Pete Doherty arrested again after sentencing

April 21st, 2006 // 125 Comments

pete-doherty-arrested.jpgIn typical Pete Doherty fashion, just hours after being sentenced to 18 months of drug rehab the stupid son of a bitch got arrested for – wait for it, wait for it – drug possession! The guy has the IQ of my left sock, but at least he’s persistent. There aren’t very many people out there that are willing to be arrested for what they believe in, but Pete Doherty is one of them. He has a dream. A simple dream. A dream of doing drugs and being stupid, and damnit if the law is going to get in the way that.

On a side note, how did this ugly monkey of a man ever bag Kate Moss? Sharing a love of cocaine is one thing, but vomiting everytime you look at the guy is another. I’m no dentist, but even I can recognize there’s a serious problem going on in his mouth. I’d recommend Sonicare, but the bastard’s teeth look like they’d shatter at the sight of a toothbrush.



  1. I think those two are going to be together forever. No, really. I have a sense about these things.

  2. biatcho

    100 – I can arrange for that. I hear AmyFisher55 has nothing else to do but get ignored on the Superficial and let his dog snoopy lick his sack all day long so he’s a perfect useless candidate to wipe meganharriestpussyintown down.

  3. cazz

    I love england – it’s rad! Who gives a fuck about who’s got bad teeth and who’s stupid and loud (haha). Funny how pictures of Doherty tend to spurn this argument…

    Maybe it’s all part of his hidden agenda – to get into the tabloids so that we, the common plebs, can reassert our patriotic prides against one another.

    wtf? didn’t mean for this to happen. What rot! Aiight guv’nor?

  4. jilco

    I consider myself rather savvy when it comes to pop culture, but who the hell is this guy? Just a himbo? Does he do anything, or just bang Kate Moss?

  5. Captain Awesome

    Fucking LOL @ #3

  6. Kaz

    Urgh, i hate that man…he’s so annoying, I wish they would just lock him up…

  7. xd

    I know he looks disgusting in that pic but I know why Kate likes him… you know… some girls just like bad boys like that and find a boy like Pete Doherty sexy even if it’s hard 2 believe 2 ya!!!!!

  8. sweetlips

    @107 Whatever….he’s a freaking parasite, shit lives on those teeth and moss is a coke whore who fucks him just for the blow! Hello dumb ass!!

  9. sweetlips

    @44 You are such an idiot…sounds to me like you’re just hot for that little man-whore. Go sing “God Save The Queen” and bugger the fuck off.

  10. ShanDourdan

    I work at the court that Pete keeps finding himself at and let me tell you that he has some really disturbing fans who worship him even though the man looks and smells like a sewer rat. It’s a shame that he doesn’t ever get a tougher sentence but hopefully one day he’ll find himself up in front of one of our stricter judges and gets his crabby ass sent to custody, see if he can’t get his teeth cleaned, prison style.

    Btw, I’m English and I too have lovely teeth, I brush them and everything. *grins*.

  11. GinInTeaCups

    It is sad Kate’s misdoings have brought Pete into the mainstream limelight. Because he is actually a really talented songwriter and musician, despite the excessive drug use. I’ll admit he isn’t stunning but most pictures we see of him are his worst. He has been said to be very charismatic and intelligent. So perhaps thats what Kate sees.

  12. CruisingForCock

    98 – I think you owe me an apology. I was um…referring to the movie 40 year old virgin.

  13. PapaHotNuts

    Oh shit, my bad. It’s that scene they were playing video games. Once again, my bad.

  14. CruisingForCock

    113- Exactly! Which reminds me, I lent that to my 65yr old boss and he never returned it. Now I know how he is gay…

  15. mamacita


    Know how I know you’re gay?

    You have a bumper sticker that says

    “I love it when balls are in my face.”

    Of course that only works if you’re a man.

    Ooh, I know. If you’re a girl, it’d say:

    “I love it when labia are in my face.”

  16. christee

    in other news, giant man-turd escapes british sewers, is arrested after buying off undercover police. has “coke is it!” tattoo on left buttock. weather at 11.

  17. CruisingForCock

    115 – Actually I have both bumper stickers. I can’t make up my mind!!! I’m a girl and I love the cock really I do but sometimes those boobies look so good and soft.

  18. CruisingForCock

    Oh and stop stalking me. The protective order clearly stated you must stay 500 yards away from me at all times. If you could read the sticker you were in violation!

  19. With all that money, you would think he would invest in dental care.

  20. Malakite

    If you look at their faces, they could be twins.


  21. #2 Good call, but “anymore”? I never gave a shit about this fucking douchebag.

  22. PukDup

    He looks like Brian Peppers. Don’t believe me just google the name. He is NASTY!

  23. biatcho

    Thank you #122. I heard about Brian Peppers about a year ago and forgot his name… was literally trying to think of it 2 weeks ago but couldn’t come up with anything. You’ve helped me sleep better at night. I love Brian Peppers, kind of reminds me of Fisher55.

  24. junebug

    Why is this guy famous again? He needs to spend some time getting his fucked up teeth fixed.

  25. perturbed in cali


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