Pete Doherty was is a crack whore


During an interview with Vogue Hommes International at Claridge’s hotel in London, Pete Doherty pulled out a crack pipe and said:

“I always stumble back into it sooner or later, even if it’s for a half hour a day,” he says of the pipe, made from a miniature Martell Cognac bottle.

He then admitted he engaged in prostitution to feed his habit:

“There was no shame, because I kind of knew they were just lonely pissed-up old queens. And 20 quid was a lot of money!”

What kind of sad sad women (men?) are paying Pete Doherty for sex? You could glue fake eyes to a mop and get something more attractive. And seriously, if you’re gonna have sex with Pete Doherty why not save yourself some money and just do it with a dumpster. It’d probably be more fun anyway.

UPDATE: Does ‘queens’ mean the same thing in the UK as it does in the US?


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