Pete Wentz admits his son was an accident

Pete Wentz admits in the latest issue of Details that his son Bronx Mowgli Wentz was an accident. For those of you thinking, “OMG, what if his son reads that?” I’m sure his reaction will be along the lines of “Yes! FUCK YES! These people didn’t have me on purpose! Now I can stop murdering hitchhikers.” God, that’s heartwarming. Anyway, here’s Pete’s story:

When Wentz found out Simpson was pregnant, he was in Chile with Fall Out Boy, preparing to play a show in nearby Antarctica. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this might be the worst possible time to have this conversation,'” he says. Perhaps to make sure the news had sunk in, Simpson promptly e-mailed a snapshot of the pregnancy test. (Us Weekly, eat your heart out). “I was definitely scared,” Wentz says, “just thinking, This is something that’s going to exist for the rest of your life and you can’t fuck it up.”
Wentz allows that the pregnancy was unplanned. “It was a happy accident,” he says. “But I think that certain things happen for a reason in your life, and maybe it was time to put the wild child in a cage.”

After that, Pete Wentz vowed never to have sex with a woman ever again. Which is why to this day, children, on a quiet night, you can still hear Ashlee Simpson’s father saying “Daddy’s just down the hall, sweetheart.”

~The End~

Photos: WENN