Those PETA Stamps Sure Look Prestigious

November 30th, 2011 // 78 Comments
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There was a big to-do earlier in the month over Natalie Portman being featured on a new PETA postage stamp, so here’s Pamela Anderson who also has her own PETA stamp taking the prestige entirely out of that accomplishment. And if you’re asking yourself, did she walk around pretending to lick a really giant stamp? She walked around pretending to lick a really giant stamp because apparently rampant, widespread hepatitis saves those animals. Who the fuck knows? On that note, if you think Pamela is the most embarrassing part of this whole production, I included the full celebrity stamp sheet after the jump, and one look at the bottom row should really tell you everything you need to know about PETA, if not prompt you to weave a new jacket entirely out of fresh veal.

PETA Stamps

Photos: PETA, Flynet, Splash News


  1. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh look, she’s licking something WITHOUT Hepatitis.

  2. T-bag

    “one look at the bottom row should really tell you everything you need to know about PETA”

    You’re right; that Pythagoras is a d-bag!

  3. Techman

    All PETA members should be spayed and neutered.

  4. TyroneBiggums

    I just had pork loin for lunch, and it was awesome.

    • Coyote

      um, Pork. I could do a Bubba Shrimp monologue on Pork.

    • Chupacabra

      I had to have a cheese burger and fries for lunch today. I was out drinking beer until 1am. You have to have greasy meat on a hangover day.

    • long duck dong

      i’m korean and they don’t sell dog meat in the stores unfortunately, so I have to go hunting around the neighborhood late at night. But hey, we have to eat, right? Pork loin for you, Rusty or Max for me.

  5. Jess

    Where’s the one with Hitler on it?

  6. I didn’t know hepatitis was adhesive.

  7. chev70

    Tramp Stamp’s. Cool.

  8. This is VERY prestigious for PETA. Having their own run of postage stamps is a clear move into the political powerhouse mainstream. It’s not like just anyone can go to and print up sheets of stamps with their cats picture on it after all…it takes a credit card too.

    • I just noticed the jumbo-sized stamp pictures have conveniently had the “” logo removed…they’re deliberately trying to fool people into thinking these are USPS issued stamps.

      • Maybe I’m mistaken ’cause I’m not up on all this newfangled hoosafudge, but I don’t think USPS stamps have that computer scanner code on them. So I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. Maybe kids. ‘Cause the kids don’t know from history these days. (Like the ones on my lawn!)

        As for prestige, yeah, when you had to go through a rigorous governmental approval process to appear on a stamp—and, for a person, be dead for a certain amount of time—there was something special about being selected to appear on a stamp. Something to be proud of. But this print-your-own-stamps business just cheapens the whole thing. And forget philately now. (Yeah, I used to collect stamps. Wannafightaboutit?)

      • Richard McBeef

        They have been deliberately trying to fool people into thinking all they need to eat is fruits, vegetables, nutrient pastes, and a vitamin that smells like cat piss for years, so this is kind of a natural progression.

      • chev70

        I just thought they were posting elephant’s.

      • Richard McBeef

        Who the fuck buys stamps anyways? Kimmy? I know the broad writes checks so I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • kimmykimkim

        Hold on, hold on a minute! You’re telling me I can make my own stamps with whatever I want on it? Like my middle finger? Like ass cheeks? cheeks…? That’s it! I’m cancelling my email and my internet and I’m just going to write everything. On parchment (suck it, PETA!) with a quill (keep sucking) and close everything up nicely with a wax stamp of a cherub. Then, I’m going to slap an ass stamp on that motherfucker!

      • Sorry, kimmy. As much as I might like to see your butt on a stamp—or anywhere, really—there are still some restrictions.

      • kimmykimkim

        Wouldn’t be my butt, TomFrank. I was thinking more along the lines of old man hairy ass crack.

      • Kimmy! I sent you that photo for you, not for you to put on stamps!

  9. People Eating Tasty Animals?

  10. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    How can Pam be a vegetarian? I once saw a video of her swallowing an entire trouser snake.

  11. Archies_Leach

    I have onions and carrots and potatoes and other vegetables in my beef stew.

  12. So they have to wait a year for a President to be on a stamp and – what? – ten years for everybody else but if you don’t eat anything with eyes,you can get on right away?

  13. Frank Burns

    Are only women allowed to lick the Ellen DeGeneres stamp?

  14. BaccusVD

    The bottom row how about every fucking row.

    Ellen is a veg? But doesn’t she eat pussy?

