Pete Wentz: ‘Someone is going to murder me’

March 3rd, 2009 // 87 Comments

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Pete Wentz reveals a deep-seated fear that someone he knows is going to murder him. Even more crazy is the second sentence that has to make Ashlee Simpson feel so awesome about birthing this dude’s child:

I refuse to answer my front door because I’m convinced someone is going to murder me. I used to think that some day I’d end up murdering a close friend or relative. Now it’s reversed and I’m convinced it’s going to happen to me. That’s the way I’m going out, I’m completely sure of it. So I refuse to answer the front door – it greatly minimizes that risk.

Wow, that’s entirely messed up. In the meantime, let’s all join hands and pray that Pete Wentz is not only psychic but has glimpsed into the insanely near future. Like five minutes from now. Ready GO!


  1. Petey

    Suck my wee penis FIRST you fucking stinking cunts

  2. Gando

    II ?

  3. jaquemon


  4. Sam

    Later, he explained “they’re always after me lucky charms.”

  5. Gando

    #2 Stop trolling me Nero!

  6. Where’s VH1? Someone put a camera on this Munchkin! 24/7 we need footage..

  7. Sauron

    Please folks! Stop trolling me! You’ll know whether it’s me or not!

  8. rain

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  9. Northern Wang

    Nobody is going to murder Suckfest Wentz. That only happens to good musicians.

  10. Sauron

    I would never put comments with caps on! Unless you’re really deaf ofcourse!

  11. amancalledj

    How many people ring the doorbell and wait at the front door to murder someone? What a moron. If he’s murdered by someone he knows, it more likely to happen during an argument that escalates, for instance, if he were to discover that his father-in-law had been having incestuous relations with his two daughters and then decided to confront the father-in-law about it or if he were in a band and fought with his bandmates about their long, pretentious song titles and misguided emo fashion.

  12. Good lord I hope he’s right.

  13. Nero

    Damn! Why am i always on the wrong site?!

  14. McFeely Smackup

    Someone is going to murder him?

    Is it me? Oh man, I hope it’s me….

  15. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I ahte reality shows…but if there was one called PETE WENTZ: SOMEONE WANTS TO MURDER ME not only would I watch it….I would want to be ON it!
    It would be like CLUE! Everyone would have their weapon and their motive and we could all stalk around the Wentz house trying to kill Pete. Thats good shit right there! Are you listenin’, VH1???

  16. the guys

    Relax, Pete. We’re not going to kill you. It’ll just be more of the usual: flushing your head in the toilet, wedgie, locking you in a locker. You know, stuff we’ve done to you all your life. Don’t start getting all dramatic about it.

  17. Sauron

    My power is the electronic power! Other imaginable primitive powers are to primitive to me.Is this a Peter Wentz post?

  18. Amanda

    Look its ryan ross from panic at the disco..maybe theyll knock each other off. cross your fingers.

  19. mankey mookah

    It’s Norman Wisdom!

  20. Sauron

    I’m getting more and more bugs jumping on my back.Please jump out Peter Wentz!

  21. Shitney Still SUX

    This dude is such a pit-stain. I wouldn’t even care if he turned out to be right.

  22. Darth

    Next! Booring!

  23. whoa

    That little dude is either seeking attention or should be seeking some mental help. He used to be convinced he would kill someone??? That is messed up.

  24. Sauron

    I’ll guess Pete Wentz is lucky this time. . . It causes too much. . . Still i stay to my first opinion,that’s my right!

  25. Gando

    Is Pete Wentz wearing pants from K-fed’s kid’s fashion line?

  26. justifiable

    #11 Tell that to Rebecca Shaeffer, who answered her door only to be shot by an obsessive fan. Celebrities attract a lot of nutobs who have no connection to them other than their delusions – - and so do lame-o’s like Wentz!

  27. Guy

    No, what’s messed up is dressing like a 19th century London 8 year old cockney boy.

  28. IKE

    Is it me or has Ashlee Simpson gotten more attractive since she squeezed out that little Wentz?

  29. Valerie

    11 and 15, you are the voices of Reason.

    How sad we laugh at the very serious psychotic episodes of this schizophrenic–someone get him help, you assholes! : )

  30. the tall one

    Pete Wentz is a narcissistic c*nt.

  31. TS

    #16, that was hilarious.

