Those PETA Stamps Sure Look Prestigious

There was a big to-do earlier in the month over Natalie Portman being featured on a new PETA postage stamp, so here’s Pamela Anderson who also has her own PETA stamp taking the prestige entirely out of that accomplishment. And if you’re asking yourself, did she walk around pretending to lick a really giant stamp? She walked around pretending to lick a really giant stamp because apparently rampant, widespread hepatitis saves those animals. Who the fuck knows? On that note, if you think Pamela is the most embarrassing part of this whole production, I included the full celebrity stamp sheet after the jump, and one look at the bottom row should really tell you everything you need to know about PETA, if not prompt you to weave a new jacket entirely out of fresh veal.

PETA Stamps

Photos: PETA, Flynet, Splash News