Pete Doherty arrested again after sentencing

April 21st, 2006 // 125 Comments

pete-doherty-arrested.jpgIn typical Pete Doherty fashion, just hours after being sentenced to 18 months of drug rehab the stupid son of a bitch got arrested for – wait for it, wait for it – drug possession! The guy has the IQ of my left sock, but at least he’s persistent. There aren’t very many people out there that are willing to be arrested for what they believe in, but Pete Doherty is one of them. He has a dream. A simple dream. A dream of doing drugs and being stupid, and damnit if the law is going to get in the way that.

On a side note, how did this ugly monkey of a man ever bag Kate Moss? Sharing a love of cocaine is one thing, but vomiting everytime you look at the guy is another. I’m no dentist, but even I can recognize there’s a serious problem going on in his mouth. I’d recommend Sonicare, but the bastard’s teeth look like they’d shatter at the sight of a toothbrush.



  1. trophywife

    i mean kate moss is no babe by any stretch of the word, but if she is dating this fugly piece of crap, no wonder she’s on drugs… holy shit.

    i mean, other than dating kate moss who the hell is this thing??

  2. boredmilf

    Ya, the teeth are the most important part of the face…. Seal’s face is jacked by I’d fuck him and fuck him and fuck him some more – because he has nice teeth…. errr, or maybe because I’m a slut… shit, I forgot my point…

  3. biatcho

    50: I have had many things ripped out of me and yet piss has never been one of them. That’s probably because it is a liquid, not a solid, and you can’t really rip liquids. You can pour them. You can drink them.
    And here’s one you probably never heard of because you’re a slimey limey – you can also use liquids to aid/enhance toothbrushing. jag off.

  4. PapaHotNuts


    I guess it’s a cool British term, “When you walk down our streets, you have the piss ripped out of you everywhere you go — if people can bear to talk to you.”

    I would imagine the British “ripping the piss” out of someone would be a botched blow job by an English whore because one of her grain-of-rice-sized teeth got sharpened a bit too much as she chewed on bowl of seashells. The cut that would leave could possibly “rip the piss” out of someone. As for not talking to us, that’s fine. The only time the British should ever talk to the U.S. is when you are begging for decent music and movies.

  5. DonLes91

    To #50 I don’t know the Queen’s English too well, but here goes:

    Blimey! Do you realise you are on an AMERICAN website, you twit? If the Americans are so intolerable, why not just click on that bloody “X” in the top right corner of your screen?

    Wait, you are in England – it is probably on the left, you backwards bastard.

  6. Moriarty



    Okay – ‘taking (or ripping) the piss out of someone’ is a standard euphamism suggesting heavy mockery, but as you are doing such a great job embarrassing yourself, I’ll leave you to it.

  7. Suzi-Q

    #40 – I speak for all of ws here in the great state of New Jersey, when I say that we don’t want this loser, waste of space, jacked up teeth havin, has been, seconds away from a heroin overdose livin in our state! We have enough problems, thank you very much!!!

  8. Moriarty


    Hahaha decent music. Hahahaha.

  9. missmaiden

    if he was a normal everyday douchebag, instead of a wannabe rocker douchebag w/ a famous 12 year old boy/girl fiance, he’d have been taking it up the ass in the pen a long time ago. glad to see the brits justice system is just a ridiculous as our own.

  10. spatz

    leave it to some british asshole to come here and defend a peice of shit crack whore like doherty whatever the fuck his name is. nobody gives a shit about england.

  11. Charlaurz McHall

    He is physically repulsive; his music is absolute shite; Kate Moss is a Douche by association.
    It makes me really angry that he has repeatedly escaped a prison sentence because he is a d-list celeb. Let this guy rot in jail so we can all just forget about him

  12. Moriarty

    only because you don’t even know where it is

  13. Charlaurz McHall

    Shit, did you guys realise he has a kid??? WTF? that must be the unluckiest kid ever.

  14. spatz

    unfortunatley i do, and unfortunatley i’ve been there.

  15. Pete Doherty needs to be chained to a bed at Betty Ford and forced to detox.

    Watching him shit himself should be fun, though.

  16. vavavoom

    This is what happens when you go down on a super model that hasn’t digested organic matter in ten years.

  17. #26

    “”Hey, snaggle tooth get over her and use that rotting pie hole as my personal pleasure device.”"



  18. CheekyChops

    Looks like he ate a shit sandwich and forgot to floss.

  19. MustangLaura

    He must be hung like a slave ! Thats the ONLY excuse for kissing … getting naked with … and having sex with … THAT ! his mouth makes me shudder, Im not sure but i think my boobs just tucked inward and my vag just sewen itself up …. YIKES !!!

  20. Vampyreska

    Biatcho where the hell are YOU from? There are way skankier places than Jersey for these damn toothless Brits to live in.

    Like YOUR HOUSE for instance.

  21. spatz

    woah. did #69 just say “hung like a slave?” thats some fucked up shit!
    for societys sake lets hope your vag stays sewn up.

  22. PapaHotNuts

    I know that bad-ass Elton John or Boy George doesn’t hold a flame to Springsteen or Johnny Cash, so I guess we’ll keep jamming to Coldplay. They are sooooo great.

