Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson will attempt to act on CSI:NY

January 16th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson will play “Bonnie and Clyde wannabes” on an upcoming episode of CSI:NY. Entertainment Weekly reports:

Sources confirm to me exclusively that ubiquitous real-life couple Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz just closed a deal to guest star on CSI: NY.
A show spokesperson declined to comment, but I’m told the Wentz’ will not be playing themselves in the episode, which is slated to air on March 18.

Unfortunately, the only victims will be anyone watches the show, and Gary Sinise’s ability to look his wife and children in the eye ever again.

Photos: WENN

  1. Rosie

    I quite like what she’s doing with her eye these days.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    Wow! look at the size of that douche-nozzle’s noggin!
    Holy watermelon head!

  3. Dr.

    Pete Wanker Wentz has a BIG ASS HEAD!!! And that’s not even talking about his ego for being a douchebag. It’s just f-ing big on such a tiny body and compared to Ashlee in the pic… HUGE!!!

  4. Latifah


  5. cuppcake

    Ashlee is NOT photogenic and ALL.

  6. cuppcake

    Ashlee is NOT photogenic at ALL.

  7. There is no other word to describe this most perfect type of douchebag. I bet he was born with a birthmark on his chest that reads Massengill.

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