PETA’s banned Super Bowl ad suddenly makes me want broccoli with my veal

Generally, I regard PETA as a bunch of insane hippies who have a knack for making celebs get naked therefore earning my respect as long as they don’t stop me from eating chicken wings. Well, this time they’ve outdone themselves, and apparently, a little too far. Above is a NSFW ad they hoped to run during the Super Bowl, but couldn’t based on obvious concerns from NBC.

That said, not seeing women make-out with vegetables during the Super Bowl* is about as Un-American as it gets. You might as well cancel the game and show footage of France. Way to tread on me, NBC. Now, as for PETA and their “Vegetarians have better sex” slogan, clearly they’ve never made love to a woman after eating at Outback. Which, actually, I recommend nobody ever do. Unless you love oniony coitus then knock yourself out.

Thanks to heather! who’s not allowed in the produce section anymore.


Photos: PETA
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