PETA’s banned Super Bowl ad suddenly makes me want broccoli with my veal

January 28th, 2009 // 93 Comments

Generally, I regard PETA as a bunch of insane hippies who have a knack for making celebs get naked therefore earning my respect as long as they don’t stop me from eating chicken wings. Well, this time they’ve outdone themselves, and apparently, a little too far. Above is a NSFW ad they hoped to run during the Super Bowl, but couldn’t based on obvious concerns from NBC.

That said, not seeing women make-out with vegetables during the Super Bowl* is about as Un-American as it gets. You might as well cancel the game and show footage of France. Way to tread on me, NBC. Now, as for PETA and their “Vegetarians have better sex” slogan, clearly they’ve never made love to a woman after eating at Outback. Which, actually, I recommend nobody ever do. Unless you love oniony coitus then knock yourself out.

Thanks to heather! who’s not allowed in the produce section anymore.


Photos: PETA

  1. prideofchucky


    WO-HOO! It really does pay to be a insomniac shut-in!

    Now time to feed my 14 cats….

  2. Homo-erotic

    I’m feeling a little lesbian for pumpkins now.

  3. Bob C

    I don’t endorse PETA or anything, but you just know there’s going to be the usual nonsense in the comments where people will spout off disproven nonsense about meat eating and the one guy that just puts the ten year old bad joke about what the acronym stands for.

    Crazy advert liek.

  4. Jeezy


  5. david j

    Studies have shown that vegetarians are more flatulent.

    I like pitas filled with lamb meat.

  6. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I believe in protecting animals from cruelty and my ten year old daughter and I have sent money to animal shelters to help fight the good fight. But PETA is not one of them. Why should I have to answer to anyone about the food I eat? I feel I am providing myself nurishment with the things God (or evolution) put on this Earth for me to do it with. Yeah, there is a potato and a few pieces of broccoli on my plate. But theres also a big old piece of chicken there too! Why is it PETAs business? Generally I’m a Good Person and not a Puppy Kicker and no amount of naked celbrities or sexy ads are gonnamake me wanna put down the cheeseburger!

  7. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Who is this ad geared to? Is it a Stop eating Meat campaign or a Girls, Become A Lesbian recruitment video? I’ve watched it, thought about it and as a woman I can say this: PETA, keep your lesbians and pumpkins,I would much rather eat a Philly cheese steak and then go fuck a boy!

  8. AteIsEnough

    Hey NBC…real men wouldn’t want to watch that anyway!! Losers, why don’t you hire Janet Jackson and Panty Boy Timberlake again instead – that’s what real men want during a football game! Yeah, right!! Keep puss-i-fying football, and maybe next season there will be women IN the line-up! I can’t help but worry that eventually it’ll become tag football.

  9. amoi

    PETA seem to be resorting to increasingly desperate tactics to keep their name in everyone’s face. Unfortunately, few people take them very seriously as a result.

  10. Anon

    I would love for someone from peta or any of the other animal liberation nuts to go up to a hungry lion and tell him meat is murder.

    Why don’t they try to make animals vegetarians.

  11. amoi

    Oops! I meant to say “FORTUNATELY.”

  12. AmberDextrose

    I don’t know the 10 year old bad joke acronym. That’s just typical that some bastard offers a teaser like that but doesn’t follow up. Rather like the ad. Not that I’ve bothered to watch it. Angry, flour-throwing lesbian vegetarians wearing pleather are nobody’s idea of a good time.

  13. AteIsEnough

    Oh, I never really thought about the vegetarian innuendo…I just watched the women. That’s so sexists – Sorry (not really, I LOVE women)!!!! In retrospect, that video made me want to eat “tacos”! ha-ha!!

  14. bogdana

    they just *think* they have better sex, because they’re a bunch of pious snobs

  15. Right Fury

    How many vegan girls have you seen that look this hot anyway? Most haven’t shaved their legs in a month. A large portion have huge asses because even though pasta isn’t meat, they haven’t figured out not to eat a pound of it in one sitting.

    Even if its true, that they do have more sex, is that the kind of sex you want more of? Unshaven, flaxseed smelling, tofu farting sex?


  16. dick bowser's ghost

    what you eat aside, this was just a dumb ad. not to mention that, surprise, young children just might be watching the game with their folks…that said, sure, air the dumb thing after 8 or 9pm, sure. who cares?
    I wonder where they got their research from? honestly, they might give more facts about that rather than just showing some scantily dressed overpaid models humping veggies… I can’t imagine that ad tricking anyone into giving up meat. it’s just insulting.

  17. jimmy

    she acts like she’s seducing!!!
    same tricks I’ve seen from hot cougars on ==== but, I’d like to fall for that! won’t you???!!

  18. Laura

    I am so PRO fur its not even funny. I even have a baby rabbit scarve and a full mink jacket. I fucking hate PETA. If you don’t support wearing fur, don’t fucking wear it. I don’t need someone lecturing me how to live my life everytime I turn around it seems. They have the corniest fucking ads too with retarded c-class celebrities posing naked like that fugly kardashian bitch. How am I supposed to take them seriously after an eyesore campaign like that? And just for the record, eating meat is natural ppl. You’re living in a dream world if you think all animals and humans are all supposed to co-habitat peacefully together for all of eternity. It’s a little thing called the circle of life.

  19. bubba

    i love it when the hollywood PETA hypocrites make a commercial ,then get their mercedes with leather seats and drive home

  20. Jane

    Um, I’m sorry, but for years studies have shown vegetarians risk LOWER sex drive.

