Pete Wentz talks about ‘banging’ Ashlee Simpson

Pete Wentz must want a divorce. The Fall Out Boy bassist spent the morning talking candidly with Howard Stern about his sex life with Ashlee Simpson and basically stopped short of drawing an exact diagram of her vulva. Here are the highlights via E! Online:

On her post-baby body:
And Ashlee probably didn’t want him telling everyone about getting up to 150 pounds during her pregnancy, but at least he says the weight is “blazing off her–she’s a babe.” A babe with whom he has “an amazing sex life.”

On their sex life before Bronx Mowgli:
Their amazing sex life is in part due to Pete’s claim that “Texas girls are fun.” He spares no detail about the first time they had sex–including the place, the mirrors and what he was thinking: “Oh, my God, you are banging the girl of your dreams. We have such a sexual chemistry. Had we been on this show last year we’d probably be doing it in the green room.”

On the bedroom action now:
“We do other fun stuff. She’s not ready down there.”

On Ashlee’s breast size and other facts:
“She’s a C, but I think with the breast milk it’s a D.” And that she’s up for anything (really, anything): “Let’s just say my wife likes me to have a good time.”

I don’t even want to know what qualifies as a good time for Pete Wentz, but I guarantee it ends the same exact way every time: “Don’t worry, baby, homeless dudes hate cops. Now grab his feet.”

Photos: WENN