    I did not know ‘taking (or ripping) the piss out of someone’ is a standard euphamism suggesting heavy mockery.” What about “throwing the sperm” or “slicing the GatorAde” or possibly “climbing the saliva”? Do those work in England? You guys are cutting edge, always on top of society, leading the world in current events.

    Oh, yea, tell the queen happy 80th birthday. Besides you, England still has a queen. Next you will get a horse-less carriage.

  23. DonLes91

    You forgot George Michael. Now there’s a bad-ass for ya!

  24. Moriarty


    Not really cutting edge — that has been around since probably the 50s or 60s, around the same time as we invented modern music.

  25. BichanoBonito

    Skankified places to live: Arizona

  26. bigponie

    I know of some dentists who would jump at the chance to get their filthy instruments on this guy

  27. Gee everybody, why can’t we all get along? Lets all hold hands and sing. Or better yet, lets all think of something that we can agree one. The choices are:
    1. Tara Reid is a cum dumpster
    2. Lindsey Lohan is a crack whore
    3. (For you Brits) Jordan is a Minging Slag
    4. Pete Doherty should be fed to Kate Moss
    5. Whitney Houston smells like Broiled Crap.

    Ok, take your pick. I’m just doing this for world peace Dammit!

  28. krisdylee

    I heard Moriarty and BigJim were spanking eachother last night, and Moriarty asked BigJim to take the piss, right in his mouth. So that’s what that really means.

    True story.

  29. BichanoBonito

    The bad news is that I heard it too.
    The good news is that I switched to Geico and saved a ton of money on my car insurance.

  30. BichanoBonito

    The above referenced comment is by no way a “promotional comment” but an attempt at satire.

    Carry on.

  31. halliballou

    Meet Johnny Depp’s bristish mongoloid cousin Petey! Kate couldn’t keep Johnny so she moved on to the next best thing…Petey. Can you blame her for turning to drugs?

  32. Italian Stallion

    I wonder if the British came up with the name chiklets for that gum?

  33. gavrilloprincip

    As a Brit, I really didn’t want to get involved, but then I saw number 72. Fair play to you, there are many great American musicians you could have referenced.. did you HAVE to give Bruce Springsteen as your defence?! Unless that was all part

  34. gavrilloprincip

    of the joke, in which case it was funny (apologies, it’s my stupid American computer playing up).

  35. Jacq

    #31 – Missed it, believe it or not, head wasn’t in the gutter. I’m jacq052380@hotmail, I threw it out the other day and Osh and you are the only other cool fuckers here I haven’t heard from. I keep telling Papa to give you my address, but I think he wants me all to himself.

  36. Jacq

    #57 – Jersey girls ain’t trash. Trash gets picked-up.

    #78 – First BigJim said no and then Moriarty “ripped the piss out of him.”

    Pete has a webbed micropenis.

  37. CruisingForCock

    PAPA, you know how I know you’re gay? You referenced COLD PLAY.

  38. mamacita


    Check your email you gutter tramp.

  39. Fisher55

    #40: I live in Miami, honeypot. (jealous much?)

  40. Fisher55

    and i’m certain that Biatcho is NOT from Miami, as Fat Slobby chicks aren’t allowed here, thank god

  41. LouBricant

    At least we know he doesn’t have a biting fetish. If he did…Kate would have died a quick but painful death due to massive infection.

    His dentist should be summarily executed.

  42. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Jacq I emailed you yeaterday you fucking semen taster.

  43. Trotter

    Is that around the time you banned toothpaste and deodorant? Or am I confusing it with when you invented grey, mushy, flavorless “food” and warm beer?

    No, no. Damn American eduction system. I get so mixed up. Now I remember! The 50′s and 60′s were when England invented those cute little wigs your attorneys and judges wear in court.

  44. Oh, fuck, Pete, NO. What’s so sad is the guy isn’t an idiot. He’s no Sid Vicious, more a Brian Jones. Intelligent, talented and destroying himself.

  45. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Yeaterday. Ugh. I’m such a fucking idiot. I hate myself.

  46. #94 Santori, I have to take issue with your last comment. This is the superficial. There will be no sensitivity on this board. If you need to feel sorry for anybody or say something sensitive click here…

  47. mamacita


    I wish he’d hurry up already with that destroying himself part. I’m pretty sure I’ll vomit up my kidneys if I have to see his teeth again.

  48. PapaHotNuts

    @83 No I’m not saying Springsteen is our best singer (or even one of the best). I was just thinking of someone who would gladly kick the shit out of any of the English rockers.

    Modern music started in the blues clubs of America long before the Beatles ever sucked a cock on US soil. Only thing John Lennon was ever good for was a target. And a damn fine one at that.

    @87 I referenced ColdPlay as a group of English pussy(meant to be singular), so fuck off.

  49. biatcho

    89: I know this place about 90 miles south of Miami… it’s where you belong with the rest of the commies & dirty people we don’t want any part of.

    70: Please don’t get me going again about New Jersey. Check out the last 101 posts on the Scarlett Johannsen blog if you care to know my thoughts but I can only take so much disgust for one week.

    IS there anyone else that needs a douching?? I’ve got the vinegar & the sting…

  50. Trotter

    I hear MeganHarris’ mangina needs a really good douche.

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