PETA’s banned Super Bowl ad suddenly makes me want broccoli with my veal

January 28th, 2009 // 93 Comments

Generally, I regard PETA as a bunch of insane hippies who have a knack for making celebs get naked therefore earning my respect as long as they don’t stop me from eating chicken wings. Well, this time they’ve outdone themselves, and apparently, a little too far. Above is a NSFW ad they hoped to run during the Super Bowl, but couldn’t based on obvious concerns from NBC.

That said, not seeing women make-out with vegetables during the Super Bowl* is about as Un-American as it gets. You might as well cancel the game and show footage of France. Way to tread on me, NBC. Now, as for PETA and their “Vegetarians have better sex” slogan, clearly they’ve never made love to a woman after eating at Outback. Which, actually, I recommend nobody ever do. Unless you love oniony coitus then knock yourself out.

Thanks to heather! who’s not allowed in the produce section anymore.


Photos: PETA

  1. Clinical Nutritionist

    Actors are not vegetarians; they just pose as if they were. Vegetaniarism is a regime no human body can withstand in the long run. I know not one single vegetarian that will not include lots of supplements and vitamins in their diet. That should give them a clear hint that their diet is not healthy. And they still have defficiencies.

    ^ I disagree. I am an athlete as well as a nutritionist, and I am doing just fine as a vegan. Yes, I take a supplement, but even if I didn’t, I would be much better off than people eating the standard Western diet. In fact, I have seen countless people cure all their “diseases” and get off every single medication they were on within a matter of weeks just by switching to mostly raw vegan diet.

    Do you know how B12 mostly finds its way in meat? Intestinal bacteria from when the animal is gutted. Yummy, eat up.

  2. Richard Way

    There is lots of evidence that children need animal protein. That protein does not need to be from a mammal, fish or bird, but in most of the world’s population, it comes from insects. Insects are very high in the types of protein and omega oils that are required for healthy brains to develop. I hate to say it, but those who force their children to only eat vegetation, should be considered, by some nutritionists to be abusing their children. I wouldn’t go that far myself, but there is something to the argument. I do agree that we should eat a lot more vegetation than most of the population currently does, but I can’t see removing all animal protein from diets.

    One of the arguments is there is a lot of grain fed beef, sheep, pigs, and chickens out there. We could get rid of all the grain fed animals, and still have plenty of meat on the table, there are large amounts of land, that will not support agriculture, even if we use loads of climate changing chemicals, but that will easily support lots of grass fed sheep and cattle. The same can easily be demonstrated for pigs, chickens, geese, and so forth.

    We don’t need to eat as much meat as we do. We don’t have to eat as many mammals, we could eat more arthropods. If we cut down to once or twice a week for meat, as most of the world, we would get the proper nutrition, as well as reduce the demand on the planet.

    But what about reducing the numbers of humans on the planet. that would help right there. 6 Billion is too much. We have almost reached 7 Billion.

    And calling fish, sea-kittens doesn’t help… cat is delicious, as anyone from a culture that eats them will tell you.

  3. Splooge

    My broccolli’s a bit woody all of the sudden.

  4. Insatiable Peter

    I find it hypocritical for them to denounce the consumption of meat when they possess meat wallets of their own.

  5. Cartman

    PETA has way too much fucking money if they can afford to produce and place ads like this during the Superbowl. Who gives money to these fruitcakes?

    Vegetarianism is is just more California gayness being pushed on the rest of the country. Fuck you, I’ll take my steak rare please.

  6. Dr Boob Love

    I’m confused by the pumpkin.

  7. not a fatty

    52- thats funny, i was raised vegetarian and i consider taking your kids to mcdonalds abusive

    but whatever, you enjoy your meat and ill go have some hot sex

  8. Erica

    I used to be a vegetarian, but then I became anemic. So, I was told by my doctor to stop beging a vegetarian. I only eat a little meat at dinner time. Other than that, my diet is pretty much meat-free. I eat a lot of fruit and Special K cereal with skim milk. So I’d say I’m pretty good, haha.

    Anyways, I fucking hate PETA

  9. gypsybrother

    i am a proud peta member and can tell you first hand…. this IS what we do. i will right hand on asparagus promise that!

    btw…comment number 1 looks as if it comes from a girl i know in NC? someone has to feed the gimps in the morning…

  10. SteelerFan

    That commercial is the best thing PETA has ever done!
    I couldn’t care less about their message… I will still eat meat, but I did enjoy watching those hot women.

    Go Steelers!!!!!

  11. Emmy-Em

    My stepson, Jay, from CutnRun edited this video and interviewed the models who appeared it in in LA. What a stupid idea; that his company thought this ad would be aired during the Superbowl. He said “There is going to be A LOT of controversy about this ad”. Right you are, Jay! ESPECIALLY SINCE A LOT OF IT WAS FUNDED BY McDONALD’S!!!! What to know why? Because they pay to get THEIR ADS on right before or after THIS ONE!
    Turns out, they won’t need to. Plus, it’s SO QUEER.

