Pete Doherty claims he and Kate Moss have wed

Pete_Weds.jpgWhile he and supermodel Kate Moss were arriving at a birthday party for Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s three-year-old son, Rudy, Pete Doherty told photographers that they missed he and Moss’ secret wedding. He then held up his wedding ring finger to show them his ring, saying, “This is not a rude gesture, I’m just showing you my ring.”

I’m sorry, but it’s easy to claim that you’ve married Kate Moss. In fact, that’s what I did all throughout high school. But, you know, she went to another school, so my friends never got a chance to meet her. I really did hook up with her, though. You can call her and ask her yourself, if you don’t believe me. Except she doesn’t have a phone right now, and then she’s going on vacation to Africa for a month. But I’ll let you know when she gets back and you can totally call her and she’ll tell you I’m not lying. Boy, then you’ll be embarrassed.