Peter Dinklage With A Mullet Is Why We Internet

June 4th, 2014 // 13 Comments

If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching this scene over and again until I can no longer tell where Peter Dinklage ends and Patrick Swayze‘s mullet begins. Send food in five days, medical supplies in 10.

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  1. Cock Dr

    Hairstyling for height…it’s a vanishing art from the 2nd millennium.

  2. “I used to fuck guys like you in Westeros!”

  3. Freebie

    I love Peter Dinklage. He’s one good looking little guy.

  4. vandal

    Look, he’s NOT a good actor. His English accent is one of the worst I’ve heard on film. The character is great, this cunt is shit though. The sooner people separate him from the character in GoT the sooner the bubble will burst.

    • People wanted him to play Tyrion BEFORE “Game of Thrones” even came out… And, no doubt about it, he’ll probably win the Emmy again for what he did in season 4.

      Hey, you have every right to criticize the man… doesn’t mean you’re correct or that your opinion is shared by the majority.

    • Freebie

      Since Westros is a fantasy realm and not England, why should he have an English accent? He brings the character of Tyrion to life and that sir is acting. If you haven’t seen him in Death at a Funeral you should. He’s very funny in it.

  5. Say What

    I can now die happy.

  6. Nobody should make fun of him , he is extremely tough, he’ll bust a nut on your ankle and gnaw on your shin bone before you can get him a step-stool.

  7. malaka

    for reals. better a friend than an enemy.
    give the man some props.

  8. Loved Dink in X-Men, he was pretty awesome.

  9. Peter Dinklage Mullet
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks like someone broke his achy breaky heart.

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