  12. Fas(c)hionista

    No, Erica #58, you’re not a vegetarian, you’re an anorexic. I cannot believe no one has explained that to you before.

    PETA is totally uncreative and thoroughly unoriginal. Sex seems to be their only marketing angle. Exploitation of animals is verboten, but exploitation of women is a-ok. Men don’t do those tired “I rather be naked than wear fur” ads.

    Don’t get me wrong, a naked chick is a naked chick, but it seems a wee bit hypocritical.

    Also, I’d really like to know what non-PETA-sponsored studies say anemic, gassy, weak vegetarians have better sex than iron-and-protein-rich carnivores?

    Pass the A-1, please…

  13. kokocucu

    Hate to burst your three brain cells, but the PETA folks are smarter than most of you would be in 10 lifetimes. It’s simple: animals are suffering all over the world at the hand of humans and PETA uses all kinds of tactics to try to help them – and they have succeeded in reducing the suffering of animals 100 fold, PETA RULES, Buttmunches.

  14. EveryonePoops

    Seems that just about everyone has missed the point. Lewis Black astutely said that if you go into a coma and then come out of it years later, all you need do is watch the Super Bowl halftime show to see how far America has gone down the shitter.

    PETA could use hard truth tactics by showing a montage of graphic images depicting animals being tortured and mistreated, but how many people watching would care? I’m willing to bet many viewers would have no reaction whatsoever. Everytime PETA comes up on the fish or anywhere else, all people can muster in response are a bunch of flippant comments full of cheap irony that doesn’t even manage to be funny.

    So PETA resorts to trash like this, just to make people watch. I often disagree with PETA campaigns, but I think this speaks volumes about the state of American culture, and most of you have totally missed the point. It’s like those old Victorian and Henry James novels that have been made into movies by American producers. You don’t get the meaning put forth by the original author, but you do get a lot of graphic sex that isn’t even found in the book. Fucking sad.

  15. Lexoka

    As much as I hate PETA, it’s a shame such an ad couldn’t air; America’s still a little bit uptight. Here (in France), I’m pretty sure it could have aired, and it definitely could have in Belgium, where they have really original and creative commercials, many of which are actually in English, due to practical reasons.

  16. Vegetarians DO have better sex! I’ve been one for 3 years now : )

  17. Amy

    “Studies show that…” is NOT compelling science – which studies? What defines better sex? I know that they;re working within the confines of a short attention-grabbing ad, but even some small print with a reference or link would be far more compelling.

    And I am getting really frickin’ sick of PETA being so blatantly sexist while they try to promote animal welfare. It’s really hypocritical.

    However, to those who say that vegetarianism is inherently bad for you because we are designed to eat meat – we are omnivores, evolved to be able to eat whatever is available in our geographic location. There would have been social groups at various times and places in the world who did eat largely vegetarian diets. Just because we CAN eat meat, doesn’t mean we HAVE to (full disclosure: I was vegetarian for about six years, and then started eating meat again because, well, it tastes good … and most of the animal products produced here in New Zealand are humanely raised.

  18. booo

    PETA is a ridiculous organization, and saying that the people who run it are 10x smarter than everyone who posted here is just ignorant.
    i eat meat, and i don’t really give a shit what you think about it.
    and if youre right #64 and visuals of animals being exploited wouldn’t phase most people then you’re absolutely correct that it’s sad that they would have to resort to sex. But i think you must have been dropped on your head, because animals being hurt DOES affect, well, quite a few people.

  19. Conky

    Sex sells!

    The muslims use promises of sex to sell their poisonous philosophy too. Hey Habib, 72 vegetarian virgins for you if you blow your dick off suicide bombing the meat market.

    To heck with that, me and my girl will eat our burgers at In N Out, then go home and fuck like monkeys without the use of any viagra-like substances.


  20. timmy the dying boy

    At least it’s not about sea kittens.

    God damn fucking sea kittens, easily the most idiotic PETA stunt ever, and that’s saying a lot.

  21. SIN

    We have 1 Vegan and 3 vegetarians where I work. 2 guys 2 gals.They ALL are malnourished, weak, get sick easy and are actually hairy. They keep saying how healthy they are but they are in the hospital at least twice a year due to their diet.
    We can’t have them on any of our sponsored team sports because the are not physically able and they whine all the time at our cook outs. because we eat meat. These losers actually threatened a lawsiut if we had meat at our cookout. We said do it. This is not mandatory. They still showed up and became whiny little bitches. We hate them and all the PETA garbage they spew.

    The killing and eating of animals is what we do. We earned that privelige by being smarter than the prey. You gather 100 peta people and 90 will be butt ugly. Running out 3 to 5 celebrities is all they have on their side. The rest of the nation has common sense and eats what we are supposed to.

