Pete Doherty, quit Bogart-ing all the Winehouse. Jerk.

May 14th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Either I’m hallucinating from the bottle of Benadryl I just downed (stupid allergies) or God really hates my eyes – with a vengeance generally reserved for Revelations. These are pics of Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty sharing a creepy-ass kiss at a party she threw last night. I gotta admit, partying with Amy Winehouse would be off the chain gang. I mean, you know you’re going to see a human corpse by the end of the night. And I’m not just talking about Amy.

Thanks to Hattie who’s a Hottie Boom-Blattie.

Photos: ISO Images, Splash News, The Sun

  1. df

    you don’t now nothing about Europe. NOT A THING

  2. It’s like 2 zombies trying to eat each other’s brains!

  3. df

    you don’t know nothing about Europe. NOT A THING

  4. Is that Amy Crackhouse posting on #1 & #3? Make some sense moron.

  5. havoc


    Not newsworthy whatsoever.

    More pics of Kim’s ass please…….


  6. havoc

    Wealthy Romance . com is an Identity Theft Scam.



  7. I always knew those two would end up together.
    What a cute crackle, er… COUPLE!! That’s what I meant.

  8. Thegrayway

    Oh my God, a double puke whammy so early. Thanks a lot – my day is ruined.

  9. I think I would rather french kiss my grandmother than kiss Amy Whinewhore..

  10. Ted from LA

    Night of the living dead… Sometimes it takes more than death to kill a person.

  11. It's me Fuckers

    I think they are just perfect for each other. It’ll be no time when they OD together. Perfect.

  12. JM

    I’m pretty sure if she got pregnant with his seed she would have a litter of crack nuggets.

  13. First Bitches


  14. Jodi

    Seems like the Gatekeeper and Keymaster have finally met – the advent of Hell’s on a delay…

    THAT’S A REFERENCE FROM “GHOSTBUSTERS”, in honour of your Rick Moranis comment Fish!

    It’s been sunny here in Ireland for over a week now, so I’m slightly disorientated.


  15. It's me Fuckers

    I just can’t stop looking at them!! It’s like a horror film, you know what is happening but you just can’t take your eyes off of the revolting scene unfolding before your eyes! They are both equally revolting.

  16. andie

    She overdid it with the Jenny Craig thing.
    Jenny Craig is a crack dealer, right?

    They should put a new reality show on A&E:
    Celebrity intervention. Imagine the ratings!
    I can think of who I’d nominate first.

  17. Jrz

    God, these two would make Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston look like Ward and June Cleaver. They wouldn’t have children, they’d conceive bacteria spores.

  18. KB

    wow. that is…disturbing.

    It’s burned into my retinas….

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Amy threw a party? Who’s up for a game of pin the needle in the junkie??

  20. antoine

    They both need to wash there hands. That is just nasty. There is no reason for a persons hands to be that dirty!

  21. I let out an audible “EEEWWWWWWWW” when I saw the picture and now everyone knows I wasn’t really working. Thanks alot Fish dude… thanks a fucking lot.

  22. lipper

    Pete is her doppelganger!

    His eyes are freakin my ass out. LIke he’s trying to suck her soul out of her. Sorry dude, that’s been long gone. Can’t kill the living dead.

  23. Ted from LA

    It looks like they spelled “asshole” wrong on his neck.

  24. mcbeef

    #6 – No fuck?

  25. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Go easy on the fake tan Amy! Of all the Brits in England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland why do you pick this pair if prize cunts for your page for fecks sake?!

  26. #6 – so you actually checked it out? I smell a winner. Of douchyness

  27. snarky

    now if thats not a match made in…well, maybe hell… but what a hell of a perfect match that is. Obviously Amy doesn’t want to get clean off drugs if thats who she’s hooking up with. Imagine all the diseases & germs they share amongst themselves; eeech; skeevy.

  28. Sometimes dead is better..

  29. MinVermont

    She really is gross….

  30. nipolian

    As nasty as Amy W is…… least she is a serious step up from Kate Moss.

  31. Vet

    EWWW!EWWW!EWWW! (as I point in disgust!)

  32. Jodi

    What I really wanted to say was that if God existed he would have just vomited, so I figure that what has actually happened is that Richard Dawkins has just vomited on a Jesus action figure.

    I’m not joking when I say that I feel like being sick – I just can’t imagine that either of them brushes their teeth;* it’d be like kissing a mossy garden path that takes drugs.

    *Semi-colon alert – score +5.


  33. bah

    in the default picture he looks like he’s trying to suck any possible cocaine residue out of her.

  34. mcbeef

    #6 – No fuck?

  35. I would let you kiss my mossy garden patch once this deplorable rash clears up. Damn you Jimbo

  36. tp

    He kisses with his eyes wide open like some kind of freak!!!! I’m going to have nightmares for the rest of my life!!!

  37. woodhorse

    Let’s see Keith Richards try that! The young up-and-coming dopers like Doherty have cell wall integrity that Keith can only stare at.

  38. I have had that look to. It is when you find the penis. It feel good sometime

  39. NY Ted


  40. Jodi

    Haha – I was trying hard for that to stay a simile for bad teeth and oral hygiene, not a metaphor for a vagina, but you know what they say on the first day of Poetry School: “I’m gonna make your simile a metaphor boyo, then I’m gonna couplet you inside-out”.

    Good luck on the rash – I have a weakened immune system, so went straight for the blowtorch and trowel.


  41. Ash

    Um… Why is he wielding a shoe? Anyone?

  42. Thegrayway

    What in the hell does she keep doing to her arms?

  43. yourestupid

    #1 and #3

    youre an idiot….learn some grammar over there in europe.
    maybe its cool to be a complete idiot that uses double negatives in europe, but here in america it makes you look like a dumb ass, which i am sure you are!

  44. snarky

    @42; she’s a cutter, for sure. Aside from the whole shooting up thing.

  45. Lord Of Bacon

    I’ve always loved people who just don’t give a fuck. Sure they may be fucked up but at least they are real.

    Better to be an honest mess than some piece of shit poser (see next post)

  46. They are obviously trying to suck drug residue out of each others pores. Gotta love junkies!

  47. jack

    @43- And you can’t capitalize. Retard.

  48. Truth Hurts

    #45 not giving a fuck is not being real it’s being a DUMBASS!!!

  49. Dr. Fill

    Holy God. That’s the stinkiest-looking, uh… kiss (or something) I have ever seen. I hope at least one of them has saliva. Tasty.

  50. caljenna66

    That’s the longest thickest weirdest looking tampon string I’ve ever seen…

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