Pete Doherty pleads guilty

August 18th, 2006 // 60 Comments

Pete Doherty was charged with seven counts of drug possession yesterday and pleaded guilty to five of them today, including possession of heroin and crack cocaine. It’s a wonder the system hasn’t already given up on this clown. If I was in charge I would’ve already sentenced him to be shot out of a cannon into an elephant’s ass. Obviously jail and rehab can’t set the guy straight. But by God I bet an elephant’s ass will.


  1. ZinnyGirl

    Hahahahaha! Pete Doherty only gets 40 comments! Figures. He’s fugly as sin, has teeth like a broken picket fence, and has a smell that permeates through photos on computer screens.

    And #8 how do you know he’ll never die? How do you know he’s not dead already?

  2. Too bad he pleaded guilty, I wanted him to resist arrest so that we could see a Benny Hill-style chase sequence. Everything in England is crazy!

  3. beifiori

    He’s just gross looking…what does kate see in him? he looks like a sick oliver twist to me…but then, I guess in a drugged out state a dog would look good, so, way to go kate, you picked a real winner!

  4. 86

    In the immortal words of Britney Spears, “I don’t caaaarrre…. I don’t caaaaarrre!”

  5. Linnea

    For the record, a good number of these charges are quite old.

  6. This guy is just a loss.

  7. DudeSlick

    Can this guy OD already?

  8. why can’t he just be put in jail forever?

  9. Jacob

    No – if he ODs then he’ll become a “legend” & to be honest, he doesn’t have one iota of the talent that previous OD victims have had… Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix… I could go on, but at least these people had some ABILITY to back up their legendary status.

    This whiny little junkie no-brainer doesn’t deserve the notoriety he’s “achieved” – let him fade into obscurity like the sad case he is – let’s hope that prison life wakes him up to the fact that he’s not invincible nor indeed unaccountable.

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