Pete Doherty pleads guilty

March 23rd, 2006 // 57 Comments

Pete Doherty pleaded guilty to seven charges of possessing heroin, crack cocaine, and weed in a court appearance in east London today. Although I’m not entirely sure this constitutes news, since the same story has appeared every week for the past three months. Apparently dating Kate Moss gives you automatic immunity when it comes to illegal drugs. Sort of like how dating Alessandra Ambrosio gives you automatic immunity from not having an erection.



  1. CheekyChops

    and kate moss was shagging this guy? Yikes!

  2. BananaPhone


  3. Dee

    what a hottie!

  4. LaydeeBug

    That guy looks like the lead singer of a really bad SKA band. The Skatacrackalites. Oi, Oi!!!

  5. wow, that guy is wrecked…please send him to prison!

  6. One of the most important musicians?!?!? The guy is a no talent crackhead! His voice is horrible, his music is horrible… how is this person not in prison by now?!?!

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