Pete Doherty arrested again after sentencing

pete-doherty-arrested.jpgIn typical Pete Doherty fashion, just hours after being sentenced to 18 months of drug rehab the stupid son of a bitch got arrested for – wait for it, wait for it – drug possession! The guy has the IQ of my left sock, but at least he’s persistent. There aren’t very many people out there that are willing to be arrested for what they believe in, but Pete Doherty is one of them. He has a dream. A simple dream. A dream of doing drugs and being stupid, and damnit if the law is going to get in the way that.

On a side note, how did this ugly monkey of a man ever bag Kate Moss? Sharing a love of cocaine is one thing, but vomiting everytime you look at the guy is another. I’m no dentist, but even I can recognize there’s a serious problem going on in his mouth. I’d recommend Sonicare, but the bastard’s teeth look like they’d shatter at the sight of a toothbrush.