Pete Doherty still up to no good

February 28th, 2006 // 61 Comments

pete-doherty-steal-cars.jpgPete Doherty was arrested yesterday on suspicion of stealing a car and possessing class A drugs, and was released this morning on bail.

“We don’t know what the drugs are at this point. The substance has been sent for analysis,” the spokesman adds. Class A drugs typically include cocaine, heroin and opium. A spokesman for Doherty confirms the arrest and tells PEOPLE: “I don’t know any more at this point until I have spoken to Pete’s lawyer.”

I’m not sure how Doherty has managed to stay out of jail for so long, considering his life basically consists of being in and out of relationships with Kate Moss, doing drugs, and now stealing cars. He’s like Harry Houdini, except he can’t pull 200 feet of handkerchief out of his mouth. Or can he?



  1. Tania

    He kind of reminds me of a brunette Beetlejuice. Except that I think Beetlejuice probably smells better.

  2. nichole

    First comment!

    This guy is such a loser…not to state the obvious or anything.

  3. Lankey Limey

    Didn’t he already serve time in jail for burgling the house of one of his bandmates for crack money?

  4. nichole

    *Second comment. haha. And yeah, Beetlejuice, I can see that. Also a bloated, sweaty, tripped out ugly Edward Scissorhands. Blech.

  5. krahe

    My God. This is nearly as surprsing as when Paris does that thing where her tits fall out of her shirt. Authorities not knowing what drugs Pete is in possession of is sort of like scientists being unable to diagnose all of the microbes living in her pubic region, right…?

    I apologize for dragging Paris into this. It’s just that Pete makes me so sad that I have to concentrate on someone who actually *is* a waste of flesh and not just a waste of talent…

  6. hotintempe

    Who is he?

  7. ms.vreeland

    ‘who is he?’ who are you, from mars?

    he’s funny.

  8. booboo

    “Who is he?”

    A talentless hack who somehow manages to make enough money off his awful excuse of a band to support his drug habbit and date supermodels like Katt Moss on the side.

  9. Wow. Alan Partridge looks like hell.

  10. I dated a guy like him once, and wrote a song about him. It was called “Inject Yourself” but Warner Music made me change the title.

  11. antispace

    He should either A) move to the U.S. where he can buy drugs without being seen as easily because people don’t know who he is here, or B) go into rehab, just for kicks. I mean, the guy can at least act like he’s trying. Kind of like Tom Cruise pretending he’s straight.

  12. Zanna

    He looks like a hybrid of Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.

    Oh, and by the the idiot who is pretending to be Madonna and posting….why don’t you go outside and practice falling down…I’ll be out to kick your ass later. idiot.

  13. grateful

    Helena Bonham Carter is having a bad day.

  14. HollyJ

    DAMMIT GRATEFUL!! I was about to say that!
    Helena Bonham-Carter!
    You beat me to it!

  15. TaiTai

    Hard to believe he is still alive. There is a new story about him OD’ing or getting arrested nearly every day lately. He just can’t seem to get it together. Unfortunately the next story we read about this guy is likely to be that he is dead, what squandering of talent.

    BTW when I first looked at that picture I thought it was Jack White.

  16. ebayfan414

    Can you say ‘night of the living stinky dead?’

  17. He looks like Kelly Osbourne after a sex change operation….and a liposuck.

  18. eyespy27

    i’d hit it.

  19. Pearly

    #19 bahahahahahahhahah!!!!
    He really does resemble Helena in this picture, esp in Fight Club where she’s sweaty and gross all the time.

  20. Where does this guy get off acting like some rock star from back in the day. Those guys actually had more than a cocaine addiction, they had that little thing called talent. Look it up Pete!

    I can’t stand when these good-for-nothing looser musicians parade themselves arround like they’re the next Jim Morrison. In a year people will be asking Pete who?

  21. ---nigz---

    He looks like the dude from Lord of the rings the smegal dude haha precious = cocaine.
    “wheres my precious?” pete asks in rehab.. tut tut..

