Pete Wentz nude cell phone pics

March 8th, 2006 // 322 Comments

  1. You know it’s not even that his thingy is all that bad, what makes this embarrassing is that stupid tattoo on his belly.

  2. asmith

    Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! My eyes! My eyes sting! Lord, make it stop…

  3. Binky

    Looks like he was trying to match his tattoo with his wallpaper and it didn’t quite turn out. I’m no interior designer, but I think that never works out !

  4. santori

    Well, I like it. I expect I’ll think of it later while shaming myself.

  5. Xarah

    Is that homo wearing friendship bracelets?

  6. mamacita

    I may be in the minority here, but damn!!! Penises are ugly!!! I’m all about the pleasure that I get from my husbands’, but I’ll be damned if I just want to look at it. It’s not a pretty appendage.

  7. Binky

    And in the pics he looks like a dick.
    I think the pix are a bit cock-eyed.
    (Ok I’m done for now -next)

  8. gogoboots

    Wow it’s his dick, how hot is that…YUCK! Penises are so ugly, I totally forgot about that fact…too bad, he’s actually not that bad lookin’…

  9. MP$40

    That tattoo is so damn ridiculous! WTF man?

  10. Louise

    how much of an ego does he have!

  11. More Penises! MORE PENISES! And balls.

  12. Jewbacca

    At least its not small.

  13. J. Te

    Morrissey does that to some guys.

  14. lol, I still love him and fall out boy

  15. ESQ

    Hasn’t anybody in Hollywood/the music industry learned by now? Everytime you take a nude photo of yourself and/or make a sex tape EVERYBODY then knows about it. Just ask Paris Hilton.

  16. Devil Is Chrome

    Uhmm…is this what boys do these days when they like a girl – send nude pictures of themselves via cell phone?

    Sooo glad I like men and not boys.

    But I do agree with Santori – more penises please. Much more interesting than breasts (or as the obnoxious call them “boobies!”)

  17. ribbit25

    What a nicely groomed pubic area!

  18. happy_bunny

    ESQ, (#15) Sometimes I get the feeling that’s why they do it.

  19. blackblackheart

    his face is good I guess…
    but he’s too.. tattooed… >__< Such a hairy mid-drift.. lol

  20. Sweet_cheeks

    ugly tats… HOT d!ck ( even though he IS stretching it out to make it look longer. )

    i’d ride it

  21. Heather

    That fucking skank. Looks like he caught the homoghey. He’s trying so hard to stretch every inch of that snake, it’s ready to rip at the seams. I’m glad I get an 8-incher every night, not some trimmed-up, stretched out chode wearing an ugly batman heart ink hat.

  22. Devil Is Chrome

    Heather – is that “8-incher” with or without batteries?

  23. tits_on_snack

    Nice chick tattoo. Does he have a set of ass-antlers too?

    Or maybe an anklet of dolphins going around his foot?

  24. Heather


    Without–he happens to be 6’6″ tall, so I guess his dick grew in proportion to his height.

  25. Captain Awesome

    When your band sucks that much you gotta try anything for some hits.

    Maybe he can televise his own gangbang and get a grammy for it.

  26. alisson

    So, let me get the story straight: there they were- the stars of Fall Out Boy, drunkenly karaoking “Every Day is Like Sunday” and Pete decides to use his dick as a microphone?

    seriously. his tattoos and that morrissey poster make me want to leave work now to go get all my morrissey tattoos removed.

  27. honey

    #11 YES … and balls
    it’s my new mantra

  28. honey

    hey did anyone notice that the dark side of the lame tatoo flip-flops in the pictures

  29. BlackMamba

    what a fugly body……

  30. Heather

    honey: hey did anyone notice that the dark side of the lame tatoo flip-flops in the pictures

    It’s called a “mirror,” dear.

  31. playahater101

    #11 & #27 I agree! We need to see MORE penises on this site. I bet he doesn’t like THIS girl anymore. HAHAHA!!!!!

    #28, that is really f-ed up. His tattoo does switch. Maybe he took one while looking in a mirror. It’s a sad day when a man is showing his cock and all anyone notices is his stupid tattoo.

  32. Jayne

    that tatt is horrible.
    Just horrible.
    Atleast his face tries to make up for it.

  33. downshine

    i would have liked to know what NSFW meant before i opened up the link and my teacher chose a convenient time to walk behind me… needless to say i’ll never look at the Dance,Dance boy the say again.

    and what the hell is with all these “friends” who keep outing all these pics? emma,lindsey and now pete…you’d think with all the money stars have they could afford to pay their friends to be their friends. jesus!

  34. erzebet

    the tattoo is bad, yes. but the undies? fruit of the loom? come on, now. that’s just not the right way to impress a girl.

  35. xxthiscityissex

    Wow! Being a Fall Out Boy fan for over 2 years now, I never thought the day of seeing one of them on The Superficial would come.

    And I think it’s actually pretty nice, … And whats so bad about the tattoo? It’s the logo for his brand of clothing, Clandestine. Pretty hott if you ask me : )

  36. Spacedog

    I thought having to sit through his “band” on SNL was bad enough.
    But this dude is a disgrace. Yes, the sum of the parts can be greater (worse) than the whole.

  37. Devil Is Chrome

    Thank you SPACEDOG!
    I thought I was the only one who thought their performance was fekking torturous.

    love the name btw – Under the Pink ref?

  38. Grphdesi23

    WTF! Who?

  39. reptilicus

    Unless it says Thug Life or is an AK47, guys shouldn’t have tattoos on their stomach.

  40. stevie511


  41. dids

    He’s pretty cute. Horrible tattoo though.

  42. sus

    omg! that is ttly hawt. :)

  43. LoneWolf

    It looks like a penis, only smaller.

  44. mamacita


    Check out this video of a woman completely jacking herself up while trying to get pictures of Lindsay Lohan. It is damn hysterical!

  45. popcornsuite

    Looks to me like he’s trying to stretch his ding-dong out and make it look bigger. But it isn’t working…

  46. miadm2002

    Nice dick, dick!

  47. Escribo

    LOL! I had the same reaction as #2 and then scrolled down to read #2′s post at the same time! Then I was mean and forwarded it to my husband so he could have the same reaction. I don’t think he’s speaking to me anymore.

  48. James Earl Cash

    The boy’s short. He’s not fully hard either. He’s a total douche though, as you can probably see.

    I’d still hit it as hard as the day is long.

    Preferably somewhere with less ugly wallpaper. Seriously, what’s going on there? Parents’ bathroom?

  49. its_me_bitch

    oh my god!! it’s so small!! how does he ever get laid!?!?!? i wouldn’t fuck that…

  50. its_me_bitch

    …and the tattoo is just god-awful…

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