Pete Doherty pleads guilty

March 23rd, 2006 // 57 Comments

Pete Doherty pleaded guilty to seven charges of possessing heroin, crack cocaine, and weed in a court appearance in east London today. Although I’m not entirely sure this constitutes news, since the same story has appeared every week for the past three months. Apparently dating Kate Moss gives you automatic immunity when it comes to illegal drugs. Sort of like how dating Alessandra Ambrosio gives you automatic immunity from not having an erection.



  1. Tracy

    The face of crack… Makes me want to swear off the pipe forever! Ugh!

  2. gammanormids

    OMG! that picture is so scary!!!

  3. pixelbasic

    Powder Lives!

  4. mamacita

    Damn. Invest in some bronzer, Pete.

  5. gammanormids

    you cnaged the picture? Good…!

  6. punctiliouspig

    and he kicked a reporter in the arm. in the ARM. where the hell is the picture of that high kick?

  7. karifarrell

    Who’s Pete Doherty? Shannen Doherty’s lil’ bro?

  8. tokenblackperson

    I just got the urge to say…

    “You’ll never take me alive coppa…nyeah,nyeah..”

  9. Helen

    What’s that man behind him doing? Has he been overcome by the fumes emanating from Pete?

  10. Tha-Flash

    Lol feckin’ crack’ed.

  11. ebayfan414

    If you want to see something really cool happen, look at this picture, and say, “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.”

    WARNING: Do not attempt this feat if you aren’t interested in having a coked up beetlejuice show up in your room.

  12. Evangelia

    who is alessandra ambrosio?
    (stripper name if i ever heard one)

  13. BarbadoSlim

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug…and so is heroin and Lysol…and tylenol…and that foam you use to clean the toilet…and pam cooking spray..niagara starch..and Pledge and…

  14. Havet

    He look soooo aweful! there r worse pictures of him.

    He doesnt deserves all ths press.
    What else he kickd some after his court hearing. how stupid is that?! he should have got right back there.

    I just hope they’ll jail him and thats it. Thats wat he deserves.
    he is so pathetic.

  15. TheHoffinator

    Who is this guy besides the guy who dated Kate Moss? #12 Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian Super Nugget.

  16. christee

    damn, pete, now you’ll never be a scientologist. oh well, there’s always suicide and your next life!

  17. Erienne

    If you click on the hyperlink Superficial Guy left with Alessandra Ambrosio’s name, you’ll see her. That or Google her on Google Images. She’s hot. I’m not into chicks, but shes hot.

  18. TaiTai

    It’s great to see Pete has gotten some color back in his face now that he is clean and sober.

    The guy behind him is his Personal Chaser. He follows him everywhere to remind him where he is supposed to be going.

  19. Italian Stallion

    I’m Pete Doherty bitch!!!!!! Fu-k your couch……UNITY

  20. prideofchucky

    God I love this picture-can’t help it-I just love society’s famous dirtbags-Que up the sid vicious MY WAY cover track-Guess Kate got out-and just in time-before she was Nancy Spungen with a blade in her belly…
    Rock On Pete Ya Fuck-Up!

  21. bjpack

    Actually, the guy behind him is his dad/brother/dealer.

  22. He’s Soooooooo Naaaaaaaaasty!! seriously what do these girls see in him?

  23. Captain Awesome

    I love that British-just-crawled-out-from-under-a-rock look

  24. TaiTai

    Nice teeth too. They’re darker than his face.

  25. Chris'sMom

    #14…Would it kill you to learn proper English? Oh, I get it, you were just trying to act like you’re 13.

    So now that he has pled guilty what now. In this picture it does not look like he being escorted to the vehicle that takes him to prison. Maybe that only happens to common folk; all the more reason to strive to become a bimbling celebrity.

  26. That guy behind Pete looks like he’s about to jump him for his drugs. Or his ass. Either way, I’m sure Pete will love it.

