Pete Doherty defends Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse gave one of her usual bombed-out performances at the MTV Europe Music Awards last night. She was even booed off the stage when she could barely say the word “Thanks” after receiving her Artists’ Choice award. However, the new drug-free Pete Doherty says that Amy is on “the straight and narrow,” according to the Daily Mail:

Asked if he had any advice for her, the Babyshambles frontman said: “I wouldn’t give her any. She’s fine. It’s all bollocks. People should leave her alone.
“I went for a drink with her earlier today and she’s totally fine. Perfectly healthy and happy.
“People are saying she’s out of control, but she’s not. She’s a sensible girl and she knows what she’s doing. She ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

I’m pretty sure that being on “the straight and narrow” involves maybe not drinking alcohol before a televised performance. But, hey, it’s Pete Doherty and he’s trying his best. So they went out for a drink, but what Pete forgot to mention is that Amy’s drink was one part beer and, I dunno, let’s say twenty parts cocaine. Oh, she also had a Xanax. It’s always wise to have a light snack before performing. You don’t want an empty stomach. That’s just asking for trouble.

NOTE: What an electrifying performance. It takes a real talent to stand on stage and go “Oooh ahhh woo ahhh” for four minutes. Are there even words to this song?

Photos: Getty Images