Pete Doherty sprays his blood


In an interview this week, Pete Doherty lived up to his ‘stupid bastard’ title and squirted a cameraman with a syringe filled with his own blood. The interview was being conducted with Doherty’s band wihtout him, and halfway through he showed up with the syringe and squirted the camera with his blood.

Apparently pleased at his handiwork, the convicted drug addict said “that was a wicked shot, that’s going to make a cracking link that is”, before leaving the room. The rest of the group were not so impressed, however, McConnell apologising to MTV for his lead singer’s behaviour, saying: “I think the interview is over my friend. I’m really sorry about that mate.” The Sun also alleges that Doherty injected himself with heroin in full view of onlookers prior to the gig. A source told the newspaper: “He seemed to be injecting heroin and didn’t care who saw him. “The camera guys were worried they might have picked something up from the blood.”

Getting squirted with Pete Doherty’s blood has to be the most frightening experience in the world. Second only to being exposed to Ebola or accidentally falling on a pile of Paris Hilton’s underwear.