  22. CheekyChops

    LOL @ #10 and 14! Spot on!!!

  23. Baroness

    Go back the The Libertines, Pete!! Come on! I love that band.

  24. bafongu

    What does it say about Kate Moss?

  25. Grphdesi23

    I would do a lot of Coke if my boyfriend looked like that.

  26. tits_on_snack

    If creepy, pastey, inbred looking Pete and hammerhead shark-looking Kate had crackbabies together, they would be the most beautiful children ever.

  27. downshine

    dont they already have a child together? i know kate moss has a daughter who definately should be put in foster care or something because her parents obviousley cant take care of her.

    it’s only a matter of time before that pseudo-human excuse for a man OD’s on something. and the funny thing is, he isnt even a real rock star.

  28. I’m actually kind of excited about this one…..a famous person hasn’t died by choking on their own puke in a hell of a long time. Bout time somebody revived that old tradition. Go Pete! I’m rooting for ya!!

  29. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    “But I’m not bein’ cheeky, it really is baby powder! Its for my cocaine sweats. Look at my hair mates!”

  30. Mr. Fritz

    #29 Spindoc, LMAO with your comment. Hey, he’s going to be 27 this year. Maybe he can join the club of rockers who died at that age.

  31. Why is a junkie getting so much press? and he will end up dying in his own puke probably in front of the paparrazzi if he doesn’t stop.

  32. ESQ

    Next weeks headline: Pete Dougherty OD’s Film at 11.

  33. chiris

    He looks like a zombie. He is so f-ing ugly! And what is those white spots over his head? Someone shoot him!

  34. tits_on_snack

    Kate Moss’s kid’s father is some dude named Jefferson Hack.
    They all need to be put to sleep, and the kid placed in foster care.

  35. gogoboots

    Pete looks like he’s gonna die at any moment. He really needs to lay off the metamphetamines and crack.

  36. gogoboots

    also he looks like a rat!

  37. SMF121490

    Is this guy still alive? He looks like he has been dead for at least a week. Does he know he’s dead? Maybe he is so coked out he doesn’t ever realize he has passed on.

  38. tits_on_snack

    lol #38… Weekend At Petey’s.

  39. gogoboots

    #29 yes its been an awful long time, and choking on your own vomit has just enough dignity for the likes of Pete Crackhead Dogherty.

  40. Solaera

    Ew. Bleah. He looks like Brian Peppers.

  41. bluecanary

    Ugh, please remind me again of why this guy is famous?

    Why can’t he just pull a Cobain, say “f**k rehab” and eat a gun like a nice smack addict?

  42. Oh wow, a coked-out wannabe rockstar. That’s so cliche that Lost even has that character on the island. Do something original.

  43. HughJorganthethird

    This guy makes crackheads look bad. Whitney and Bobby need to have a talk with this mofo.

  44. meow.

    have any of you commenting ever listened to a libertine or babyshambles track? he’s not talentless. and who cares if he has a drug problem most people have some sort of drug addiction anyways. whether it is caffine, tabacco, perscription or hard drugs it doesnt matter so stop judging his music without even listening to it.

  45. popcornsuite

    Agreeing with #5, this is totally the love child of Edward Scissorhands. And that is a terrible insult to Edward Scissorhands considering he was actually a nice guy.

  46. popcornsuite

    And #45: “and who cares if he has a drug problem most people have some sort of drug addiction anyways.”

    And that makes it ok?

    Who cares about his music? If it’s good, it’s good. I don’t know about anyone else but I won’t knock his music until I have heard it. But he’s still a sick druggie with serious problems and not the balls to face them. Your casual attitude stinks probably as much as his puked-out druggie clothes.

  47. popcornsuite


    GET IT?

    Thank you.

  48. Kir_Royale

    Thank you Cheeky Chops for totally getting it.

  49. Pez_D_Spencer

    Life. Perhaps it really isn’t for everyone.

    Actually, I don’t think he really does cocaine. He just likes the smell of it.

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