Pete Doherty still up to no good

pete-doherty-steal-cars.jpgPete Doherty was arrested yesterday on suspicion of stealing a car and possessing class A drugs, and was released this morning on bail.

“We don’t know what the drugs are at this point. The substance has been sent for analysis,” the spokesman adds. Class A drugs typically include cocaine, heroin and opium. A spokesman for Doherty confirms the arrest and tells PEOPLE: “I don’t know any more at this point until I have spoken to Pete’s lawyer.”

I’m not sure how Doherty has managed to stay out of jail for so long, considering his life basically consists of being in and out of relationships with Kate Moss, doing drugs, and now stealing cars. He’s like Harry Houdini, except he can’t pull 200 feet of handkerchief out of his mouth. Or can he?