blunt needs to learn how to get girls..Maybe my boy Game Spitter aka Womanizer can give him a few tips;

    If he can’t, no one can.

  48. krisdylee

    Th ndkjeh, sjlejmd fmnoie! Skeudn t kshuifn nfujs niwundmm. Wnia mlkndoiw niv sw niudnw nciund. Plcnuw.


  49. BigJim

    Uh, kris, whatever you been smokin’, don’t bogart it.

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