Pete Doherty is a ‘scumbag’

Pete Doherty is a “scumbag,” according to Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch. Amy has been spending a lot of time with Pete Doherty while her husband is in jail and her father is not having it. The Daily Mail reports:

It has been claimed that Mitch smacked Doherty and hit him with a guitar at the Brixton concert.
Speaking to Grazia magazine, Mitch said: “I do worry about people like Pete Doherty though. He’s a scumbag. I flipped when I saw him sitting with Amy backstage at her Brixton gig. That night I went crazy. My wife thought I was going to have a heart attack, I was apoplectic…”

Hold on a second. Pete Doherty got hit by a guitar and didn’t shatter into a thousand pieces of crack? Sonofabitch. Here I had all these plans for punching Pete in his cartoon head and making a hefty profit after I swept his face into a dustpan. I even drew blueprints of me with dollar signs for eyes while standing over a stick figure with no head. It was very scientific.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin