Pete Doherty feeds weed to penguins

March 1st, 2007 // 96 Comments

Pete Doherty moved in with Kate Moss after being kicked out of his east London flat where he owed $20,000 in unpaid rent. And because he needs adult supervision at all times, while visiting the Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire he fed a penguin his joint. Seriously. He allegedly threw the joint into the penguin pen to show off and one of the penguins immediately swallowed it. A source tells The Sun:

“Everyone knew he was smoking grass. He was joking about getting the penguins stoned. He threw them his joint and it looked like one penguin gulped it down. It seemed very wobbly.”

Pete Doherty is out of control. Somebody needs to find this guy a babysitter before he eats the world’s last bald eagle because he thought it would be funny. My 2-year-old niece has more self-control than him, and she thinks ice cream is the only necessary food group.


  1. brujeriadiosa



  2. PrettyBaby


  3. pookiedoo

    He should know better than to fuck with penguins. Hasn’t he ever seen “Madagascar?”

  4. PrettyBaby

    dang it, my boobs hit the spacebar again, always slows me down…

  5. themonkeygirl

    Having worked at a zoo and knowing what some idiots think is funny to feed to animals, this makes me sad. Laugh away moron!

  6. julia-sexpot!

    i know he is a total f@*k-up….but i think he’s sorta cute. he could feed weed to me any day.

  7. Binky

    I guess he didn’t understand fully the plotline of ‘Happy Feet’ and assumed they needed a bit of a push.

  8. Richie Rich

    A person I used to admire did that to their adopted CAT to stop it from jumping it over their head at night.

  9. brujeriadiosa

    I’m hoing he goes by the big cat cages and thnks he can “bond” with the cougars….

    Sure hope cougars can’t get hepatitis, crabs, etc and I sure hope eating him doesn’t o.d them…
    (but wouldn’t we be eternally grateful?)

  10. “Frist”?

  11. Maybe it was his power animal.


  12. chewgees

    Pete’s dad should have made his mom swallow. This guy is such a fucktard.

  13. Clete

    Pete Doherty & Kate Moss – their combined intelligence is below the standard penguin IQ. What a moron!
    As to cats now they need to get high; take the edge off from all that deep thinking vs. penguins or dogs who have no deep thoughts.

  14. lickmybutt

    hahahaha. oye. maybe the lil bastard penquin wanted to get high. ever think of that? i never thought my dog would want to until she started sitting right next to me while i was smoking and sniffing the smoke as i exhaled.

    then she always forces me to get her some food and then take her on a walk so she can handle business. crazy ass bitch, fersure.

    but she LOVES the weed. im thinking that lil penguin guy does too.

  15. Where's Waldo

    come on now, you gotta admit that seeing a penguin high would be some funny shit! unless the drugs would like completely fuck up its internal organs and the penguin like dies or explodes or something. then that wouldn’t be so funny – well, some people would probably still laugh, but i think most people would find that sad.

  16. Pete’s song “FUCK FOREVER” should be an inkling into how much he cares about a stoned penguin. He’s got a drug habit and a super model girl friend. He gets what he wants because he is doing something right. It’s called charisma.

    But what i want to know is what happened to kate’s kid? I hope that little child lives with the father. Charisma or not, crack is freaky.

  17. Sheriff Jen

    my dog ate a weed cupcake that my roommate left on the table, and he wasn’t high ’til the next morning…and he was VERY stoned. So whoever said the penguin that ate the joint was “wobbly” must’ve been sittin’ there for a while. So in other words, that person is a lying media whore.

  18. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Um, what was he doing at a zoo in the first place? He has the most random life. One day he is in Thailand shooting heroin and the next day he is visiting the zoo. Tomorrow? Let’s look for Pete at Dodger Stadium!

    PS Is that how zoos are in the UK? Animals penned in by inpenetrable 2 foot high walls? I wouldnt be shocked if a lion was just allowed to walk around the parking lot.

  19. Richie Rich

    @13 Dogs!? How dare you….! I’ve never heard of a “Seeing Eye” cat. Where were the cats at 9-11? Do they bring cats to retirement centers for some loving to the elderly? Nope!

  20. omelette ze roar

    What a moron. NOBODY messes with penguins. D:<

  21. iburl

    I’ve got a fun idea! Let’s ban everyone and anyone who posts Frist or First! If you are not actually first then you also get human feces mailed to your house! Hurray! So, evidently in England, they do not have laws, jails, or police. I knew the police didn’t carry guns, but what the hell do they do? If this ugly, f’ed up British twat, Babyshittles, tried this shit in Texas he’d be beaten down, tazed and thrown in the pokey. Normally I’m against police brutality, but this turd has it coming big time.

  22. He should not be allowed in any place where children or animals are allowed. He should just live in a club or porn store, where he can leave the rest of the world in peace.

  23. DecorativePoncho

    Makes me mad actually.

  24. karifarrell

    Oh Paddy put the pipe down….

