Pete Doherty still doing the drugs thing

I don’t even know how this is news anymore, but The Sun got video of Pete Doherty injecting himself with cocaine in a Thai hostel after joining three girls in their room. The video was taken just two days after his and Kate Moss’ Buddhist blessing on New Year’s Day. He was invited back to the room after being recognized by an Australian fan. She asked if rumors he had married Kate were true and he replied: “No, I love her but I wouldn’t marry her if she was the last woman on Earth. She’s too paranoid.” Then after going back to the room he injected himself with cocaine three times between 1:30am and 4am. Eventually the girls got nervous and tried to get him out of there, but Pete couldn’t remember where his villa was.

“When we got him downstairs, he asked the man on reception where he could score some heroin. Then he went up to every taxi driver asking if they could score him some drugs. I sent Kate a text reading, ‘Dropped Peter off at the Bob Marley cafe. He’s a bit out of sorts’. That’s the last we saw of him.” The next day, Doherty had a bust-up with a cab driver and furious Kate ordered him home to England. The Sun told yesterday how the pair are attending a London clinic together to battle the singer’s addictions.

How is Pete Doherty even still alive? At first I wrote him off as a joke, but now he’s a miracle of science. The amount of drugs he’s taken should theoretically kill a whale. You could probably inject him with lava and he’d just laugh it off as he drank a cup of paint.