Pete Doherty feeds weed to penguins

March 1st, 2007 // 96 Comments

Pete Doherty moved in with Kate Moss after being kicked out of his east London flat where he owed $20,000 in unpaid rent. And because he needs adult supervision at all times, while visiting the Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire he fed a penguin his joint. Seriously. He allegedly threw the joint into the penguin pen to show off and one of the penguins immediately swallowed it. A source tells The Sun:

“Everyone knew he was smoking grass. He was joking about getting the penguins stoned. He threw them his joint and it looked like one penguin gulped it down. It seemed very wobbly.”

Pete Doherty is out of control. Somebody needs to find this guy a babysitter before he eats the world’s last bald eagle because he thought it would be funny. My 2-year-old niece has more self-control than him, and she thinks ice cream is the only necessary food group.


  1. PrettyBaby

    “Where’s Madonna when you need her?”

    Looks like she’s busy shooting ‘roids into her bony butt, then burning out 10 sets of heavy negatives on the preacher curls.

  2. Stace

    #50 – You understand this is Pete Dougherty right? I believe he has the ability to give you the AIDs or a heroin OD with only a look from his blood squirting eyes.

  3. Lowlands

    He probably just wanted to exchange some saliva with the penguins.He’s love starved and he needs some help.

  4. schack

    maybe he wanted to let them peck vomit out of the back of his throat. they like that.

    Stace- i forgot about the blood squirting eyes. you’re totally right.

  5. Libraesque

    one things clear, those penguins love dope, they’re not crowded around anyone else but him

  6. Redrum

    That moron should be fed to the lions. Or, if his body is too polluted from all the crap he’s injected/smoked/swallowed that it’s too toxic to eat, put him in a grinder and spray him over the lawn as fertilizer. Nobody will miss this selfish and self-destructive prick.

    And those penguins need some kind of barrier to protect them from dipshits like that.

  7. D'oh Eyes

    Do English penguins have bad teeth?

  8. NicotineEyePatch

    Them geezers ‘angin’ ’round must not ‘ave reccied ‘im or they’d ‘ave given ‘im a right thumpin’, I say, a right thumpin’.

    - Madonna

  9. Superevil

    #4 Tell me more about your boobs?

  10. Puff puff give…..puff puff give.

  11. woodhorse

    AND he feeds dope to a penguin in front of a child. this person is amazing. if you look back in history, i don’t believe (correct me if I’m wrong) you will find ANYONE with his accomplishments. Next, just to entertain Kate, he will free some mental patients and blindfold them and spin them around next to a busy interstate. Please Fish!! Cover this guy like white on rice!

  12. fame is funny

    What a douchebag. That’s all I’ve got.

  13. Truthseeker013

    Excusez-moi, Nombre Un, mais n’est-ce pas “Frist” un senateur devant la state de Tennessee?

    And, while we’re at it, maaybe France wouldn’t mind having ol’ Petey in exchange for a few of those cool short-range missiles.

  14. moondoggy

    Last night, London Zoo’s chief veterinary officer blasted Pete’s antics.

    Andrew Routh fumed: “Feeding a penguin cannabis could be fatal. It contains toxins that attack the nervous system and liver.”

    Penguin killers go straight to hell. Its in the Bible.

  15. Pete Doherty needs his eyes plucked out by mad acid tripping nazi-penguins who suffer from horrible projectile diarrhea.

  16. amelie3007

    Pete’s cute…but is that grey hair I see? *shudder*

  17. Josh_Lavarn

    “Pete’s cute”???? He looks like a homeless Harry Potter hooked on crack. His face is pasty white like an old person’s ass. His body looks like he has multiple scolosis. And he dresses and behaves worse than a hobo. Only a demented slut would find this demon attractive.

  18. kamihi

    Pete Doherty makes me embarrassed to be English, he deserves to be savaged by some crazy buttfucking Americans who hate weird English crackheads. Hes so ugly too this man does not have an upside about him, hes not even a cute looking knobhead (English word for asshole).

  19. EveryoneBugsMe

    In photograph #1 there is a little girl between her parents. In photograph #2 she is gone.

    I think we all now know what he ‘really’ fed to the penguins.

  20. VeronicaRedux

    Anyone with sense kmows penguins prefer hash!

  21. justme


  22. D'oh Eyes

    He actually meant to go the the Puffin enclosure, but got lost and ended up at the penguins, and said, Close enough.

  23. licklick

    He could feed live babies to the penguins and be forgiven if he had even a speck of talent.

    His music sucks and he is about as charming as a cat’s butthole.

  24. fritobandito

    31 We should party together, my monkey totally fish lips!

  25. JoeysAngyl

    This guys music wreaks like unwiped ass! He’s a complete knob, and deserves to have a hot poker shoved where the sun don’t shine!

