Pete Doherty still doing the drugs thing

January 31st, 2007 // 60 Comments

I don’t even know how this is news anymore, but The Sun got video of Pete Doherty injecting himself with cocaine in a Thai hostel after joining three girls in their room. The video was taken just two days after his and Kate Moss’ Buddhist blessing on New Year’s Day. He was invited back to the room after being recognized by an Australian fan. She asked if rumors he had married Kate were true and he replied: “No, I love her but I wouldn’t marry her if she was the last woman on Earth. She’s too paranoid.” Then after going back to the room he injected himself with cocaine three times between 1:30am and 4am. Eventually the girls got nervous and tried to get him out of there, but Pete couldn’t remember where his villa was.

“When we got him downstairs, he asked the man on reception where he could score some heroin. Then he went up to every taxi driver asking if they could score him some drugs. I sent Kate a text reading, ‘Dropped Peter off at the Bob Marley cafe. He’s a bit out of sorts’. That’s the last we saw of him.” The next day, Doherty had a bust-up with a cab driver and furious Kate ordered him home to England. The Sun told yesterday how the pair are attending a London clinic together to battle the singer’s addictions.

How is Pete Doherty even still alive? At first I wrote him off as a joke, but now he’s a miracle of science. The amount of drugs he’s taken should theoretically kill a whale. You could probably inject him with lava and he’d just laugh it off as he drank a cup of paint.


  1. danielle


  2. ponk

    he really needs to trigger a car accident in which somebody gets killed, preferably Kate.

  3. ih8strippers

    cocaine niggas represent BlueBunnyTec aim:BlueBunnyTec


  4. ih8strippers

    if a nigga gets high off of cocaine what would you axe it?

  5. Jedi Kevin

    I have video of the sun rising and the wind blowing. Just as news worthy.

  6. Jenster

    …yeah, thats really sexy.
    Oh and Pete? Sid Viscious called.
    He wants his schtick back

  7. combustion8

    What a waste of talen… uh nevermind.

  8. Binky

    At least he’s saving a bit of cash by hostelling it.
    But I don’t think he’s got the Buddhist concept of “nirvana” quite down yet.

  9. wedgeone

    I like how the trailer says “For help to avoid the horror you’ve just seen…” I seemed to have missed the horror. Did someone lose a limb, or did I witness a decapitation? Was someone’s blood everywhere? I wouldn’t call one particular instance of shooting up “a horror”. It’s sad, but not a horror. Pete’s accumulated history of drug abuse … THAT’S a horror. Brandy’s driving skills … THAT’S a horror. Paris’ vagina … THAT’S a Whore-roar!

    You can’t really tell who this guy is from this footage, except that he’s a white guy.
    We are left to assume that this is Pete.
    Whoever this is, he shoots up without needing to tie off his arm to bring up a vein. He must be an expert.

  10. SaraLuppino

    Who cares if he does all that.. look at his teeth? Man, I enjoy munching on the ol’ concrete slab once and a while too after lines. Always takes my edge off.

  11. whitegold

    I’ve always wondered how such videos get made? Like someone just randomly set up a running camera on the countertop and he just randomly happened to decide to sit in front of it and start injecting himself? Whenever I randomly leave a camera on a table and press record, I never end up getting footage like this.

  12. whitegold

    btw, assuming this guy is supposed to be some sort of celebrity, how did he end up hanging out some random hotel room with two ugly looking girls?! And how was this “fan” able to send a text message to Kate Moss? People just happen to know Kate’s phone number and figure that while on a trip in Thailand if they need to contact her they can just drop her a quick text message.

  13. whitegold

    And how much more interesting would it be if this “Australian Fan” who sent Kate a text message turned out to be Brandy, mere moments before smashing in to another car and killing the drive! That would make both those stories a lot more interesting.

  14. BibiLush

    this video is GODDAMN boring. i’m completely dissapointed because i know what he’s capable of having seen video footage of him before where not only is it complete debauchery at its finest, but the girls are pretty and not wearing the long ‘mom at disneyland’ khaki shorts with
    j.crew flip flops.
    bitches set him up and sold it to the sun. lame.
    it’s obvious the magazine made up the whole story about kate being on the phone and the texts cause his words are completely inaudible.

  15. BibiLush

    kate needs to realize her rock and roll romance was just a cool idea and abandon the sinking ship known as pete doherty to then find a more suitable johnny depp substitute.

  16. N'Arianne

    GOAT. I just said that because anything seemed more interesting than Pete getting high. A lot of things are more interesting and pleasurable to talk about. Like the dust under my tub. Maybe if Pete got undressed and shot up with a horse and then fucked the horse, maybe then it would be interesting? Oh, and it has to feature Paris somehow, maybe eating dung? And then everybody dies, because Brandy runs them over. And then Nicole Richie comes in and dies of starvation in a corner. That might be news worth reporting..? “Pete and Paris get killed by Brandy while fucking horse – Nicole Richie also dead.”

  17. LL

    Pete D actually is sort of amazing. Big fat Elvis, big fat John Belushi, big fat Sam Kinison are all dead now because of drugs (I know Kinison died in a car wreck, but I’m pretty sure drugs/alcohol were also involved), but who’s still standing? Skanky, skinny-ass Pete Doherty. He must have the constitution of a freaking bull.

