Pete Doherty displays blood paintings

blood-painting.jpgPaintings made with Pete Doherty’s own blood are on exhibit at a London gallery and are being sold for $2,000 each. His friends say the paintings prove his innocence over claims he injected heroin into a passed out fan, and backup his story that he was actually drawing her blood to paint with. Paul Roundhill, the man storing his paintings, says:

“I picked these pictures up at his flat in Hackney. Blood paintings are something he has done for a long time. I think they help explain the photograph of Laura. It shows he does do blood paintings. I really don’t think Pete was injecting her. It was just staged.””

It’d be more convincing if the paintings were actually good, but this is what you’d expect if you switched out a 5-year-old’s finger paint with pig’s blood and told them to go nuts. It looks like something he threw together at the last minute in a frantic attempt to pretend he’s been doing it for years.


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