  25. Josh_Lavarn

    This piece of fecal matter shouldn’t even be considered part of the human race. Surprised this low-life didn’t put the penguin in a headlock and inject heroin into it. Can’t wait till this a-hole O.D.’s and returns to hell where he came from.

  26. MrSemprini

    Who? I ask again, who? Who and/or what is this … entity? Are we so starved for entertainment in this culture that the pre-adolescent antics of an immature, deranged individual actually make ‘news’? Wow, is this a bad time to have stopped sniffing glue.

    Hey, just give me more half-naked babes.

  27. anti_babe19

    That has to be one happy penguin.

  28. Clete

    # 19 Ouch!
    Cats are more independent than dogs are. You can leave them alone for longer periods of time without their chewing the furniture or howling for hours. You don’t need to take them for walks.
    Cats will not go into burning building to rescue people, they will not team up to pull a sled, they will not perform stupid tricks for yummies.
    PSA to Penguins, Cats & Dogs – Just Say No!

  29. LOL. This is the fucking funniest news posted on this website in a long time.

    Can you imagine those penguins? Since the joint was owned by Doherty, it was surely laced with PCP or cocaine or something. The penguins prolly freaked the fuck ouuuuut!

  30. knowhere

    for the THC to be released it has to be burned or cooked. the “raw” weed in the joint wouldn’t get a baby mouse high. you could feed a penguin a kilo of joints and all that would change would be it’s poo color (maybe).

  31. karifarrell

    What is the big deal? Back when I used to smoke pot for a living, my penguin was always coming up to me begging for a hit. Then I’d be like “Stop bogarting the ganja”. Man penguins have iron lungs!!!!!

  32. Clete

    Have you seen March of the Penguins, The Pebble and the Penguin or Happy Feet? I think those penguins are high.

  33. BarbadoSlim

    I would love to throw something at him as well, a couple of ounces of buckshot fired from a shotgun, let’s see if he can swallow that.

  34. fergernauster

    #28 – Cletus…

    Cats SUCK. Face the music. All they do is sit around in windows, growing fat, licking their privates & hacking up huge hairballs. Nasty, flat-faced ingrates.

  35. My Thai

    Why is Britney at the zoo and not in rehab?

  36. MrSemprini

    Hey Pete! Watcha doon?

    I am … one with the penguin. I am an Emperor!

    Right, Pete. Whatevah… Got some weed?

    Nope, gave it to the guy in the tux.

  37. Stink

    Looking at Pete Doherty is about as fun as looking at ads in the SuperFish sidebars.

  38. Jenster

    he isn’t fit for mankind. If this was anyone else, this might be funny, but because it’s
    Pete Dougherty, it’s just sad.

    Seriously, he’s a second rate Sid Viscious.

  39. NipsyHustle

    next time i see this junkie, i plan on feeding him an uppercut. he’s such a fucking douche i can’t catch charges for it. it’s a public fucking service that needs to be done. someone at the scene should have picked him up and piledrived his ass into that brick wall.

  40. schack

    he obviously knows he’s a sham, which is why he likes obliterating his consciousness. i just don’t know why he doesn’t do it once and for all.

  41. lambman

    That’s just a waste of smoke, eating weed doesn’t do any good unless its been heated in some type of fat or oil (like melted into butter) there’s no way for the THC to get into your system

  42. whitegold

    He’s in a band, right? Has he ever had a hit single or do anything productive? Other than being a stoner and dating Kate Moss, I’ve really never heard anything else about this guy. In fact, until about 2 months ago I had never heard of him at all!

  43. karifarrell

    Why is everybody hating on Pete Doherty? What’d he ever do to any of you? He didn’t throw a joint into Your pen, or shoot You up with heroin while you were passed out, or spray blood from a syringe all over You, or punch You while you were in rehab…Jesus give the guy a break!!!

  44. I don’t want to get on a racial rant here, but why is it that white people can walk around with joints and nobody says anything?

    If a black entertainer even says “joint”, they’ll be hogtied and given every drug trafficking charge between now and 1989…

  45. meee

    he needs to be put to sleep.

  46. fergernauster

    More Shitney, please…

    Hasn’t she already signed out of “rehab”? I believe she is cured! *piddling with glee*

  47. fergernauster

    Wow… roll over that “College Girls” ad above… that’s far more interesting.

  48. Lowlands

    This $20.0o0,- looks a lot but it’s relatively.Because you pay easily for a flat in the center of London 3K-4K a month.So let’s say he didn’t pay his rent for the last 6 months?i think it’s better for Pete doherty to live and act like a penguin for a month than being himself.

  49. Stace

    Hate to judge all Brittish moms here….but Pete Dougherty starts whipping drugs or blood filled syringes around, I might ask the little girls to step back. Not call them in closer as seen here.

    Where’s Madonna when you need her?

  50. schack

    hate to judge Stace, but british moms, unlike the mad(d) advocates of the WAR ON DRUGS, probably recognize that it’s just a fucking joint, and he’s just a torpid dumbass. no reason to freak out and pen up the kids.

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