Pete Doherty does children parties

Everyone’s favorite crackhead/cartoon character Pete Doherty is available for your little one’s next birthday party. Pete’s only charging $200 which is quite the bargain. Page Six reports:

“The birthday girl’s dad told him she was a huge fan,” one source told the Showbiz Spy Web site. “Pete was flattered and happy to oblige. He turned up and played his big hits. Everyone had a great time.”

I’m totally hiring Pete for my nephew’s birthday. But only as a backup in case the zoo won’t let me rent a lion. My plan is to let it just roam free around the backyard while the kids pelt it with candy. Should be a good time. If that falls through, I guess I’ll let Pete Doherty play a few songs. But only if he’s in a glass cage. I don’t need my nephew catching scurvy. You gotta take precautions with kids these days.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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