  18. noac

    Hes skinny ass and tiny cause hes actually 17.

  19. stoasis

    I like how he sings along for a short moment while he’s shooting up…..”I’m useless”…

    so true Pete, so true

  20. PD is reminding me of the evil twin version of Trott Felipe. Everybody knows who that is, right?

  21. BarbadoSlim

    Totally agree with #2.

    I find the fact that these supposed “fans” of his would rat him out like that. People are becoming scummier by the second. For fuck’s sake this stinky mouthbreather is your fucking hero, so here you go and screw him over like that?

  22. PunjabPete

    What ever happened to rock stars successfully overdosing…. Hendrix dies, Doherty lives? Man that sucks…

  23. Suzanne

    I kept expecting him to fall over or freak out or start bleeding from the eyes or something… remind me again what the horror was supposed to be?

  24. Juliabella

    that is a crapy video. there’s nothing there. is it him, why would he be with these girls? just to shoot himself. not even for sex or some action. i don’t believe this. he is trashy and ugly and i can’t stand him but this is made up by some girls who need attention.

  25. tits_on_snack

    I keep waiting for this fruitbowl to kick. People die everyday for the stupidest reasons and this colostomy bag is still chillin’.

  26. JaeMae

    I think these girls are brilliant. If I ran into this guy and had the goods, Id tape it. Quick pay day! Ch-ching!

  27. RussianMafia

    Thats hot. Why does he have a beer belly?

  28. heyheyhey

    wait…i’m confused. why are people saying kate needs to hook up with someone better? is she not also a cokehead??

    bobby and whitney.

    i think i’ve made my point

  29. endometriorama

    I wish Hunter S. Thompson would rise from the dead and kick this kid’s ass.

  30. Italian Stallion

    @24 you just proved to me how stupid you really are……

    New name Juliastupida………..

  31. ambrosia

    They aare the sources. You don’t bite the hands that feed you like in Dirt. THe magazine cant say random attention whores they say fans. Past all the drug use he really is a talented musician listen to his music.

  32. wedgeone

    #24 – what’s “crapy”? Is that like a breakfast pastry or something? Can I get mine with strawberry syrup on it?

  33. Niecy

    The video isn’t really interesting, but he needs to get help or die. I am tired of hearing the same thing about him over and over.

  34. Keith Richards’ son.

    No doubt about it.

  35. suzy

    i’m surprised his family hasn’t intervined..

    he obviously has some major issues if he’s shooting up.. what 3 times in 3 hours? or something like that..

    it’s not even funny.. it’s scarey.

  36. kathleen170

    Who the fuck is taping this?

  37. Mick

    I can’t believe that Kate is still with this guy!
    If she doesn’t leave him for talking about her that way after all the other crap she’s put up with from him than she really is stupid.

  38. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    Kate’s as dumb as dog shit.

  39. Jo Jo

    He looks like he’s hitting up heroin to me. Not that I would know or anything…

  40. Lizzle

    You know where I picture Pete Dougherty’s life going after Babyshambles turns to shambles? Getting shot in the head because he’s broke, Kate’s nowhere to be found, and he’s desperately trying to score another hit of heroin by offering to blow some guy off like that dude in the movie Boyz in the Hood.

    “But I’ll suck your diiiick …”


    Best possible move for Pete to make is to marry Kate while she’s still got somehow able to get modeling gigs so he doesn’t end up in the gutter. Oh, and he should take her last name, too. “Pete Moss” has a nice ring to it.

  41. Lizzle

    So sorry, Pete DOHERTY, not Dougherty. You can clearly see how much I care about the guy.

  42. woodhorse

    we should feed him a bunch of chemical weapons and turn him loose in Iran for a few weeks. He will return unharmed.

  43. 32. No, but you can take a hit off of my colostomy bag.

  44. Cookie V.

    Did they find this tape in Paris Hilton’s storage space auction? Who the HELL injects cocaine!?! Obviously he’s too young to remember the 80′s when folks learned the proper way.

  45. hermione_q

    #41, Pete Dougherty is more appropriate considering that pudgeball of a face.

  46. BarbadoSlim

    I keep hearing Babyshambles, this Babyshambles that , who the fuck are they? They obviously only play in open air arenas if this walking sewer and his cronies are spewing their fetid breath on the presence of live human beings.

  47. Mick

    I’d like to know who they are quoting above? If it’s one of these supposed fans… then how did they get moss’ phone number to text her and tell her where Pete would be? I guess it could have been Pete who gave them Kate’s number but I doubt that being he couldn’t even remember where he was staying, let alone a phone number.
    This story has holes.

  48. kate

    I read elsewhere they got her number because Pete used their cell to call her. When she heard the girls in the background she called the girls cell back. That’s how they got it. Also, while I didn’t watch the video, so I don’t know if the girls are ugly or not, if you’re that bad of a junkie you’ll go with anyone if you think they’ll get you high. Maybe those girls told him they had coke.

    Either way, the guy is disgusting, and going to end up like Sid Vicious very shortly.

  49. crazyotto

    this guy famous for taking drugs and banging a skinny whore.he should just take a hot shot of air and die already

  50. hellcat1983

    Why does he have to inject cocaine? Why doesn’t he just snort it like everyone else? Dumbass!

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