Pete Wentz parties with strippers while Ashlee stays home with the baby

April 9th, 2009 // 69 Comments

While Ashlee Simpson was flying home and Twittering pics of Bronx Mowgli earlier this week, Pete Wentz was partying it up with strippers in Vegas. Star reports:

The Fall Out Boy bassist — who was without his wife of nearly one year — partied hard with about 50 band members, dancers and pals (including Girls Next Door star Holly Madison) following a sold-out show at the Palms Casino Resort on April 5.
“Everybody was going absolutely crazy,” an eyewitness tells Star. “People were even drunkenly playing makeshift Slip ‘n’ Slide with a mat and lubricant. And Pete was in great spirits. He was dancing and singing along to his band’s own songs, grinding up against the dancers.”
At one point he was “dancing on a pool table with the girls,” the partygoer adds.

Okay, I’m gonna put out this fire real quick. Were they male strippers? No. Then sleep soundly Ashlee Simpson, your husband remained steadfast and true.

I love happy endings.

Photos: Star

  1. dapwner

    ke kulote

  2. dapwner

    Awante el Ri77xAl del KaOz

  3. Petey Wentz

    “So is it awesome to have a pussy or what? Yeah? Really? I KNEW IT!!!!”

  4. devilsrain

    Its all a bullshit coverup. Much the same way Matthew Brodericks marriage was. Look at me im standing near a stripper. Big deal faggot

  5. Jake

    imagine having to go home to Ashlee Simpson and a kid every night!

  6. NipTuck


  7. It's Me Fuckers

    he has the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face. Heh, I wonder if AS’s plan if falling into place… get knocked up by someone who has a slightly better chance at making money then she does. At least she is guaranteed an income for the next 18 years even if he does screw around on her.

  8. holyfuck

    I don’t care, he’s still likes to have his dinner mashed. Guaranteed.

  9. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Well? What’s wrong with this? Economics and strippers have to go on as well.

  10. Galtacticus

    It would be different if he visited sneaky and secretly stripperclubs.

  11. m-

    Why was Holly Madison there? Is she now the Palms resident hooker??

  12. Greenhoe

    Strippers are AIDS spreaders.

  13. > I love happy endings.


    I’d like to have one with the Oriental.

    > Strippers are AIDS spreaders.

    Thank you, your holiness Ratzinger. Glad to see you’ve join the fray.

  14. Val

    Odd, those strippers are missing something. Oh yah, Boobs. WTH?

  15. Bradly Bear

    The look on that stripper’s face is beyond priceless.

  16. Joseph

    The thing everyone is missing here is that he isn’t attracted to these strippers. No, Mr Douche himself is up there commenting on how “cute” their uniforms are and giving them fashion tips.

  17. #4 I doubt MB started out gay, but being married to horse face drove him to desperate measures.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but give the guy a break. Poor bastard just got married and had a kid, let him have his kicks, as long as it isn’t endangering him or his family who fucking cares.

    p.s. you have to have unprotected sex with a stripper to risk getting STD’s. (from said stripper)

  18. wet newspaper


  19. Exo

    I would’nt wanna be Pete tomorrow. *shrugs*
    ..Now thinkin’ about it, I don’t wanna be Pete at all.
    Who the fuck does?

  20. Oh, please. I don’t anyone caught him on camera actually touching a stripper. He’s a wuss.

  21. California Red

    she is hot. Good for him.

  22. shiny toy rabbit

    Pete and Ashley are fucking friends with Perez Hilton. Every damn thing they do is a plee for attention, they are both the most boring people on the planet.. besides Lauren Conrad and Andie McDowell.

  23. linig

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  24. sushi

    I can’t stand this fucking no talent chimp and his whack band.

  25. devilsrain

    17. Yea Ill buy that. MB is probably one of those product of environment gays.

    Im not saying there is anything wrong with this (strippers). Of course Ashlee might think otherwise. Good luck to him & their future fucked up/ gay kid

  26. Dr. Tony Newman: Didn’t quite make this stripper show in time. Unfortunately. ( If you don’t get the Sci-Fi Channel – google me kids)
    Binky : Shit Dr. Tony. Bad news.
    But it reminds me of the time I was at this internet site – and then all of a sudden – things like, just disappeared completely I was like goin’ ‘Time Tunnel’ ?
    That type of thing…

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  28. Knee Ya Ha Ha: Say Binkwad – glanced at this Superficial drivel ‘story’ at the top for once which remind me – Here’s a hint – Confucius say when looking for a solid relationship – pick the chick with the least tatoos. (Sorry Biff Naked)
    Binky : Oh. Ok. What else does Confucius say Knee ?

  29. I think that girl (blond) dances at the Moon bar in Palms…..And dates a porn star mabye that lingers around after closing time. Check it out. See if anyone knows what I am talkin about or in general.

  30. I think that girl (blond) dances at the Moon bar in Palms…..And dates a porn star mabye that lingers around after closing time. Check it out. See if anyone knows what I am talkin about or in general.

  31. Confucius: I’m still having a few problems with ‘free fall collapse speed’ . You know – Grasshopper – that type of thing.
    Binky : Oh.

  32. Yeah

    I want that blonde.

  33. sexy dancing—

    ===================== single peeps in uniform

  34. I hate this guy and his loser work (whatever his work is supposed to be). Visit to share who you hate and why you hate them. And read some interesting hate stories.

  35. So what u tywing to say here exactwee # 32 – 34 ?

    Inside job ?

  36. TH MUM & DAD OF THE YEAR, folks!!

  37. LOL

    Just another deadbeat dad. And wow, the stripper has the body of a 14 yr old boy. Right up his ally.

  38. 12. So do I.

    18. So am I. What’s your point.

    32. I prefer the brunette sweet stuff, he’s hawt!

  39. So. Rich. Gr8 points all.
    Having any problems with ‘free fall collapse speed ?
    Ready for the revolution bro ?
    That type of thing ?

  40. Charles Lobsterman

    Ashlee Simpson is cute! And you know what? So is her sister!

  41. Delgo

    Strippers are so 90′s.
    After my band’s shows we chill with “Happy Birthday Paulie” robots from Rocky IV.

  42. Delgo

    #22, “they are both the most boring people on the planet.. ”


  43. ough…
    she so hot..

  44. His Huge Greatness Himself


  45. Gobo

    Ashlee wanted the bad boy/punk boyfriend and now you must live with the consequences.

  46. Cliff Notes: So. ( As they say in China)
    # 38 Like, some of my sources say you’re a troll.
    Others tweet that you’re a ‘shill’.
    So. Just to be sure.
    Like ‘RichPort ( Slobs A Mean Knob ) # 38′
    Inside job ? ( As they say in China)

  47. Me

    Someone should tell the blonde one that strippers are meant to have boobs….

  48. Are you talking to yourself again # 47 ?
    I’m going with – A :’Yes’

  49. For Those of you Keeping SCORE at Home : WTF was ‘B’ notes ?

  50. Cliff Notes : # 49 ‘B’ wanted to give me an IQ test – and then asked me ( after I NAILED it) for my cell phone number.
    I went – ‘ I think this one may be ‘A’.’

    For Those of you Keeping SCORE at Home : Oh.

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