Pete Doherty injects drugs into people

April 28th, 2006 // 120 Comments

pdoherty-inject.jpgIn the continuing circus that is Pete Doherty’s life, The Sun published pictures today of him injecting heroin into the arm of a passed out fan. The image allegedly shows him holding the syringe as the girl lies unconscious on a kitchen floor, with the next picture showing him sticking the needle into his own arm. Additionally, the paper also claims Kate Moss was still secretly seeing Pete despite their public split.

Maybe it’s time I tried out Pete’s approach to women. Instead of treating them with respect and engaging them with witty conversation, I’m just going to inject them with heroin. And when they ask what the hell I’m doing, I’ll just tell them how pretty they look, making them blush and act all shy, forgetting I’ve got a syringe lodged into their vein. Then all that’s left is to sit back and let cupid work his magic.



  1. Color me shocked. Heroin in an unconscious person is always good. Pete doesn’t belong in jail at all.

  2. karebear

    surprising? No.

  3. Fisher55

    He can inject me w/ whatever he wants…

  4. pinky_nip

    He must make his mother proud. What an utter loser. When is he going to O.D. and just die already. I’m sick of seeing his disgusting face. He makes my vagina dry-up every time I see him.

  5. pinky_nip

    Like a hot beef injection?

  6. Vampyreska

    Every time I see his ugly face, I barf in my mouth.

  7. Italian Stallion

    When a girl passes out the last thing I’m thinking of sticking in her is a needle…..I was thinking more along the lines of, oh I don’t know, my sausage……..

    And no, thats not the only way I get laid, The fat ones are willing……..

  8. Fisher55

    #5: that’s right, Bender. and the next time I have to come in here, I’m crackin skulls

  9. Fisher55

    uh, did anybody think that maybe the chick was just an exhausted diabetic and pete was just administering a hit of insulin? i don’t even believe he’s drug addict

  10. #8 Eat.My.Shorts.

    Every time I see Pete, I throw up in Vampyreska’s mouth.

    Funny though how if a thread isn’t started with FIRST!!! then the rest isn’t everyone trying to be first.

  11. Italian Stallion

    @4 “He makes my vagina dry-up every time I see him.” That was some funny shit…….

  12. Land-Man

    The only thing I inject into babes is my Land-Meat.

  13. -= ChebyratoR =-

    13th!! ….pussies

  14. PapaHotNuts

    It’s like this guy follows me around and copies everything I do. I guess I’m like his mentor or something.

    Next time he passes out from too much heroin, I’m going to inject some Scope into his mouth.

  15. pinky_nip

    Let me guess, and THEN they pass out because it’s so huge. Like a hickory farms beef stick at Christmas?

  16. Spacedog

    Hey, can someone tie me off?

  17. CruisingForCock

    Is that a pearl Necklace?

  18. -= ChebyratoR =-

    um #9 does that foto realy look like he would help some passed out chik with an insuling injection? i duno something about those eyes that says ….”I can help you there young lady!”

  19. pinky_nip

    I just noticed.. he’s wearing a pearl necklace in this picture. It’s almost as nice as the one I had on this morning.

  20. Jacq

    What a fuckin’ hot ass.

    Italian Stallion – it’s the Hot Beef Injection.
    Papa, that is – if you don’t pass out first.

  21. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Pete has that look on his face like, ‘Well, fuck it. I can’t feel my lower extremities anyway.’
    I know that look. I see it evertime someone has me in the missionary position.

  22. PapaHotNuts

    Jacq, if you pass out, I promise to give you dick-to-mouth resuscitation. I won’t let you die, baby, not on my watch.

  23. tuckerkatt,,2-2006190560,,00.html

  24. LilJenny

    Papa, you’re back! Where’s the wifey-poo?

  25. hugh_g_rection

    I’ll give you all a pearl necklace

  26. The truth to this story, Pete was injecting himself with heroin. The newspaper misreported that he was sticking the girl with a needle, but it was really his dick.

    Proof positive that Land-Man=Pete Doughboy.

