Pete Wentz is a Great Dad

February 1st, 2011 // 49 Comments

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m pretty sure you’re never supposed to carry a child by the butthole. I understand Pete Wentz has a coffee in one hand, but is gripping Bronx Mowgli by the ass-cheek really the best way to transport a toddler across the street? Because that just seems like a warning sign to me, although admittedly, not as much as Pete’s perm-fro which I’ve since forwarded to child services. (Should I include the actual child touching, too? I feel like the hair says all that’s needed to be said here.)

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  1. First he tried the two-finger six-pack grip..but that only works on girl children.

  2. Mortimer Duke

    He went in and told the stylist give me a Randy Newman!

  3. Pete Wentz
    Tyler Perry
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, they even got llitte baby douche/emo clothes made for him too

  4. Um, yeah… kids are not bowling balls. Also, nice shoes, douchebag.

  5. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    I hate this douchenugget (and his wife), but at least he’s being an attentive father.

  6. MoozBoy

    Wentz must be a midget. That toddler is almost as big as him.

  7. Pete Wentz
    Satan's bitch
    Commented on this photo:

    Coffee breath right in the face!

    (Bet the kid’s pants are so damn tight he can’t bend his legs. Fuckin’ fashion fuckwits. BTW, Pete, Jew ‘fros are out, you douchenozzle.)

  8. Meh, at least he’s carrying the kid and not neglecting it. Slow Charlie sheen/Jersey Shore/Lindsay Lohan news day huh?

  9. ick-abod

    That’s how he used to carry Ashley around. Aww.

  10. Melissa

    Maybe he lost a handle on the kid and was about to drop him? At least the kid didn’t take a face plant into the street.

  11. jojo

    I think we will be seeing a reverse Marvin Gaye in the future. Just a hunch.

  12. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m actually more concerned that the little boy appears to be wearing skinny jeans. That is the real travesty.

  13. yoyo

    what’s with the jew fro?

  14. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    All I can think of is “they make skinny jeans for toddlers and some asshat bought them?” and they both needs haircuts.

  15. Tamlyn

    Why are they already dressing that baby in skinny jeans? Or is that just a pair of Pete’s? LOL

  16. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    is it me or is he morphing into one of the jonas brothers?

  17. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d cry too if my dad dressed me up in skinny jeans.

  18. Pete Wentz
    mr ed
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    poor kid. sodomized, needing a haircut and some looser pants so he is able to run away..

  19. teach89

    At least he isn’t beating the child, starving the child, or murdering him like so many superb parents do.

  20. Pete Wentz
    mr ed
    Commented on this photo:

    poor kid. sodomized while needing a haircut and some looser pants so he can run away..

  21. Pete Wentz
    Concerned in NJ
    Commented on this photo:

    “Oooh, uh….Daddy, I either just pooped, or my testicle exploded. WHO PUTS A TODDLER IN SKINNY JEANS??????”

  22. Way to bruise the gooch, Superdad.

  23. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    Even a toddler will cry when forced to walk next to Pete Wentz in public.

  24. Lt. Dangle



    Who the f*ck squeezes their kid’s butt that hard, like pinching it in tight in his hands, I am so f*cking grossed out right now.

    Picture is worth a thousand words. It just does not come natural to hold a child’s butt that way, he is WEIRD.

  25. scustinfemmeberlake

    uh, yeah. an unfortunate angle/second in time, but this is a reach. i know fish has never spent a lot of time with a wily toddler, let alone crossed a street with one, but c’mon now. back to charlie sheen.

  26. Pete Wentz
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    Man that guy from cheers really looks different

  27. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve never seen a white kid named mowgli.

  28. Maximilian

    pete is just operating a prostate’s good to take preventive measures..and that jew fro is one for the future..he still wants to get a job in hollywood after his rocking..

  29. dramagrl

    The kid has a diaper on. Stop looking for something that is not there…Sick F@ckers who think this is perverted have some serious issues….

  30. april

    I’m all for making fun of celebs, but this is just stupid.
    It looks like the kid squirmed and was going to fall and he was trying to grab him to keep him up. Every parent of a toddler/preschooler that I know has experienced that.
    The pic was probably taken at just the right second to make it look bad. Even lame celebs are constantly photographed.
    I am pretty sure most parents would have pics that would make them look bad if they were photographed at every second they had their kids in public.
    The guy is an idiot, but he doesn’t deserve to have his parenting questioned over something stupid like this.

  31. Io

    I wonder if they realize when kids grow they are supposed to buy new clothes because the skinny jeans look really doesn’t work on a toddler.

  32. Shocker. And by that I mean the grip.

  33. sam


  34. JMS

    I think the real crime is dressing your son in skinny jeans.

  35. ghost

    His shoes are really out of proportion with the rest of him.

  36. Pete Wentz
    Commented on this photo:

    That is horrible! Why would you squeeze a poor little toddler in skin tight jeans!!!!! Crazy rich celebrities!

  37. captain america

    tell me: WHEN IS HIS FUNERAL, folks?

  38. Eatmycookie

    Why does he insist on dressing like a 13 yr old boy? NOT SEXY, NOT COOL, LAME!

  39. Pete Wentz
    Anything Place
    Commented on this photo:

    Thanks for the memories lol

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