Pete Doherty misses his wedding to Kate Moss

August 22nd, 2006 // 77 Comments

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were allegedly set to marry last week but Pete ruined the whole thing when he got arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine and was stuck in rehab.

Last week 32-year-old Kate had flown 14 close friends, including her brother Nick, on a private jet to the exclusive resort of Bukit on the Indonesian island. The guests were told to expect a very special celebration. Kate had been spotted wearing a sparkling gem on her ring finger and friends said she had arranged for a Balinese priest to be at the resort where she was staying. Friends speculated that she intended to marry 27-year-old Pete in a Balinese-style wedding. The groom’s sudden need for rehabilitation ended all that. Kate was said to have spent the weekend on the phone to her lawyers to see if they could find any loopholes in the law which would allow Pete to fly over. A friend said: “She is in a terrible state. When she flew to Bali she was ecstatic and told friends there was going to be a ceremony. Kate loves Pete and they wanted a spiritual ceremony to show their commitment. She asked Pete to prepare a beautiful ceremony with poetry and music and he was thrilled.” The friend added: “Kate wanted a Bohemian wedding because it’s simple and represents everything she loves. She’s not at all concerned about whether it’s legal in Britain.” Kate, who is worth $16million, had ruled out a pre-nuptial deal with Doherty. She said: “He’s not a materialist – he’s an artist.”

I know she’s enganged, but this is the first I’ve heard of a wedding. And choosing not to make Pete Doherty sign a pre-nup makes about as much as sense as trying to drive to work on your couch. She might as well just hand her money over to the drug dealers now and move into the subway.


  1. danielle


  2. radically4peace


  3. radically4peace

    Damn, not first.

  4. pinky_nip

    Hey 1 – 3: You’re both “first” in my book. The first fucking losers.

  5. Equalparts

    Can’t anyone in Hollywood walk like a normal person?

    Bitches all look like they have Club feet.

    And don’t even get me started on those horrible Ren Fair boots.

  6. DancingQueen

    This is one ugly bitch. I have never understood her appeal as a model. Plus she’s obviously a dumbass to boot. Ugly loser druggie hobag.

  7. BriBri

    Omg she’s such a bag of douche. What kind of fuckin moron marries a hard-core couldn’t quit drugs to save his life type of person like Pete D? Then on top of that…no pre-nup. I hope she ends up penniless and alone. Fuckin moron!

    And seriously…when is she going to start actually dressing like she in her THIRTIES and has a kid. Fuckin hell!

  8. danielle

    yeah, like (pink_nip) falls under the category of “winner”. sorry, you lose.

  9. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Look at the size of that honker(good shot in first pic)! She must snort ounces of coke at a time with that thing! Oh, in my book No Ass + No Tits= body of 12-year-old boy.

  10. jrzmommy

    maybe that’s a hint that he doesn’t want to be married? Maybe that’s a hint that he’s a hopeless fucking psychotic drug addict? Or could it be that he wanted something more traditional with morning suits and an orchestra in a church?

    PS #5–Kate’s British. She lives in London. As in not Hollywood, California.

  11. yasmin3000y

    whitney and bobby all over again (damn i said the same thing bout micha and that dirtbag quit it with claimin firsts, how sad are u

  12. I wonder who the food’s for?

  13. Equalparts

    #10- details, details.

  14. Do Freebird

    What is wrong with that stupid bitch?

    There are large bags of garbage inside trash bins behind animal shelters that look, smell and probably fuck better than that rotting piece of flesh she wants to marry.

    Maybe she just figures that the “till death do us part” thing is just a few months away.

  15. Bukit, Indonesia? Fukit is more like it. Why go through the hassel of flying people down when all they had to do was score some smack and do it in a back alley? Instead of exchanging rings they could share a needle and exchange blood. The wedding party and all invited could follow suit and instantly the shitty, filthy back alley would be transformed into a mystical wonderland on par with any south seas island or resort.

  16. Rockstar Alumni

    I thought Pete was supposed to be fitted with that device thing so he can’t get high?

    What is Kate doing? What a effin moron. She isn’t even all that anymore. I mean really, who gets caught doing lines and still seems to be employed? OH…that very well could be half of Hollywood….woops!

  17. Jacq

    I hate to say it, but… AH, who am I kidding!? I told ya so, I told ya so, I told ya, told ya, told ya so!!

    It’s a love story for the ages…

    P.S. Someone should take that kid away from her.

  18. biatcho

    hey everybody, don’t talk to danielle, she is contagious with a bad case of full blown crack aids.

  19. thesarahficial

    She’s looking at them hot dogs mighty hard..

  20. I think he wanted a more private ceremony… just him, Kate, the warden and a couple of guards.

  21. nc72

    This is what Pete was up to in London instead of the wedding! Heh he looks cute though seems to have the munchies…

  22. @16 – that’s what I thought too. Maybe he picked it out with his hypodermic needle.

