Pete Doherty still a free man

May 1st, 2006 // 41 Comments

pdoherty-arrested-again.jpgPete Doherty was arrested again Saturday after pictures of him injecting drugs into a passed out woman surfaced, but was released on bail Sunday after claiming the woman was fully conscious and he was only drawing her blood. Which makes perfect sense, because when girls lie down on my kitchen floor my first instinct is to pull out a needle and draw their blood. You can never have too much blood is what I always say. Actually no, I’ve never said that. But starting today I will. It just makes sense.



  1. Aww, they left out the most important part of that article.

    The fact that he wanted to draw blood to paint his pictures.

    I actually posted about that earlier here:

    The fact he wanted to draw blood to paint pictures just makes me laugh. I mean, what was he thinking? Is he now a struggling painter as well as a drug addict artist?

  2. this guy needs to spend a couple years in jail

  3. Fisher55

    Pete Doherty is a licensed EMT…I said that in the last thread. Just because he is a heroin addict doesn’t negate the fact that he’s saved dozens of lives.

  4. chanel_bear

    JUDGE: Mr. Doherty you were photographed sticking a syringe into an unidentified unconsious woman. I really don’t know how your going to explain yourself out of this one, I mean what in the hell did you think your we’re doing?

    PETE DOHERTY: But Judge, you don’t understand…the only reason I was sticking that syringe into her was I was DRAWING HER BLOOD!

    JUDGE: Oh…well that changes everything doesn’t it? Case dismissed!

  5. What kind of laws do they have in England? I understand he posted bond, but since this is his 465th drug offense why was he even eligible? They have video of his girlfriend, the notorious coke whore Kate Moss, doing lines and she doesn’t even go before a judge/magistrate. At least in America we lock up our Bobby Browns.

  6. mamacita


    “Just because he is a heroin addict doesn’t negate the fact that he’s saved dozens of lives.”

    On the off chance that you’re being serious with that comment, I submit the following:

    1) Just because he’s a licensed EMT doesn’t mean that he’s necessarily saved any lives

    2) As a matter of fact, his being a heroin addict does negate any lives that he may have saved by virtue of the fact that he will probably end up killing lots more people than he saved due to A) driving under the influence B) assisted heroin injections on unconscious people C)breathing on folks D)giving Kate Moss terminal gingivitis

    3) Well, I only had 2 points, but 2 looks a little sad, so I added an unnecessary 3.

  7. Fisher55

    Pete Doherty is a modern American hero, and the media is just focusing on his “shady” side. (except he’s british)

  8. Sdvora

    Pete–it’s called a dentist. Look it up.

  9. Iambananas

    NO AMNESTY — EMPLOY AMERICANS!! The only difference today made for me was no traffic on the freeways, and more parking at school. Let it be forever! Don’t like our laws? Go back to Mexico!

  10. mamacita

    @25 lamebastard

    Geez, take it to or some shit. We just want to make fun of Pete Doherty’s lack of dental hygeine.

  11. Proteon

    I’d like to fix that kids teeth. With a golf club. Someone could take a picture of me doing it and I could explain to the “authorities” that I was just he was voluntarily giving me a marrow sample.

  12. There is only in America and in England which one can be a celebrity by with his drug-addiction they is really countries of nutcases !


  13. bjpack

    Pete Doherty is an anagram for Hey, deter pot!! I bet you didn’t know that.

  14. mamacita

    @28 Digypoke

    2 things. English. Learn it.

  15. He’s hot. NOT. Loser.

  16. ATX

    What is the big fascination with this guy?
    He has to be one of the ugliest mother fuckers I have ever seen? Who cares what the fuck he does or shoots? If he ODs tomorrow, will anyone really care? Besides his smack dealer that he is making rich? The media needs to focus it’s interest on something more important. Say, like, Tom Cruise with a prostetic penis stuck in his ass. You know, important shit! C’mon now.

  17. antispace

    Pete’s story is about as believeable as Tom Cruise liking women. heh.

  18. Dubbya

    I’m confused

    What does he do? I know he’s in a band but I imagine that takes a backseat to drugging up passed out people on his floor. Hey, maybe he can do SO much cocaine & heroin that he actually becomes negative, and sucks people into his cocaine-ish heroin-esque vortex.

  19. Iambananas

    The unemployment rate for black males is 60%… I seriously doubt that no one else would do those jobs.

  20. Fa Cube Itches

    I would imagine that the words “The clown is down” were probably said at least once during his bail hearing.

  21. Captain Awesome

    Look at that pasty British skin. I bet he glows in the dark.

  22. Can I fight this guy? Does anybody know where he is right now? Seriously.

  23. Alright, I walked away, took a breather and I’m still serious. I want to beat the ever-living shit out of this young punk. And I’m not even old but I deserve the right to call him a young punk because he is a piece of shit douchebag who needs to go to fucking jail.

    I’m coming after you Pete Doherty, remember the name m*tha f*cka.

    Ok..ok, I’ve settled down and come to my senses. I’ve realized that my previous message was a little bit too nice. I should have been way more fucked up in my threat. My lawyer told me to put “just kidding” at the end so there it is. Even though I’m not.

  24. LAla

    He probably had already injected her, she fell out & he was taking the needle out. He most likely did not want to admit to that, so used the blood drawing excuse, which is pathetic.I am recovered addict (11 years off heroin) and i have never see anyone ever inject someone knocked out. She probably hit the floor after her shot, which is not uncommon. Something has been said a lot on these boards to is about AIDS. Just because someone uses needles doesn’t mean they share them. Just throwing that out there to people that think all users share their needles.

    In any case he needs help or he WILL die. Heroin is a terrible addiction with horrific withdrawal. No 28 day program is going to fix him. He needs to be in a 3-6 month rehab.

  25. nicole

    lmao whats everyones deal on this :S
    he was gettin blood from her for his paintings :S haha get over it :|

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