  26. VitaminK

    #59 ill tell you more about #4s boobs…THEYRE HUGE & SAGGY! any reasonably sexy breasts couldnt possibly end up anywhere near the space bar, duh!

    and how has this waste of human life not od’d yet? hes waaay past his sell date.

  27. E Norma Stitz

    The knuckledragging goof is NOT smarter than a 5th grader!

    What a pile of human garbage!

    But, hey, he’s the best Kate Moss has ever had. A pathetic couple indeed!

  28. DingleberryJam

    Penguin abuse sickens me or any sort of abuse done by some spoiled shit taking advantage of a trusting animal. Thankfully, i have nothing against abusing british crackheads, in fact, i encourage beating them senseless then “buggering” them in an alley till their asshole can double as a bowling ball bag.
    I just hope this human waste gets what he deserves.

  29. Bessymouse

    /sniff sniff
    poor pengy

    less QQ more pewpew!
    haha nerds are funny

  30. Bessymouse

    Yeah DingleberryJam! That’s what I’m talking about!

  31. My_Jaw_Hurts

    My favourite thing about those pictures is that nobody is trying to stop him, nobody looks impressed, and people are actually leaning in to watch, even though they almost definitely knew that Pete Dougherty was about to feed a joint to a penguin. Either it’s the UK’s weakened defense or British comedy has seriously gone downhill… wait. I got it. They’re filming an episode of Extras!

  32. Denimpetal

    what a fuck-wit.
    number three lmao
    I don’t care about him taking drugs, but ffs, there were kids there
    animal cruelty anyone?
    Mind you I wouldn’t of expected the penguin to pick it up and “immediately” swallow it.

  33. The Mortician

    Aren’t penguins always wobbly? I mean that’s how they walk.

  34. Linnea

    Oh Peter, I will always love you. Let’s live on a land surrounded by penguin feathers and have blazed sex. Yummm.

  35. SuperChic

    The rumor that some people are smarter than animals as you know is a complete myth. In fact there is that small % who obviously looked like they evolved, only on the outside physically. On the inside they have little baby brains really small about the size off a pea. As you can observe from the picture of Peter giving a penguin a joint, I think he actually thinks he is sharing with a fellow human in a bonding moment too wierd for us to comprehend. He honestly can’t tell the difference. This is a wierd type of behavior from unevolved pea sized brain humans by the way.

  36. Lowlands

    I don’t know how this joint went to work out on the penguin.But there’re two ways to check this out.If the penguin runs to him the next time and greets him in an very enthusiastic way,it probably worked out well.If the penguin runs away from him as fast as possible and in a noisy way then the penguin doesn’t want to see him again,also not in a next life.

  37. Daisy

    hahaha those people who said eating pot does nothing have obviously never eaten pot!

  38. littledoll

    This guy is so fuckin’ ugly he makes me want to puke every time I see him. Christ if hes with Kate Moss can’t he brush his fangs, and wash his hair, and try to look like hes at least half human? She must be a real skank to fuck this zombie. Can you imagine french kissing this piece of shit?

  39. mrslaws

    He has been there

  40. please, someone put that guy down…he’s just so scraggy and gross i can’t even look at him

  41. I’d like to zhove a dildo up hiz
    azz and tell him, bitch…I’m
    pimpin your azz out, fucker?

  42. METTY

    if penquins want to smoke weed they will smoke weed regardless if pete gives it to them, we have got to accept this. We all know penquins are habitual line steppers and im sure this penquin knew exactly what he was getting him self into, Oxfordishire penquins have a TERRIBLE reputation when it comes to drugs and penquins on the whole have gained a notirous reputation of been anti social thugs that terrorize the public, so say what you like about pete i personally think what he diod was very brave, it was kind of like the behaviour of a modern day Gandi.

  43. hhh

    it annoys the shit outta me when reporters and the general public get the wrong idea about weed, you have to smoke it to get high, not just eat a joint.

    And why has the penquin got off so easy, he did eat the joint afterall, i mean noone forced it to.

  44. Crono

    sick guy tho

  45. Lozman

    i would write out a whole rant bout all you assholes, who harass celebrities… but i cant be assed :P
    you’re all just stuck up cunts who are nothing more than interfering bastards who are jealous of celebrities.
    he’s not around your children/grandchildren/relatives of any kind/itsy bitsy cute puppy/penguin you adopted through some animal charity to be honest… is he?
    i hate when people get judged for taking drugs… everyone has their own choices in life, just leave them be… they aint forcing you to take drugs are they?
    i think i’ve made some pretty fair points havent i?
    oh sorry… looks like i did rant after all :P

  46. All I ask is you get a new picture of Pete. You use that one for everything. I googled this story and other news sources have actual pictures of Pete at the zoo. You have the same promo shot.

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