Pete Wentz admits his son was an accident

December 3rd, 2008 // 51 Comments

Pete Wentz admits in the latest issue of Details that his son Bronx Mowgli Wentz was an accident. For those of you thinking, “OMG, what if his son reads that?” I’m sure his reaction will be along the lines of “Yes! FUCK YES! These people didn’t have me on purpose! Now I can stop murdering hitchhikers.” God, that’s heartwarming. Anyway, here’s Pete’s story:

When Wentz found out Simpson was pregnant, he was in Chile with Fall Out Boy, preparing to play a show in nearby Antarctica. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this might be the worst possible time to have this conversation,’” he says. Perhaps to make sure the news had sunk in, Simpson promptly e-mailed a snapshot of the pregnancy test. (Us Weekly, eat your heart out). “I was definitely scared,” Wentz says, “just thinking, This is something that’s going to exist for the rest of your life and you can’t fuck it up.”
Wentz allows that the pregnancy was unplanned. “It was a happy accident,” he says. “But I think that certain things happen for a reason in your life, and maybe it was time to put the wild child in a cage.”

After that, Pete Wentz vowed never to have sex with a woman ever again. Which is why to this day, children, on a quiet night, you can still hear Ashlee Simpson’s father saying “Daddy’s just down the hall, sweetheart.”

~The End~

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  1. UglyPeopleSafaris

    Pete Wentz was a mistake

  2. lalala


  3. ler123

    ohh that last part is disturbing

    and also, FIRST

  4. WFC???

    who fucking cares?

  5. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Gross Fish. But really funny.

  6. scabbeus

    Bronx Mogley the Mistake! This is a great lesson for todays youth and clueless young adults, unprotected sex may sometimes lead to unwanted pregnancy or disease.

    Wow, what a new concept!

  7. superstar

    What happened to his eye?

  8. Shawn

    I just want to know how many tickets were sold for that concert in Antarctica. I mean, there are only so many research scientists, and I don’t think the penguins have a Ticketmaster outlet.

  9. havoc

    Who the fuck plays in Antartica?!?!?



  10. Bethany

    “maybe it was time to put the wild child in a cage”

    That’s what gay men say when they try to be monogamous. I bet he tossed his head and batted his eyes when he said that.

  11. Uncle Eccoli

    Only douchebags play bass with a pick.

  12. Jimmy Jim

    they did it to break a record and to raise awareness for global warming. pretty awesome idea for a band that creates such awful ‘music’.

  13. the guy behind the guy

    how hard is it to pull out?

  14. Bickus Dickus

    In pics 3 & 4 you can see the jizz dripping out of his mouth and man pubes stuck in his teeth

  15. p0nk

    it was an accident. i’m sure papaJoe had no intentions of getting her prego.

  16. Pathetic Worm

    So THIS is the cunt that killed

  17. I miss Ted from LA


  18. ipa

    bass playing is for girls. he ain’t no flea fo sho’. ugly twit.

  19. Pete Wentz is an amazing bassist.


  20. Lola

    Once again. who really cares? Pete himself was a miserable accident. And now, this “accident” will be tormented for the rest of his life for having douchebags as his parents who decided to name him after a ghetto and fucking cartoon. Ashlee is um, a nobody, and so is her gay ass emo ugly faggot ass baby daddy/hubby.
    No one gives a shit about this or any other “news” they want to share about their worthless existenses

  21. #10

    That’s the only thing pertinent in this post that I found, too. I mean, who did they play for? A whale station? Some penguins?

  22. bog teeth

    That guy is heterosexual?? Who knew..

  23. I’d fuck Ashlee.
    Old nose Ashlee, though.

  24. Danklin24

    Does the last paragraph not make sense to anyone else or is it just me?

  25. Aerialgreen

    Check out the bulge on the fat one on the background of the main pic.

  26. He must be crazy to launch such a statement… What an idiot!

  27. Morgan

    I hope they meant Argentina, not Antarctica!!

  28. Jason

    Once again, he confused her vagina for some guy’s asshole, but this time it caught him.

  29. britney's weave

    … and yet that name was chosen on purpose…

  30. ummm...yeah

    Oh please #18…We all know it’s you fuckin Ted….what a fuckin loser… ,
    just like that prick playing the fucking bass with a pick and looking like a fuckin nut and he has the nerve to say his fuckin kid was a mistake.
    What a gayass fag! Someone needs to shoot his ass.

  31. kitty_kat

    The pregnancy was a mistake?! Get out of town!

    Oh! good one #30!

  32. kitty_kat

    The pregnancy was a mistake?! Get out of town!

    Oh! Good one #30!

  33. kitty_kat

    Sorry about the double post. What’s up with this site?

  34. um, kitty_kat that was actually 3 posts.

  35. RAWR!

    I wish Pete had another accident. I would love to eat it up while Ashlee watched and did her little ho down to cheer me on. Maybe I could chew on her baby’s placenta for dessert. RAWR!

  36. Dozer

    How can we be sure Wentz is the father versus Papa Joe?

  37. shitzum

    Lol wtf, the wild child in the cage… the wild faggit… wtf he is a dumb ass twirp he should put himself in a cage and swallow the key

  38. Lisica

    I idolize him very much. Just saw him chatting with a girl at ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM***. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site.

  39. you are so cool. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online club !!!.sugar baby, by which you are seeking a sexy girl for extramarital relationship.

  40. On the other hand: PETE’S ENTIRE LIFE IS AN ACCIDENT, folks!!

  41. I wonder where he can find baby douche clothes so the little bastard can dress like “dad”.

    I hear they received three, count ‘em, THREE, copies of “My Two Mommies”…

  42. missywissy

    How many kids are “mistakes”?


  43. #43 is Serrah Paylin’…

  44. Peggy

    First and formost…I’m going to be the killjoy. I think it’s VERY disrespectful for superficial to say this crap about Ashley’s dad. To even make insinuations like that is disgusting,and it is NOT funny in any way!There are WAY too many children being sexually abused by their fathers/mothers on a daily basis to make light of this and joke around about this! NOT FUNNY!
    I dont think Pete meant anything bad about his baby nor Ash. I never planned my daughter,but God did…He knew my husband was going to get Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was a year old and that we wouldn’t be able to have any other children after he was sick…we had NO way of knowing that.Somethimes things happen for a reason,even when you dont plan for them right then.

  45. sapphire eyes

    Maybe if Pete Wentz wasn’t such an ugly poseur who wears stupid makeup and crappy music I wouldn’t be wishing for him to be run over very very slowly by a Boeing Airbus.

    Otherwise, these two idiots deserve each other. I just hope their breeding days are behind them. Because if they can give their firstborn such an incredibly stupid name, just think about how much damage those similiar names can cause to their poor, unfortunate, never-to-be-conceived children.

  46. Valentine

    WTF he was HERE? jeez I didn’t hear the tiniest shit about him…
    Also we’re not that close to Antarctica.

  47. LargelyGay

    Bronx Mowgli is really Andrea Boccelli’s baby.

  48. Robrt

    They were here in March, all right…and no one noticed.
    But they never got a chance to play in the ice

    And BTW, Valentine, we are actually the closest country in the world to Antarctica :P

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