    Why the fuck do this douchebag’s pant’s always look like they’re falling off? It’s almost like those Megan Fox pics, but in a really bad way. What a pillow biter…

  32. Mike Hawk

    It’s gonna be a break dancer from the eighties, possibly Ozone. He’ll devise a way to rip a time portal, and come steal his ridiculous sneakers back. It’s the only way to save the dance studio and win back Kelley’s love. Turbo, who is now evil, will find out about Ozone’s plan, hijack the time portal, and try to kill that bitch Peter before Ozone can get to him. They’ll both arrive about the same time, and have a Dance off till someone gets “Served to Death”. The winner will Deal with Peter. I wont give away the ending, you’ll have to wait till it hits theatres. I will however tell you the working title..Breakin’ Four, Killer at the Door.

    See you at the movies.

  33. Murgh

    Sooooo, someone please tell me: are Pete Wentz’s little elf legs about 4 inches long? (which is quite long enough to keep his dick from dragging on the ground…) But, if he is an elf, how come his shoes don’t curl up at the toes? Wait, he’s got the Jaunty Cap and the Proper Bow Tie, so maybe he’s actually a leprechaun…
    Or because of his emo “dark thoughts”, perhaps a troll…

    Anyhow, it’s a great look for him.

  34. Parker

    I would love to take that little midget and stick him on my dick. I would lift him up and screw him while his little legs dangled by my knees..

  35. Boo Berry

    #4- They’re magically delicious!

  36. Tom K

    #34. LOL

    You are sick!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  37. crabby old guy

    Douche, douche, douche, Douche of Earl he is.

  38. Vince Lombardi

    Styles his hair? Check.

    Wears a wool snap-brim cap to hide his Flock-of-Seagulls hairstyle? Check.

    Wears a plaid bowtie? In public? Check.

    Wears a pair of platform sneakers just to appear “somewhat shorter” than everyone else? Check.

    Wears his too-tight jeans with half his ass exposed? Check.

    Plays man-grab with his leather jacketed don’t-I-look-like-an-80′s-gay-British-rock-star buddy? Check.

    Is married to anyone from Texas? Check.

    Oh, yeah, Pete. You’re meat. You don’t need to be a member of GLBT to know that! But here’s a little secret you don’t know: You *are* a member of GLBT. Next time you go into the closet, just reach into your pocket of your too tight, too low jeans, and your membership card will magically appear. What’s sad is that your no-talent, I-got-way-less-looks-than-my-sister-Jessica-so-I’ll-do-anything-include-getting-knocked-up-by-a-closeted-homo-in-order-to-get-some-facetime “wife” is too stupid to know.

    Apologies to any of my gay friends who might be offended by being mentioned in the same post with both Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson. It’s your burden in life, apparently.

  39. Right Fury

    Another toolbag that voted for Barack Obama. I watched his MTV “public service” announcement about how great Obama was.

    I’ve noticed a pattern. Have you?

  40. Ted from L

    Is it just me or could this asshole take a shit without even pulling his pants down and not make a mess?

  41. everyone

    “I’ve noticed a pattern. Have you?”

    Yeah – conservatives are sore losers.

  42. Jrz

    I’d kill him if he was my husband…..dressing like that….he looks like a god damn fool.

  43. Dan

    Is it just me, or is he wearing Back to the Future 2 Nike Air 2015 Kicks?

  44. Dan

    Is it just me, or is he wearing Back to the Future 2 Nike Air 2015 Kicks?

  45. gordenzhang

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  46. John

    Good. Wait, who are you?

  47. Fluffy Butt

    I’d like to rip those pants up to his fucking nipples and make him squeal like someone just jacked him with a corn cob. He’s the little bitch of that family. Ashlee has more balls than he does. Pull up your pants you little simp, son.

    Fucking fruit loop cheerio boy! What a queer …

  48. Fluffy Butt

    I’d like to rip those pants up to his fucking nipples and make him squeal like someone just jacked him with a corn cob. He’s the little bitch of that family. Ashlee has more balls than he does. Pull up your pants you little simp, son.

    Fucking fruit loop cheerio boy! What a queer …

  49. the girls

    LMAO @16

  50. Mmm

    He looks like Frodo Baggin’s smaller, less manly friend. Their child is going to be a midget.

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