    I haven’t seen the PETA study, but maybe what they mean is that vegetarians have lower standards and REPORT better sex while HAVING worse sex.

  21. Dave C

    PeTA is a terrorist organization.

  22. Hot ad but seriously – Vegans have better sex? yeah, if sex with a stinky hairy hippie is “good”!!!

  23. Kate

    Wowwww people, way to stereotype vegans and vegetarians as hairy, smelly, gross “hippies.” I’m not a fan of this commercial, but I’m pretty sure that myself and plenty of others defy your perceptions about the kind of people who don’t eat animal flesh.

  24. Jesse

    Hmm I’m a vegetarian.. but I do hate PETA. I don’t eat meat, but not because of animal cruelty.. I just don’t like the way it tastes.
    And I shave my legs often, have great sex, and a nice ass. Thankyouverymuch.

  25. Jesse

    Hmm I’m a vegetarian.. but I do hate PETA. I don’t eat meat, but not because of animal cruelty.. I just don’t like the way it tastes.
    And I shave my legs often, have great sex, and a nice ass. Thankyouverymuch.

  26. sid

    sex doesnt always sell, but ill order some vegs with my leg-of-lamb tonight

  27. Hi

    Haha. Yes, there are a million better reasons to go vegan, but they’re trying to appeal to the retarded football apes, remember?

  28. Deacon Jones

    NBC should’ve replaced the vegetables with giant dildos.

    Now THAT would’ve been funny

  29. AteIsEnough

    @25 & 26… We are gonna’ need some real proof! ; )~ Wanna post some pics, especially of that alleged “nice ass”? You’reWelcomeVeryMuch. Smile…

  30. Jason

    Vegans give better sex?! I guess if you like the smell of parsley and garlic after hot sweaty action.

  31. Holly

    I knew there was a reason that I liked you and this site! We’re rooting for the Steelers at our house too.

    Oh, and PETA- meh. I’d rather give money to my local animal shelters.

  32. Mal Gusto

    22. Jane ………vegetarians have lower standards…..Effing Priceless.

    PETA’s main goal is to be controversial, NOT to change eating habits. They are the equivalent of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They pimp animal cruelty to extort money from caring hippies. They never intended this ad to make it past the NBC censors, they are just using it as publicity stunt.
    Mission accomplished.

  33. michelle

    that commercial actually makes me never want to eat veggies again. licking a pumpkin? wtf?

    it’s a shame too, i love vegetables. =/

  34. Thatgirl

    I’m just glad you said Go Steelers! at the end…Black and Gold, baby!

  35. Ummm...yeah...

    What a shame…PETA needs to fucking stop already.
    Now I really need that gun…

  36. I think a more accurate slogan would be “‘Vegetarians’ have better sex” because we all know 50% of the current vegetarians are actors and whatnot trying to show to their fans how they give a shit about the environment; it never lasts.


    Actors are not vegetarians; they just pose as if they were. Vegetaniarism is a regime no human body can withstand in the long run. I know not one single vegetarian that will not include lots of supplements and vitamins in their diet. That should give them a clear hint that their diet is not healthy. And they still have defficiencies.

    Vegetarianism is stupid, veganism is worse. Stop trying to cheat nature. Llook at the mirror, open your mouth: see those pointy teeth you have there? You are half carnivore, whether you like it or not.

  38. Homer

    Mmmmmm burgers.

  39. Daniel

    1. The reporting of better-sex probably has to do with the kind of people that are likely to become vegetarians. The product of being vegetarian doesn’t produce better sex, it’s just the type of people who decide to be vegetarian. Therefore, going vegetarian will do nothing for your sex life.

    2. Studies like that rely on self-reporting, so as someone else already suggesting, it’s probably that vegetarians tend to be pompous ass-clowns and report too high. Or, alternatively, vegetarians tend to be hippies, hippies use a lot of drugs, drugs do make sex better.

  40. yes

    I am veg!

  41. Lucky

    It’s sad that peta only gets attention for using sex in their ads. I wouldn’t take any organization seriously for doing that.

  42. Lucky

    It’s sad that peta only gets attention for using sex in their ads. I wouldn’t take any organization seriously for doing that.

  43. Steph

    YES! the only part of this post that i truly paid attention to was the GO STEELERS! i knew I liked the guy who ran this stuff!

  44. Ariella

    Yay you’re a Steelers fan!
    I’ve actually got to dance on Heinz Field for a festival

    But about PETA, that ad is retarded. (but still hot)

  45. Paul

    PETA could only exist in a rich western society. In other parts of the world people don’t have the luxury to utopian. They eat what’s available and if that happens to be an animal then so be it. If it’s slower and dumber than a human then it’s out of luck. That’s why they call it a food chain…pass the fucking salt.

  46. kitty

    I agree with #7–that’s all I could think of–hot broccoli farts!!! EW. That was soooo not hot.

  47. Mr Cheese

    @ 39

    Mileage may vary, but I can only speak from personal experience. I’m veggie from birth – never eaten dead animals. I’ve never taken any pills or supplements.
    I’m 6’4, and pretty fit, so not eating meat hasn’t particularly hampered my life in any noticeable way. It’s just about being sensible – If you eat meat or not, you still need a sensible, balanced diet & a decent amount of exercise if you want a good physique.

  48. Mr Cheese


    How on earth was this video banned? There’s nothing explicit in it at all!

    And PETA are a bit rubbish – The point of the ad is questionable, and a bit embarrassing as a result. I’m not particularly against people eating meat – but raising the animals with an acknowledgment of their sentience & a degree of humanity would be a little bit better.

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