  23. nc72

    Favorite photo of the bunch

    Do people just carry their instruments sans case and walk around town?

  24. jrzmommy

    15–So Kate probably said, I want to get married in Bukit, Indonesia. But high-assed Pete heard, I wanted to get married, Butfuckit. I’m going to Indonesia.

  25. Vanessa

    Wow, she’s worth 16 million pounds and doesn’t want a pre-nup.

    I wish I was a filthy, ugly, disgusting junkie with a shitty band so I could bang Kate Moss and end up with half her money.

  26. bigponie

    what a riot, she asked coke-head to write beautiful poetry for her wedding, well don’t feel too sorry kate cause it would have sounded something like this…

    I love how you suck my ass it makes me wanna blast some gas, get on your knees cause I won’t say please and nibble on my dick like a rat does cheese. You’re my partner, my lover, my god-dam coke supplier. I promise to always be with you, until the day I decide to kill you…

  27. Like I said a few newspost back, lets wager on how long this relationship will last. I say 6-8 months.

  28. 27- That sounds more like K-fed!

  29. danielle


  30. BarbadoSlim

    Ewwww, Pete’s swapped bodily fluids with this disease ridden cocaine fiend, he should get himself checked.

  31. Evil Kao Chiu

    “I know she’s enganged, but this is the first I’ve heard of a wedding.”

    Enganged, eh? Sounds pretty kinky to me.

  32. Kate Moss is “enganged”?

  33. Jacq

    Pete Doherty looks like MeganHarris.

  34. cate

    So what does Pete Doherty actually DO? Besides heroin… I mean, does this man work, or is he just famous?

    Getting stood up at your own wedding.. ouch!

    :: shudders at horrible flashbacks ::


  35. Wanna Pet My Beaver?


    Intelligent post you have there.

  36. jane's eyre

    “He’s not a materialist – he’s an artist.”
    Are you kidding me? Those are some pretty freakin’ big stars in your eyes. Screw that, those are freakin’ SUPERNOVAES.

  37. nc72

    Guy’s got some talent his music’s good, everything else seems to suck (hopefully moss too!).

  38. Love does not keep an addict sober, and that kind of money will certainly make it easy for Pete Doherty to slip. Also, history shows us that “artists” are the ones that typically OD in their bath tub, so I am not sure why she thinks that getting married instead of him staying in rehab is the best of ideas. I think he has deeper needs right now.

  39. dmarie

    I guess they don’t promote hygiene in England (big suprise) because her shorty shorts are allowing her vag to leak its disgusting herpes-infested juices right on the shelves….
    just check out pic #2

  40. MissaRB

    When are women going to learn? Why buy the whole pig when they can get a little sausage for free.

  41. MissaRB

    I mean, any normal person gets caught with drugs, they don’t get rehab. They take out a loan to pay off the lawyer, bond out, and court costs. She gets caught and gets million dollar contracts. Hell, I should just give up now. Maybe I can go to the Paris school of fashion, dress like a rich slut, and maybe some dumbass with millions will marry me without a prenup if I say I am not materialistic… Sorry,had to vent a little.

  42. Kate, I would love to snap you like a twig with my enourmous bulging man-meat. And by enourmous I mean tiny. And by man-meat I mean, well.. I guess I mean man meat.

    Now git over here you skinny bitch!

  43. dupababy

    this dynamic duo is so well-suited it’s as though gawd-ahmighty waved his magic cupid arrow..pierced a petey artery then had katie lick it up with her tongue.. their love is transcendental and drugalicious..
    but truly, she should stop purchasing her food by-products at the shell station and step on over to stingybitches.. we can teach her how to cook..

  44. Linnea

    Rockstar Alumni: The implant simply blocks the pleasure he would obtain from heroin. Peter is also a crack addict, unfortunately and he can still take both drugs with his implant. Most of these charges, however are quite old and just being brought to light.

    I hope Pete makes progress. He’s a great artist and, by all accounts, a nice guy.

  45. Linnea

    36. Pete was in a widely successful band for several years (The Libertines) and now records with Babyshambles fairly prolificaly.

  46. beanncheese

    Can you saw MUNCHIES!!!

  47. RichPort

    What’s with emaciated chicks wearing booty shorts? Is she trying to compete with Posh for the queen of the negative ass club? I mean, I thought Moss grows fat when rolling stoned… wait that’s not the expression.

    #1 and #30 are killing me!!! HA!!! The DC (diseased cunt) Bandit strikes again!!! Comic gold!!!

  48. sackwrangler

    and I thought I was the only one who liked to dress up in toddlers jean shorts and buy egg salad sandwiches from the local shell gas station. Thats how I spell high class!

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