Pete Wentz doesn’t deserve a witty headline

September 7th, 2007 // 69 Comments

I usually like to start my morning off with a hot cup of joe. It cures what ails you. On the flip side, I don’t like to start the day being slapped in the face with pictures of ass-clown supreme Pete Wentz. Being a generous guy, I thought I’d post these and let you share my pain. I’m kind of like Santa Claus, but instead of cool presents, I put an anger so black in your heart you’ll contemplate throwing a puppy into space. Merry Christmas!


  1. krypto


  2. Anna

    Can someone answer a question for me? Why are these people “NEWS?” Who are they and where did they come from? Who put them in the spotlight and why? Oh was that more than one question? Oops! That was another one, wasn’t it? DANG! I did it again!

  3. justtheobvious

    who the fuck is this ass pirate?

  4. Samantha Mast.

    I think Pete is hot…I wouldn’t mind to get on that. But then I’m a whore. And you can’t expect anything else from whores but making you feel good.

  5. unicornzrawk

    they were made for eachother

  6. Spanky

    There’s douchebags and then there is DOUCHEBAGS

  7. farming cacti

    I was at a wedding not too long ago and someone said I looked like him. I nearly vomited

  8. nina

    maybe i’m wrong but i think she tries to look here like some sort of Kate Moss thing?? go away! there’s only one Katie and Pete :D

  9. harmony

    @57 Better this Pete than Pete Dougherty!

  10. oh they are so cool and punky. clowns.

  11. Cynthia

    Why is she wearing sun glasses? Won’t those ruin her nose job? I thought after rhinoplasty, you aren’t allowed to wear them for a year.

    Does anyone else think this Wentz douche looks like Stan Marsh when he went Goth??

  12. survey says

    nothing says punk cred like dating a plastic pop princess. they both have chipped black nail polish. seriously, this must be a hollywood “edge” thing cause i can’t imagine it’s hard to get a manicure when you’re rich. i’m sure they chew it off when they are having their while meth fueled late nights.

  13. always on the run

    something tells me he’s all beans and little frank.

  14. zsa

    HAHAHA-Hilarious ‘always on the run’.
    1)The fadoras are so retarded I can’t stand it.
    2)I like big sunglasses but they just seem to get bigger and bigger, it’s truly scary.
    3)Guys that consider themselves “punk” and whatnot now buy women’s pants so they can be super tight and butt saggy, sooo unattractive I wonder if all the people wearing them are blind (Not to mention the girls that follow them around). I pray for it to end.
    4)These two usually run around looking like overdoses waiting to happen.
    5)I’ll take this Pete over Pete Dougherty any day.

    However, they seem to be happy together, so more power to them…

    Oh, and I liked her with her old nose better. She seemed more unique that way, not just another pretty blonde wannabe…


  15. ys

    She’s COPYING nicole richie’s old style!!!SAD!!

  16. Olympia

    Someone needs to tell Ashlee Simpson the she can’t pull off this look!

  17. Meredith Hopkins

    ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE FREAKIN MENTAL?????????????? Pete Wentz is my idol! He is the hottest person alive. I hate A.s 4 dating him because he’s MINE!!!!

  18. JustHere44038

    ashlee simpson. What a whore

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