  22. This is the “CHEAP” way to recruite dated porn stars, folks!!

  23. trunky

    Check out the PETA site – you ARE ignorant if you think all they do is recruit bimbos to get our attention. They do alot of serious lobbying and deal with research institutions, etc. It’s just because us morons hang out on The Superficial because it’s fun! – the perfect place to use their hot model campaigns. Like I said, 10x smarter than you think…

  24. sometimes TV censorship can be so inconsistent

  25. Kristen

    I’m totally going to blow my frozen spinach

  26. Chelle

    That girl better have some Hollandaise sauce to slick up that asparagus before she puts it where the sun don’t shine, or it’s gonna huuuuuuurrrt.

    This ad made me seriously reconsider the merits of the Adkins diet.

  27. SIN

    For fun, I did check out the PETA site. I have never seen such flat out lies outside os Congress. Any doctor will tell you that you can not be healthy eating what they want you to eat.
    As for the violence in killing animals. So what. They are animals. Notice that they only have 3-5 videos of this violence. If it was as evil as they say, where is their proof? There is none.

    Lying scumbags.

  28. hot mess

    That ad is freaking HOT, I wish they’d play it at the SB!

  29. touche

    hey Sinny – 3-5 videos? Guess you think you your cable only has 3-5 stations cause that’s all you watch. Watch “Meet Your Meat” hosted by Alec Baldwin there. That one alone has tons of different footage. BTW – I’m not a vegetarian, and your IQ is in the teens.

  30. Z

    Mal Gusto, you nailed it right on the head. PETA had no intention of spending several million dollars on a superbowl ad, and they managed to get just as much publicity by being “rejected” without paying a dime.

    Maybe the Livestock producers can get even by having similar add campaigns:
    “I would rather go naked than give up cheeseburgers”
    Spokesmodel – Britney?

  31. E

    # 39
    Nice try meat eaters are deficient in a ton of stuff too. They’re just too ignorant to know any better and supplement properly. Vegetarians and Vegans (in general) do alot of research into their diet supplementation. And to all you other morons who don’t need anyone telling you what to do, I could see people guilty of worse crimes saying the same stupid shit (murderers, rapists, worse), no one cares about YOU, they care about the animals your dirty fucking industry is torturing.

  32. trippin the light fantastic

    E #81 – well said, even with the cussing!!

  33. Greg

    Of course sex with vegetarians is better – they put dressing on everything!

  34. Kahvi

    I’m vegan and I hate PETA and know of many vegans and vegetarians that also hate them. They do stupid stuff like encourage the use of human breast milk to make ice cream! ( Crap! If a vegan wants “icecream”, Ricedream does a perfectly acceptable job of making a product that tastes just like it. PETA instead winds up further turning people off to a vegetarian lifestyle by their rediculous antics, as if the cause could use more negative publicity.

  35. Jessica

    HaHa because you appreciate the only meat in your life! HAHAHA!

  36. Dan

    I’m a vegetarian, and I hate PETA. They make all vegetarians look like whacked out baffoons–for example, bycomparing slaughterhouses to Auschwitz? It’s hard to take PETA seriously when their message is basically: Sexism good, eating animals bad.

    PETA, fuck you!

  37. petahater

    I hate PETA. I would love to do nothing more than punch their faces in when I see their shitty ads.

    However, I am a vegetarian and I would gladly tell all you ignorant meat eaters to fuck off when you say that vegetarians are weak and hairy. I am the farthest thing from a hippie. I wax my legs and bathe regularly and rarely ever fall sick. I have been a vegetarian for 15 years, and I’m 20. I stopped eating meat because it would stick to my teeth and was just disgusting to me. However, I drink milk and eat eggs.

    I could care less if some other person on the planet ate meat. It doesn’t affect me in any way and it’s their life.

    But at the same time, it irritates me when those same meat eaters try to tell me to eat meat. That’s as hypocritical as PETA.

  38. Mistik

    I hate carnivores!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. lisa

    Ignorance is bliss for all you ostrich like people who think your meat comes from happy cows in a green pasture – educate yourselves and THEN make an informed decision watch a video called meet your meat and I promise you your ideas on this subject will be altered forever – thank you !!!!


    @ 88: Have fun telling that to a lion. Just so you know, humans are herbavores, not carnivores. They are programmed to eat BOTH meat and plants. Or where you absent every single day they told you that in the fourth grade science class?

  41. Just Plain Silly

    Ah I get it! veggies make for better phallic replacements than meat. I mean come on, ever use a hot dog to masturbate? It’s all soft and flacid, you need those stiff cucumbers and broccoli stems to get the job done…it all makes sense! So to recap – peta is full of paraphiliacs.

  42. PETA tactic seems to be more and more desperate to keep his name on all sides. Unfortunately, few people take very seriously since then.

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