Pete Doherty goes crazy

August 24th, 2006 // 48 Comments

Pete Doherty reportedly went berserk at a London rehab clinic this week, punching a nurse, screaming, and ramming into walls. He’s at the Priory clinic in London and is there pending his sentencing on drug charges. Although considering his behavior you’d think he was in a zoo. Some bizarro Twilight Zone zoo, where the animals viist the gift shop and it is us that is in the cages. Oh, cruel irony. How cruel your irony is.


  1. piratekuhnbeard

    thats what happens when you’re addicted to drugs.

  2. radically4peace


  3. radically4peace

    Dammitttt… not first.

  4. Diana

    Lock this guy in a room with nothing but heroin and booze. Tons of it, a truckload of it. Just wait 2 weeks and open the door. Then the world would finally be rid of this mess. Although, I don’t know who the lucky person would be that would clean up his corpse. Let’s make Kate do it.


  5. Who wants to bet Kate Moss is more worried about showing off her wedding dress and not about this chap’s behavior?

  6. Binky

    That is rehab.

  7. snang

    Why isn’t he dead yet?

  8. blowdart

    Rehab? Pah, The Priory seems to function more as a publicity machine and excuse for junkie or drunk celebs.

    I say let him overdose. Evolution in action.

  9. piratekuhnbeard

    That “first” shit is way overrated. Comment number TWO LOLOL.

  10. The Juice

    Yaa.. this rehab thing’s a badge of honour for these loosers. I agree #9, let em drink, smoke, snort, shoot and fuck their way ta hell.

  11. jrzmommy

    I won’t be surprised the day we read, “PETE DOHERTY WIPES ASS WITH SHROUD OF TURIN”

  12. Where did he go to finishing school again?

  13. Superfudge

    anyone know what he’s drinking in the photo?

  14. @14- warm piss & cigarette butts.

  15. RichPort

    Big fat hairy deal. So what if this fucker is trying to live out “Trainspotting”. I hope he shits in Kate Moss’ bed at the same time he give her the ol’ Dutch oven. And I hope someone replaces his scotch with turpentine, then offers him a light for his spoon.

  16. That guy does belong in a zoo.
    And by ‘zoo’ I mean ‘cemetary’ or ‘morgue.’

  17. Jacq

    You can’t fight junkie love. It outshines the sun and is laden with passion and unpredictability. Play with it and you will get burned. Ah, yes, you will be burned.
    I should write perfume commercials. ha

  18. dupababy

    jeebus that dude is hot.. and strong.. and really the reason he’s not dead already is because after you’ve ingestified yourself with mass quantities of morphine, cocaine, crack and chocolatey flavored ex-lax, well, it all morphs into embalming fluid.. or is that radiator fluid.. oh shoot, you’ll have to ask hevver’s dad..

  19. thesarahficial

    So uhhh what made this guy famous other than heroine and booze? Because I never even heard of him before this site. Aye..he’s kinda hot

  20. I can’t say I feel bad for him, but if he’s detoxing which I am sure he is, this is typical. Heroin’s such good shit your body torments you until you get more of it.
    Let this be a lesson, druggies the world over: Pot hits the spot but smack makes you whack!

  21. Jacq

    Then, his crazy snaggle-tooth busted clean out of his cheek and made an escape.

  22. confiscate_me

    You say he’s twat but, if I was stuck somewhere like the Priory with all those needy, self-pitying, emotional hypochondriacs, I would spend all day screaming and ramming into the walls too x

  23. DuluthDawg

    Dude, when Keith Richards looks like a casual weekend user compared to you, it’s time you were wiped clean from the Earth because you’re wasting air.

  24. jrzmommy

    I love men who look like 9 year old anemic hemophiliac Russian czars.

  25. CarlaCalifornia

    For the love of God just die already……

  26. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    14. He’s drinking Bells Whisky – it’s Scottish. And straight from the bottle too…

    Did you know ‘Beserk’ is Russian for ‘bear like’? Except bears probably don’t drink whisky, take heroin and fuck Kate Moss, well ok, only in the really ‘cool’ Zoos.

  27. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    21. He was in a band called the Libertines. Now he has his own band Babyshambles… but he’s pretty much just famous for being a fucked up druggy.

  28. Captain Awesome

    Forming crappy bands will do this to people. If the music sucks, try and go out with a bang is the next best thing.

    Atleast when Ozzy did shit like this, it was cool. Seeing this nobody do it, is kind of sad.

    Can’t wait for the Xtina and Beyonce’ collabs to happen soon.

  29. Jacq

    *Junkie love / it’s drivin’ me mad
    It’s makin’ me crazy, crazy*

  30. nc72

    The guys music is awesome, best of luck to him with everything else…

  31. #31- Way to go Jacq!

    A snippet of Steve (ride the white horse) Miller

  32. Kate and Pete screwing is probably like something out of a David Lynch film. It probably involves bad music, heroin subbing for nitrous oxide, and midgets that talk backwards. And messy, very messy. Kate can’t recall the last time she didn’t have to clean up shit after having sex.

  33. Jacq

    #34 – Fuckin’ hilarious. Laughed out loud.

  34. Yes, and right now Kate Moss is planning her perfect wedding in La La Land where she thinks this will have a happy ending… he needs to get well before he can even think about getting married. Marriage can be hard enough as it is for most people adding an unresolved addiction is like fuel to a fire.

  35. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    For all of you thinking who the hell is Pete Doherty, here’s a clip of him on British T.V. He looks about 12 years old, fucked of his face and his suit is about 4 times the size of him.

  36. This guy already looks dead

  37. You could scrape the scummy draggy sweat off him and regrout your tub with it. What a douchebag

  38. he’s just upset that michael jackson is selling him…

  39. drdisaia

    This dude is going down.

  40. Marjolein Pas

    He’s like a robot or something, he keeps on going. Gotta love the guy tho. Pete rules lol, why keep sane in a sick world!

  41. AmberDextrose

    Lordy, the things you see when you don’t have your gun!

  42. Nimuë LaMer

    Can he be any more… pathetic?

    Somebody should just put him out of his misery.

    And by his, I mean ours.

  43. susie_bubble

    Does anyone here actually know anything about the music genius that is Pete Doherty…. go buy The Libertines….it’s anthemic goodness.

  44. Lovely21

    Is he a walking zombie??ie….pale blueish skin….80 pounds…

  45. AceSwimmer

    The Guy is a nutter!!

    There are also other strange people out there

  46. what a freaking douche bag…why don’t they put him jail for assault

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