Pete Wentz: ‘Someone is going to murder me’

March 3rd, 2009 // 87 Comments

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Pete Wentz reveals a deep-seated fear that someone he knows is going to murder him. Even more crazy is the second sentence that has to make Ashlee Simpson feel so awesome about birthing this dude’s child:

I refuse to answer my front door because I’m convinced someone is going to murder me. I used to think that some day I’d end up murdering a close friend or relative. Now it’s reversed and I’m convinced it’s going to happen to me. That’s the way I’m going out, I’m completely sure of it. So I refuse to answer the front door – it greatly minimizes that risk.

Wow, that’s entirely messed up. In the meantime, let’s all join hands and pray that Pete Wentz is not only psychic but has glimpsed into the insanely near future. Like five minutes from now. Ready GO!


  1. lmao i’d be afraid of being murdered if i were him too. and i like fall out boy haah

  2. farty mcshitface

    looks like ashley just gave little pete an atomic wedgie. and by the looks of it, he enjoyed it.

  3. Joe Blow

    Yeah Pete, they’re called the Fashion Police. They’re coming to get you.


  4. 0_o

    Sweet jeans Pete, must be easy wearing denim that tight with your baby dick. I love how the bassist of FOB tries to act and get press like he’s the lead man.

  5. mark

    Yawn. Pete needs attention.

  6. grobpilot

    Someone’s going to murder him? All I can ask is, when?

  7. leanne

    RYAN ROSS RYAN ROSS RYAN ROSS cheated on his girlfriend Keltie Colleen with Pete Wentz. true story. (the leather jacket friend)

  8. Chenush

    I think he is.

  9. Mike

    Someone already murdered him, when they pumped his ass full of HIV-infected semen.

  10. isitin

    I really hope this stupid fagot emo shit just goes away with his stupid emo wife. I guess you can see that I think Emos are all gay………..

  11. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Death Of A Paranoid Faggot

    Act I Scene I – Pete at home locked behind door….
    Stranger: (knock-knock-knock) Helloooo…. any faggots home?
    Pete: Go away! I won’t open up!
    Stranger: I’ll HUFF and I’ll PUFF and I’ll blow your cock in!!!!!
    Pete: Reallllyyy??!! (opens door) I’d love my cock su..
    Pete:(gurgling through blasted away face) Ahhhgh………. (dies)
    Stranger: Stupid fucking moron… (wipes blood and brains off gun, leaves)
    The End.

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  13. Babydoll

    #4 GD RIOT!!!!!

  14. Babydoll

    #4 GD RIOT!!!!!

  15. Mike Hawk

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  16. GG1000

    For heaven’s sake, you’re not important enough for anyone to bother murdering you; get over it!

  17. wet newspaper

    Who gives a damn! Like this shit is even worth gossiping about.
    But what is worth gossiping about is Pete’s muffin top. What’s that about? Trying to attract other homosexual men? I’d kick him in the pants if I were walking behind him. “Pull ya fuckin’ pants up, d00d!”

  18. vito

    Who does that idiot cocksucker think he is, Buster Brown?

    He looks like Tattoo from Fantasy Island. “Look! De plene, de plene.”

  19. wet newspaper

    LOL @ ‘idiot cocksucker’!


    I hope he gets random people heckling from their cars as they see him walking down the street… “DOUCHBAAAAGGGgggg!”
    “Girl’s Blouseee!”

  20. wet newspaper

    Having said all that though…. and just quietly..

    I’d still hit it. :P

  21. bigfoot

    asslee has nasty fat legs

  22. YMCA

    I like two cherries on a string hanging out of his pocket. this guy is 100% gay. look at ashley’s happy face. she knows she is married to a gay guy. and she knows that we know

  23. katie ton

    pete wentz is a tool and so is ashlee simpson. i dont think i can ever get over her SNL fiasco

  24. …………………….AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, folks!!

  25. vito

    ” Pete Wentz: ‘Someone is going to murder me’ ”

    Hey Fudgepacker…tell them to fucking get on with it, already. We’re getting tired of waiting.

    PS: Then I’ll bone your old lady (assuming she can prove to me that she’s still got an immune system after letting you touch her goodies).

    PPS: By the way, if “they” let us down and neglect to pop a cap in your ear, at least try to cowboy up a bit. You’re an embarassment!

  26. vito

    Hey #72…

    Ashley’s happy because Little Peter doesn’t ask her to suck his little peter.


  27. ItsFullOfPoop

    I think he’s just using “murder’ as a euphemismfro “lots of penises in my anus”.

  28. Chelle

    I feel like slapping him just for wearing that stupid outfit. The dumb hat and the bowtie are bad enough, but why the hell does he always wear his pants that way?

  29. DaleMurph

    Ashlee looks beautiful as a redhead.

  30. bolognamama

    what a shit stain

  31. jessica simpson

    Every time I look at that little munchkin, I can’t stop laughing. Someone actually screws him voluntarily.

  32. pete johnnyboy

    I volunteer to do it.

  33. KDUBLL


  34. sushi

    I hate this fucking chimp.

  35. sushi

    I hate this fucking chimp.

  36. Boring next!

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