    +needle dick

  27. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    Why is this fucking man alive?
    I have never heard any of his music, the only reason I know who he is is because I read about him getting arrested all the fucking time.
    Jesus fucking Christ! This guy has got to be the world’s most famous junkie. “What do you do for a living?”
    “I get fucked up and arrested.”
    How is this twit fucking Kate Moss?
    Is he shooting her up and then “Shooting her up?”
    It defies logic.
    I mean…Fuck!

  28. Fisher55

    the story is really very sad. he needs to be locked up in rehab

  29. Errrika

    Is he nekked here? Cuz I really hope he is. I just want to lick him.

  30. Wait a sec, this guy is a musician? Shit, that explains all of it. All perfectly normal.

  31. CoJo

    What’s funny is that this asshole is always getting caught on camera – either he can’t remember his way to the restroom like any other respectible herion addict, or one of his friends is in deep cover and working for the Sun, or this is all an effing sham. I know that heroin doesn’t make you the most intelligent of all people, but c’mon! He’s facing jail time…

  32. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    29 – Yeah, I heard that too. Tripping for days but you can’t get the rancid ham taste out of your mouth for weeks. Some tribes in the Amazon wipe the points of their arrows on his skin which acts as a tranquilizer, but I don’t go for all that Voodoo hocus pocus shit.

  33. Dr.Rokter


    There’s nothing like the feeling of lovingly running your toungue over someone’s scabrous puncture wounds and yesterday’s crusted booze-sweat. If you’re desperate to get high, there are species of toads that will have the same effect.

  34. Dr.Rokter


    Shit. Concurrent posts. And yours was funnier.

  35. boredmilf

    As much as I pick on celebs – most of them I can find something I like about them – but this genetic defect?… Fuck! Please, I wish someone would just kick his ass out of existance!

  36. Land-Man

    #26 is right, my Land-Cock is a needle-dick…the SPACE NEEDLE!!!

    How ya likin those land balls on your chin.

  37. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    34 – No, yours was! I insist! Silly goose.

  38. Errrika

    #32 #33…. LMFAO.

  39. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Land-Man, you amuse me, your use of “Land” as a prefix makes me feel cozy and safe, like a roaring fire on a cold winters night, or a massive Land-Cock, with Land-Balls on my chin.

  40. Errrika

    Is anyone else getting the “Whiter Teeth” ad under his picture? Cuz I think that’s fucking hilarious. It almost looks like he has one of those plastic flosser deals in his hand, but I know better… He’d need something bigger, like Land-Man’s cock to clean those gaps between his teeth.

  41. Shouldn’t it be a Land-needle? Or is it the fact that it takes up no space that makes it a Space-needle? Empty space=air=air cock. Ok, you’re right, Space needle it is.

  42. pinky_nip

    Land-man and his land-cock are land-preditors, kinda like land-shark. “candy-gram”

  43. Grphdesi23

    He’s well on his way to a fabulous nursing career.

  44. Jacq

    One day, he’s going to wake up dead.
    You can’t wake up dead!
    Yes you can! You go to bed alive and wake up dead!

    I have along list of people I want to wake up dead.

  45. prideofchucky

    Posted by pinky_nip:
    “I just noticed.. he’s wearing a pearl necklace in this picture”
    No, I think those are his BUTT-BEADS.
    Prepping for jail time there Pete?

  46. Jacq

    #42 – Been there. Said that.

  47. Pearly

    The only reason we have to see ths loser and hear stories about what a loser he is is because he was screwing Kate Moss. That’s it. Why, is my question, do whe give a shit who screws Kate Moss? She’s a junkie has-been.

  48. LilJenny

    Jacq, is MeghanHarris on your list? How about sherry-co? Thise 2 annoy the fuck out of me

  49. shankyouverymuch

    The stallion rides again! Post #7 is what easily and clearly defines the stallion as one of the funniest people at this site… That is some very funny shit my man, not just because it

  50. bitch

    #9 Are you fucking serious? This guy has been arrested so many goddamn times for drug abuse. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being. When are the courts going to open their friggin eyes and do something? Unreal.

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