  15. The Critical Crassness

    Hey McFeeley…cocaine IS a vegetable,it comes from the coca plant. However, forget the bottom row, the fact that Pammie showed up at what was supposed to be a very important event, dressed in the sheet off her bed. Then made out with an octogenarian like Bob Barker, for the cameras, really tells the tale on PETA. Who would expect anything less from a group whose founder advocates the abolition of the human race to protect the “animals”. The fact PETA conveniently forgets is humans are animals….just ask those “Barker’s Beauties” who filed the sexual harassment lawsuit suit against Bob Barker a few years ago.

  16. I am a vegan but please don’t think for one second its because I don’t want to kill any animals. I never liked diary products and thanks to 3 years of daily human cadaver dissections I just didn’t feel like eating meat anymore. I would never tell anyone not to eat meat, we are without a doubt physically designed to eat meat-I just choose not to, so these PETA ads guilting people into going vegetarian-crazy!!

    • I’m a vegitarian, and to me being a vegitarian is about choice…and I choose to eat meat.

      I don’t drink milk though. I’m ok with dairy products, but a big frothy glass of milk squeezed from the teat of a filthy cow just is not my idea of a refreshing beverage.

      • eatme

        Yup, whether or not you eat meat is your choice. don’t let anyone tell you different. and if you want to diddle a 6 year old boy, that’s your choice too. and if you want to diddle a 12-year old boy while eating a double bacon cheeseburger, go for it.

    • jimbo

      ” don’t think for one second its because I don’t want to kill any animals”

      • derp

        Yeah “don’t think for one second it’s because I don’t want to kill any animals” makes you sound a little psychotic. Also, I highly doubt you have a vegan diet, much less are actually vegan, which goes well beyond food consumption.

      • The basic structure of muscle is identical in all animals (except the horseshoe crab, and no I would not eat that either!) After dissecting human bodies for many years I decided it is not possible to differentiate between meats, you can’t say you’ll eat a cow but not a horse or human-why not? Same muscle structure! Therefore I decided to eliminate all from my diet. I have experienced abattoirs and am fully aware of what is involved hence my “don’t think for one second it’s because I don’t want to kill any animals” comment, I’m a realist I know what it involves. And as to whether or not I am a true vegan-I do not wear wool or leather, eat honey, meat, or dairy products etc, I am fully aware what constitutes a true vegan-and I don’t push it in anyones face.

      • I eat meat BECAUSE i like knowing an animal was murdered for it. Suffering is the rarest spice.

  17. Rico Jones

    The people on the stamps are a bunch of douche bags that never really bothered to research PETA. They all do it for the fad that it is.

  18. Bianca

    You mean to tell me if I go vegetarian, I can be a D-list, tangerine-faced, coke-addled, unfunny lesbian with hepititis and a penchant for triangles? Well sign me up!

  19. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Johnny B
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like something you could die from, slowly but painfully.

  20. Hey Hick Fuck You!

    Seeing Pam’s picture reminded me that I’m out of steak sauce. Well, at least it’s nice to know that HEP addled, over-the-hill slut is good for SOMETHING!

  21. j

    tramp stamp? how was that missed?

  22. Venom

    This lost all credibility when they put those two douchebags Russel Simmons and Steve O on the stamps.

  23. timmy the dying boy

    What are you supposed to do with these stamps, anyway? Are people stupid enough to buy them so they can stick them on Grandma’s birthday card or something?

  24. Randal(l)

    fuck peta, fuck them up their stupid animal murdering, terrorist supporting, tax dodging coroporate whore ass

  25. JoJojojo

    Well, let’s just make this stamps of Pamela Anderso-USE ALL THE PHOTOSHOP!

  26. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    “44-32! I win!”

  27. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    “Your dressing room after the show, Diane.”

  28. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    Months later, the CDC investigators covering the syphilis outbreak at the US Postal Service would come to refer to this event as Ground Zero.

  29. forrest gump

    well, she must be exhilarated they invented photoshop.

  30. tlmck

    Stamp secretly coated in bacon grease.

  31. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    This is NOT, as the caption says, for the Postal Service. Anyone can have their face put on postage at Official U.S. stamps feature people posthumously who actually accomplished something.

  32. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    I bet there is a long list of famous people who did stupid things in their lives.

  33. Pamela Anderson PETA Stamp Rash
    Commented on this photo:

    This is a really good eposide, Melissa is my cousin and I think that is was a really good idea to do. It set the record straight about everything that was going on.Oh and of course I love her and look up to her alot now and when I was a kid, she would take me on some sets and I would watch her act and she is one of the best actress i’ve even see she always makes me laugh.

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