Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson will attempt to act on CSI:NY

January 16th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson will play “Bonnie and Clyde wannabes” on an upcoming episode of CSI:NY. Entertainment Weekly reports:

Sources confirm to me exclusively that ubiquitous real-life couple Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz just closed a deal to guest star on CSI: NY.
A show spokesperson declined to comment, but I’m told the Wentz’ will not be playing themselves in the episode, which is slated to air on March 18.

Unfortunately, the only victims will be anyone watches the show, and Gary Sinise’s ability to look his wife and children in the eye ever again.

Photos: WENN

  1. That is a horribly unflattering dress. She still looks prego

  2. Jason

    That is the best Paris Hilton impression, ever.

  3. Bill Clinton

    What’s Pete going to do? Act like he’s actually got a penis?

  4. CaptainMorgan

    Who’s the chick standing next to Ashlee?

  5. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Pete’s shit-covered penis

  6. Miss Kitty

    All together now… DOUCHE BAGS!

  7. rick

    I would love to cream her huge melons

  8. Andy

    fuck sake i love csi:ny and now its fucked by this pair of bum cunts

  9. amanda

    how is 2 wannabes playing 2 wannabes acting?
    i bet it will be ALMOST as difficult as her part on 7th heaven…

  10. 1 MILF Hunter

    As long as she doesn’t try to sing. Maybe they’ll injure each other with the prop firearms.

  11. Wilber

    Wet fart

  12. Kaiser

    Who cares about CSI?
    There are two big actors edging towards the stage an I love them!

  13. Balack Obama

    WOW, finally they can get off the unemployment. They have fans? Las Vegas CSI is the best one, the others are lame. Nobody is going to tune in just to watch these ass clowns.

  14. Nice idea, they look good in black

  15. AMY

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  17. Guest

    !!!!!!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM !!!!!!!

  18. Guest

    !!!!!!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM !!!!!!!

  19. Guest

    !!!!!!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM !!!!!!!

  20. Guest

    !!!!!!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM !!!!!!!

  21. Guest

    !!!!!!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM !!!!!!!

  22. Guest

    !!!!!!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM !!!!!!!

  23. LargelyGay

    Her veiny tit looks nice.

  24. the biggest tool

    How the hell didi he break his fingers? Was he checking out the color pattern on some new drapes and got his hand stuck? Maybe he was planting some flowers and accidentally stabbed his other hand with the shovel? I guess he’ll have to have someone else comb his hair like it’s 1984 so that he can look as though he’s remotely close in height to his towering other half.

    I’ll bet that show gets higher ratings than even those 3 am informercials!

  25. dave

    Let the tits out! They hardly fit in there!!

  26. Thomas

    I agree nobody care about their monkey ass.
    I believe he is a gay ass douche bag and she is now a fat ho that trapped a douche bag into marriage because he is the only one to fall for her lies.
    Papa found one way to get men to marry his cows.

  27. Alexa.

    Holy chin!

  28. Guest

    why does she stick her head out all weird?
    Is her neck liek. . . bent forward or something?

  29. If there is a god someone will “accidentally” load real bullets into the cops guns.

  30. How come the fat guy in the band never gets the hot chicks?

  31. Guest


    Uhh. . . cause he’s fat?

    wtf kinda question/advertising
    is that. . .

  32. inquiring mind

    what the fuck happened on top of his head?

  33. Can’t wait to see this one.

    And yeah, that dress is screaming “OMG MATERNITY” to me…

  34. neatgirl

    You people are blind. He’s hot as hell (bonus points that he’s from Chicago). Ash needs to stick to red hair.

  35. joey

    Clearly preparing for his role: he’s got the corpse look down.

  36. Clair

    Who are these two fat bloody pigs again.

  37. I’m sure he was born to give “BLOW JOBS”.
    She is the secret daughter of hulky hogan so they share the “mental case”.
    ……………………….GOOD LORD, folks!!

  38. dude

    I see Pete hurt his finger in Tom Cruise’s butthole again.

  39. 1moreidiotintheworld

    @34 What does being from Chicago have anything to do with being desirable? That city is overrun with the stupidest kind of humans on the face of this earth – Cubs Fans! 100 years of sucking ass and they will make it 101 years this season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. KoT

    That dude is a fucking tool! Douchebag extraordinaire!

  41. Lumbar Spine

    He got a beeeg head

  42. Gourmet Vagina

    There is no other word more perfect to describe this guy than ‘douchebag’. I’ll bet he was born with a birthmark across his chest that reads ‘Massengill’…

  43. Gourmet Vagina

    Pete ‘Summer’s Eve’ Wentz

  44. Pete Wentz Loves the Cock

    Pete Wentz is a limp-wrist twinkletoe eunoch. Sources confirm that Assley used a sperm donor and that sperm donor was also hired to deliver said sperm by inserting his penis deep into Assleys vagina then releasing it. Pete is allergic to vagina; not surprisingly he thinks he has a vagina, we all call them rectums. Pete takes it in the ass because he loves cock. That permanent puzzled look on his face is due to Petey boys confusion as to why Assley became pregnant, yet he can’t seem to no matter how many sperm donors deliver the goods while he bends over.

    Pete Wentz Loves the Cock!!!

  45. David Beckham loves little boys like Pete

    He broke his finger while fucking himself in his punk ass. Ashley consoles him by telling him he’ll get pregnant someday. Just keep trying Pete, you sissy.

  46. lola richie

    I think Pete Wentz is ADORABLE. Even if he was gay or bisexual that doesn’t mean he plants flowers or picks out drapes. He seems like a genuinely nice person. No reason to hate these young adults unless you are jeaulous of their fame or money.

  47. the big kahuna


  48. Shep

    I never thought you could come up with another reason for me not to watch CSI……… I stand corrected.

  49. Ummm...yeah...

    Who the fuck cares about these two assholes. Why does that bitch always look like she is on something? WTF!

  50. SIN

    Hopefully they will be the victims. Dead in the beginning and they don’t talk. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…do not let her sing.

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