Pete Doherty misses his wedding to Kate Moss


Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were allegedly set to marry last week but Pete ruined the whole thing when he got arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine and was stuck in rehab.

Last week 32-year-old Kate had flown 14 close friends, including her brother Nick, on a private jet to the exclusive resort of Bukit on the Indonesian island. The guests were told to expect a very special celebration. Kate had been spotted wearing a sparkling gem on her ring finger and friends said she had arranged for a Balinese priest to be at the resort where she was staying. Friends speculated that she intended to marry 27-year-old Pete in a Balinese-style wedding. The groom’s sudden need for rehabilitation ended all that. Kate was said to have spent the weekend on the phone to her lawyers to see if they could find any loopholes in the law which would allow Pete to fly over. A friend said: “She is in a terrible state. When she flew to Bali she was ecstatic and told friends there was going to be a ceremony. Kate loves Pete and they wanted a spiritual ceremony to show their commitment. She asked Pete to prepare a beautiful ceremony with poetry and music and he was thrilled.” The friend added: “Kate wanted a Bohemian wedding because it’s simple and represents everything she loves. She’s not at all concerned about whether it’s legal in Britain.” Kate, who is worth $16million, had ruled out a pre-nuptial deal with Doherty. She said: “He’s not a materialist – he’s an artist.”

I know she’s enganged, but this is the first I’ve heard of a wedding. And choosing not to make Pete Doherty sign a pre-nup makes about as much as sense as trying to drive to work on your couch. She might as well just hand her money over to the drug dealers now and move into the subway.