Pete Wentz parties with strippers while Ashlee stays home with the baby

April 9th, 2009 // 69 Comments

While Ashlee Simpson was flying home and Twittering pics of Bronx Mowgli earlier this week, Pete Wentz was partying it up with strippers in Vegas. Star reports:

The Fall Out Boy bassist — who was without his wife of nearly one year — partied hard with about 50 band members, dancers and pals (including Girls Next Door star Holly Madison) following a sold-out show at the Palms Casino Resort on April 5.
“Everybody was going absolutely crazy,” an eyewitness tells Star. “People were even drunkenly playing makeshift Slip ‘n’ Slide with a mat and lubricant. And Pete was in great spirits. He was dancing and singing along to his band’s own songs, grinding up against the dancers.”
At one point he was “dancing on a pool table with the girls,” the partygoer adds.

Okay, I’m gonna put out this fire real quick. Were they male strippers? No. Then sleep soundly Ashlee Simpson, your husband remained steadfast and true.

I love happy endings.

Photos: Star

  1. He’s smiling because he wore the exact same thing that stripper has on to bed the night before.

  2. mikeock

    Who’s Pete Wentz?

  3. JoeSchmoe

    If that’s what the strippers looked like, Ashlee has nothing to worry about. She is ugly, but these strippers are uglier. He wasn’t grinding anyone either (good thing, since those skanks look contagious)

  4. Uh-Oh

    This ain’t gonna be pretty.

  5. Karri

    aww… I feel bad for Ashlee… not a huge fan but that would suck to see your husband fucking around with strippers on a magazine cover while you were at home with a crying baby.

  6. SATAN

    flat-chested strippers are totally pointless and good for nothing… like a bike with no wheels or a dick with no balls.

    basically the lowest form of life is a stripper with no tits.

  7. JustSayin

    Probably Ashley is the first girl Wentz had sex with that didn’t expect money in return. So thats why he married her!

  8. Donkey Dong



  9. dunkindognuts

    @35 I would love to see what you are like in real life. Do you constantly harangue everyone in your life about 9/11? Is it on your mind all the damn day long? I understand having a cause, but don’t let said cause make you insane. Why don’t you give it a little bit of a rest for the sake of your mental stability. Your spouse or significant other must get so tired of hearing you mumble “Inside job” in your sleep.

  10. so-calist pigs

    Why isn’t anything posted about MOBama bowing before Sau-di Ara-bia’s King Abdullah? In their country they see that as weakness…perhaps ?…

    How about Hill-a-ry Rotten Cliten laughing at the “pirate” situation while the captains life may be over any moment? Shouldn’t we call them what they really are? Not some fictional romanticized name? Or is that not pc?

    This is a sign of what’s ahead for all of us….weakness and bigger government deciding our standard of living. So all the fools that voted for this man better be prepared for our standard of living to change for the worse. I was born in a socialist country and can tell you it DOES NOT WORK …and trust me…most Americans have no clue because they have no point of reference. We gave up everything to come here for a better life and my heart is breaking about where this country is headed. MOBama is literarly bankrupting us while our opportunities are being replaced by mediocrity and most Americans don’t even see it happening . Please educate yourself and don’t let it slip away.

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  12. wolf5150

    Ashlee, if its any consolation, they are two really HOT strippers. They almost have me believing, through the combination of getting YOU pregnant,which must have been really nice ( you,long legs spread wide open,dripping.young .tight ,pink pussy, about to be filled with sperm) and seeing Pete dancing around drunk with these two hot whores. (the asian one is particularly hot) that Pete really isn’t a closeted homosexual,capable of only
    random oral and anal acts performed in a filthy reststop along a highway in New Jersey. I hope you have many years of getting that steamy pussy of yours
    filled with jizz even if it is done by a George Michael clone.
    I am a wordsmith, NO?

  13. So. #59.
    You seem like real intellectual. My guess is you’re still having a few problem with free fall collapse speed – that type of thing.
    Actulwee I work on contrat. Outsource work : Re 9/11 Inquisition.
    Oh. By the way # 59. Welcome to site.
    Inside job ?

  14. Hmmmm, I got nothin’, but that’s not going to stop me from posting at least 100 times per thread, because my ego is the size of my penis, … absolutely freakin’ miniscule, and I need the validation of anonymous readers to justify my miserable pointless existence. M’kay.

    Inside job ?

    P.S. “shill” and “troll”? Really, you wound me, madam.

  15. wood

    that dark haired stripper is a MAN.


  17. Nicole

    i dont think i belive this.”(total photoshop!!…gay.. pete wentz is a sexy beast, you can tell that petes pic was put on there by some faget whos jelous. so FUCK YOU WHOEVER PUT THIS ON HERE.

  18. Nicole

    i dont think i belive this.”(total photoshop!!…gay.. pete wentz is a sexy beast, you can tell that petes pic was put on there by some faget whos jelous. so FUCK YOU WHOEVER PUT THIS ON HERE.

  19. I think this girl (blonde), dances at the helm of Lena Paris And maby dates porn star that lingers around after closing time. See for yourself. Let’s see if anyone knows what I am talking about or in general.

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