Pete Wentz frightened, confused by son’s birth

Pete Wentz called into Ryan Seacrest this morning to talk about what it was like seeing the birth of little doomed-for-life Bronx Mowgli. Us Magazine reports:

“Right before she went into labor, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think I’m having a heart attack!’ Natural things start going on in your body,” Wentz went on. “My heart started beating really fast.”
He explained, “You see your wife in all this pain, and you really don’t know what’s happening.”
But Ashlee “took care of me and made sure I was OK and then we went into labor,” Wentz told Seacrest. “That’s why she’s a saint.

Pete, just FYI, that strange thing you saw is called a “vagina,” and somebody put a baby in Ashlee’s. Now, I don’t know who did it, but if you hop in the back of the Mystery Machine with Shaggy and Scoobs here, I’m pretty sure we can all figure out it was Joe Simpson. Let’s roll!

Photos: Splash News