Pete Wentz doesn’t deserve a witty headline

September 7th, 2007 // 69 Comments

I usually like to start my morning off with a hot cup of joe. It cures what ails you. On the flip side, I don’t like to start the day being slapped in the face with pictures of ass-clown supreme Pete Wentz. Being a generous guy, I thought I’d post these and let you share my pain. I’m kind of like Santa Claus, but instead of cool presents, I put an anger so black in your heart you’ll contemplate throwing a puppy into space. Merry Christmas!


  1. Ruff

    A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough
    to take everything you have.
    –Thomas Jefferson

  2. Sheva

    First on this useless story losers.

  3. havoc

    Who the hell is this guy?


  4. Eli

    What a dick.

  5. kirstendunst

    all these broads in hollywood strive to look like an olsen.

  6. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Damn that’s some UGLY people!

  7. Like him or not – no one can deny – He Does Has Style!

  8. YoungLove

    Ah Young Love! Their drug addiction is still so new they don’t know whats coming next. Score big and die!

  9. Ruff

    Do you mean Shiva?

  10. Shallow Val

    Oh Jesus Christ, God help me but those two were in my DREAM last night. What the FUCK???!!! WHY???? I don’t even know his music or band or whatever; WHY the eff is he in my dream, with HER as well?

    It’s the goddamned FISH that’s why. But in all fairness, it may have been prophetic because in my dream, he was talking about cheating on Ashlee with someone else and I was DEFENDING HER! (holds face with hands and shakes head)

    I need to get back to the gym because my brains are becoming all mushed up with the shallow shit I keep spewing on this site.

  11. mywellrehearsedmistake

    7. And of course by ‘style’ you mean an old beggar man hat, tacky drunken sailor tattoos, girly skinny jeans and a nasty pointy chin skank for a girlfriend.

    Yeah, he’s got style.

  12. WhereIsTheOutOfControlBus?

    @ 7 – “He Does Has Style!” What exactly do you mean?

    BTW, what is it with the f-ing fedoras so many of these Hollywood skanks wear?

  13. JagedNS

    he kind of reminds me of Criss Angel….not that THATS a good thing or anything.

  14. Spanky

    I love her jaw/chin. it’s so feminine. I wonder how big her cock is.

  15. Shallow Val

    I GOT IT! He reminds me of my brother except my brother doesn’t have that awful simian, Val Kilmer-mouth Pete has. My brother is actually better-looking. And my bother just bought a bass so maybe I made the music connection in the dream. Now about cheating on Asslee, well, it’s just a matter of time I guess.

  16. Who are these ass clowns? Why are they on here? Why do i care? They look like they are dead already.
    I also like the way he makes her stay behind him. Make sure he is the real leader, like some backward ass muslim dude.

  17. veggi

    It’s sweet how he has a picture of his girlfriend on his shirt.

  18. @17, just another of his bitches…

  19. Lindsay

    Maybe I’m lost, but why the hatred towards Pete? I’m not really either way on him. I don’t bother my emotions with Hollywood type. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear the gossip- but what makes your blood boil about him???
    Can anyone help? Or do anoher post explaining this….

  20. Lindsay: Just look at him. He dresses for shit, looks for shit, treats JSim for shit. In none of the pix is he next to her, she is always behind, as in inferior.

  21. I meant ASim…DEE DEE DEE…

  22. igroovin

    wanna beeees

  23. Lux

    Nice hat Oliver Twist! God, I hate his oversized wax lip-like veneers, I just want to do him a favor and punch him in the mouth!

  24. Rock stars get hot chicks. Period
    Daily updated hot chicks

  25. combustion8


  26. Fuck I’m having deja vu

  27. who’s this guy? i accidentally clicked thinking it was that other coked up pete who was dating that other skinny blond girl. you know… the ones in england.

  28. He doesn’t deserve his girlfriend, let a lone a headline.

  29. mywellrehearsedmistake

    For 3, 16 and 27: He’s in Fall Out Boy and she is Jessica Simpson’s sister.

    Not that ANYONE cares.

  30. Hemlock Queen

    hahahahhaha good one fish! I hate both of these asswipes.

  31. LL

    What do ya know, I want to stomp on these hats, too. I don’t hate them as much as the giant bugeye sunglasses yet, but I’m getting there. Why does young “Hollywood” have such shitty taste in clothing, accessories and sex partners? They need a studio system to tell them how to dress and who to marry, becaue they’re clearly not qualified to make these decisions for themselves.

  32. Jess

    Geeeezz, can Ashlee be any more of a fake?

  33. slow news day eh!?

    this is officially the most boring post.

    god, even my comment’s boring.

  34. lambman

    There isn’t even a story here, its just some pictures.

    If you’re going to make a post just on pictures of somebody walking pic somebody more famous, better looking or write funnier jokes

  35. Frick!

    I have to defend this Pete guy here and say I don’t think he’s being all macho and superior and making her walk behind him. Ashlee looks like she’s dragging her feet and falling behind on her own. She looks like she doesn’t want her picture taken and she doesn’t look too happy. Because of him or just because they’re being stalked by the paps? I don’t know. But she kind of looks like she got caught without makeup on and in need of a shower. And all we ladies know how we love having our pic taken then, ha. All that being said, he is one fugly mofo and I can’t stand his mouth. But I think she’s gotten really pretty since she got her big ol’ honker fixed.

  36. WTF

    I could care less about these two, but I had to say something about that horrible peace sign tattoo on Ashley’s finger, how lame is that!

  37. Shallow Val

    NFN but that chick is the epitome of all the baby-girl, (in a weak quavering voice) “hoooold me, tell me you loooooove me, don’t take any pictures with any giiiirls.” She probably drags her feet everywhere. She’s probably one of those chicks who like to identify themselves as low maintenance and are SUPER high maintenance, to the point that you want to drop kick them in the face.

    BUT, she looks nice on the Sketcher ads I see in the subway….

  38. Flute Man

    It’s Boy George meets the Wailing wall. She should be wearing a veil and black, frilly gloves; he should be wearing purple lip gloss and taking estrogen shots to smooth his facial skin and jaw line.

    I think the 80′s want their dynamic duo back.

  39. dangerlilly

    @15 I’d rather look at a picture of your brother.

  40. onecritic

    I can tell by looking at him that he is a complete douche. Man is he ugly.

  41. Darth Hater

    Can we go forward in time to his inevitable heroin overdose please?

  42. Riotboy


  43. playingthefield

    i like wentz..he’s in a good band…but who’s the dude he’s dating..and why is he trying to pull of the black shades look, only cash and dylan have the privlilege

  44. Lindsay

    I swear that I read somewhere that the wears women’s jeans. Fag!

  45. no1justminda

    What a couple of losers. Nice blues brother glasses, Ashlee *bleh*

  46. Superevil

    I wanna kick him in the mouth…and Ashlee too, I miss the ’04 version of her, she looks too much like her ugly ass sister now.

  47. wedgeone

    The post of Vanessa H. should always be at the top of the Superficial Home Page, and bullshit like this should go at the very bottom.
    What a yawner!

  48. Brinkman

    In a perfect world, I would get to punch this cocksleeve in the brain through his shaved monkey face.

  49. tim

    Tattoos are pretty lame anyway unless you are an old man who was in the Navy.

  50. isitin

    They both have no talent. One is an Emo idiot & the other plays crappy pop music.

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