Pete Doherty injects drugs into people

pdoherty-inject.jpgIn the continuing circus that is Pete Doherty’s life, The Sun published pictures today of him injecting heroin into the arm of a passed out fan. The image allegedly shows him holding the syringe as the girl lies unconscious on a kitchen floor, with the next picture showing him sticking the needle into his own arm. Additionally, the paper also claims Kate Moss was still secretly seeing Pete despite their public split.

Maybe it’s time I tried out Pete’s approach to women. Instead of treating them with respect and engaging them with witty conversation, I’m just going to inject them with heroin. And when they ask what the hell I’m doing, I’ll just tell them how pretty they look, making them blush and act all shy, forgetting I’ve got a syringe lodged into their vein. Then all that’s left is to sit back and let cupid work his magic.