  27. krisdylee


  28. MissyB

    LMAO @ Sister Morphine!!! He is disgusting! I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole… seriously though, I’ve seen Kate with other guys lately, and she likes that grungy/druggie/hobo look. Don’t know. I guess the entire hobo’s have a chance with the supermodel!

  29. hafaball

    This isn’t such a bad pic, but the guy behind him is pretty creepy.

  30. He has the romance and legend. Poor choices but he has at least those.

  31. seren

    #23 – Pete Doherty is hardly the typical British look.

    (We’re not that much different to you yanks, except we generally weigh less and have better clothes….but don’t have dayglo teeth)

  32. guzilicious

    pete is the most ugliest thing ive ever seen people like him should be shipped to an islan in a concentration camp and be skinned alive then dipped in boiling hot water………. ah i see it already the island for useless drug fucked lame people i see lindsay there too

  33. M@ce

    Off to the Kordova Milk Bar and then,perhaps, a little ultra-violence…

  34. ESQ

    In response to #8 – I was thinking the same thing. He reminds me of “Jimmy” the reporter from was it “Batman?”

  35. inspector11

    You know what I call possessing heroin, crack cocaine, and weed? I call that “Tuesdays.”

  36. ESQ

    The guy behind Pete just kicked him in the ass and said,”Now get the hell out of here kid, don’t come back unless you have a news story!”

  37. SuperSpence

    I plead guilty…of not giving a rat’s ass about Pete Doherty. I’d rather not hear about him anymore, so it’d be awful nice if he’d just OD on heroin or something. I like my odds on that one.

  38. Swordman

    Hmm Pete Doherty, he’s famous for dating Kate Moss and being a poster child for drug addiction. I would be a drug addict too if I was in a band named Babyshambles. This guy’s 15 minutes are up. Time to die nice and easy now Pete

  39. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    Laugh my $#*&ing ass off @ M@ce…ya beat me to the punch brah.

  40. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    He looks like he’s skipping out of the damn building…snicker..insert speeded-up “Charlie Chaplin doin’ stuff” music. Nasty little pudge…his little “fuck yew” rebel cigarette all sweaty from being propped behind his ear during the proceedings. I have no comment, I guess. I just like making randomass comments about drug fucks.

  41. What a classy guy. Kate Moss is just as class. And to think…. Kate Moss was actually in the running for being Mother of the Year.

  42. NaughtyBits74

    Oh my…

    Edward Scissorhands just left the building.

    Does he not love himself? He should get off the crack-rocks and heroin. How are you gonna do crack, heroin, AND weed? He’s almost the poster-boy for narcotics. I bet he abuses pills too. Pete, get your ass to a detox center and clean yourself up, so that the next time I see you in concert I can understand what you’re “saying”, bro.

  43. gogoboots

    He absolutely abuses pills, anything he can get his hands on. He looks ILLIN’, what’s with his face, he looks like a troll!

  44. Here is a GREAT qote on this guy from the NYPost

    “And the disheveled ex-Libertines/Babyshambles frontman was just voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by the readers of UK music magazine NME – a sweep cited by the editors as “final proof that there’s nothing more alluring than a man who’ll steal your purse before pissing himself and getting arrested.”"

    This guy just looks like he smells like old cheese and burning hair. Ugh, what was Kate thinking?

  45. HughJorganthethird

    Gotta love Peter. Crack, weed, E it’s all good, but herion? C’mon man that’s so 70′s. You were in the Libertines, not Creme.

  46. bluecanary

    Why is this guy famous?

  47. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Let’s talk more about Alessandra Ambrosio, just to cleanse our palates, no?

  48. derekd

    Dude pleads guilty to seven, count them SEVEN! 1,2,3,4,5,6, SEVEN charges of possesion of heroin and the guy is actually WALKING out of court???!! Let me tell you if he woulda caught that charge around here(Florida) He would’ve never been seen again(to our delight). They sure are lenient in Limeyville.

  49. DMM

    Pete Doherty isn’t even real. His real name is Trevor McDermott, and he was invented by the KLF. Check it out. The link is below.

  50. Evangelia

    i think i recognize her. is she a victoria’s secret model as well?

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