Perez Hilton to ‘You’re not an artist, you’re a f-ggot.’

June 22nd, 2009 // 170 Comments

Seen here after the alleged assault, Perez Hilton’s altercation with Will.I. am last night was apparently caught on tape and you can audibly hear Perez call a “fucking faggot.” TMZ has the play-by-play:

The footage begins in the middle of the verbal altercation outside an after-party for a music award show in Toronto — moments after Hilton claims Will went after him like a “heat-seeking missile” and unleashed a verbal tirade at him.
With a crowd surrounding Perez, Will and Will’s manager, Polo — the guys argue back and forth for about a minute, until Perez tells Will, “you’re not a f**king artist … you’re a f**king f*ggot.”
The scene suddenly turns chaotic — and in the mess someone punches Perez in the face.

Perez himself even admits to calling the Black Eyed Pea a faggot in an interview with the AP that must’ve made whoever transcribed it want to lay their face under a tractor trailer:

“He was like ‘You need to respect me.’ He was in my face. He was obviously trying to intimidate me and scare me,” Hilton said. “I was like ‘I don’t need to respect you. I don’t respect you and I did say this, and I knew that it would be the worst thing I could possibly say to him because he was acting the way he was. I said ‘You know what, I don’t respect you and you’re gay and stop being such a faggot.’”

Jesus. After a spectacle like this you have to wonder what’s next for Perez Hilton. Which is why my money’s on flashing his vagina while getting out of a car. Who wants in?

NOTE: John Mayer actually entertains me after the jump.

Via Twitter:

@perezhilton’s video statement is so long that by the end of it his cut healed.
about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry
Last year P!nk kneed me in the nuts outside Chateau Marmont. I was pissing blood for days. Did I make a scene?
about 8 hours ago from web
Can somebody please call Amex and get me a replacement card?
about 8 hours ago from web
FollowMonday @police @fire @ambulance
about 9 hours ago from web
I love that @perezhilton uses his cellphone to log on to twitter to post a tweet to ask his followers to call the police for him.
about 9 hours ago from web

Thanks, Coby.

Photo: AP

  1. sheesh


  2. sixpack

    Hope it hurt, you fucking perennial toolbag.

  3. Zee Brat

    Lol, Perez is such a loser.

    • fucking ugly d-bag – makes a fortune off of the celebs on his stupid blog – he is a total moron who should be bitch slapped to hell…

      I can not stand him – if I ever met the lunatic I would stab, spit, and shit on him (not necessarily in that order)

  4. havoc

    Good. So Perez Hilton should be charged with a hate crime.


  5. molly

    perez is the worst.

  6. lalala


  7. regan

    haha, fuck perez. this picture makes me giggle

  8. Honestly, it’s a shame we even know who either of these 2 idiots are……

    But, with that being said. Perez should be blasted hard for using that word since he would be ranting if someone had used it towards him!

  9. Sweet Cheeks (HIV +)

    Been very ill lately girls but still on the prowl when I feel up to it!
    Perez is such a hunk straight bitches need to leave her alone you mean bullying cunts. I wish we gays had our own country so we wouldn’t have to deal with you horrible breeders.

  10. Capt T Smoke

    One word… KARMA. You call chicks fat, you out queer people that mind their own damn biz and don’t hurt anyone and you completely level their lives and the list goes on. Your a HUGE creep and blogs like this (that aren’t written by ghostwriters) are so much better. What comes around goes around douchenozzzzzzzzz…. I looked on his page and he’s calling kristen bell fat? Seriously? You deserve it. Wish that beast fergie came at ya… You’d be done. Spladow. I’m out. Peaceums.

  11. Moto Rola

    Someone call the whambulance and have this guy dropped off in Iran.

  12. so, so, ROUGH

    Whats wrong with Kate Gosselin?

  13. fukyouidiot

    @9 LOL we all wish you had your own country.

  14. blackout

    He looks like a gay Herman Munster.

  15. pleaseleave


    Please leave – no one is stopping you.

  16. michelle

    w/e still love his site.

  17. Jason

    Am I the only one that finds it odd he went off on Miss California for speaking somewhat maturely about an issue he didn’t agree with (and for a record, I am pro gay-marriage and gay myself), but is free to spew hate words like f-ggot. And for the record, I like Will.I.Am already but would like him even more if he did take this little ass-clown down a notch.

    I am so sick of Perez Hilton.

  18. Rutty

    Ha ha!

    Eat it Perez you non contributing waste of life zero!

  19. Deacon Jones

    I heard the sidewalk contracted AIDS


    This fat, talentless bitch right here. I wish Will.I.Am would’ve knocked his marshmallow looking ass into a Coma… The bitch gets what he deserves… I wish it had been me… He’s a lard ass with NO talent that wants to call other people fat, when he is the most uncomfortable of him all… How did this stupid bitch even get famous? Ugh Media!

  21. so, so, ROUGH

    I didnt know Will iam played for the other team, did he just outted William?

  22. Bob

    Agree 100% with, I think Im gonna go and by his album now…

  23. Timbo

    Nice choice of words, Perez – - That is like calling the kettle black.

  24. JudyLaRouge

    I am confused. Did Will.I.Am attack him with some Mac cosmetics? I think the eyeshadow tint he used is called passionate. His hair looks like Fergie’s in the Viva Glam ad. Will.I.Am also seemed to line Perez’s eyes with the same unflattering color. Twinks would have been a better choice.

  25. inyourhace

    i love how a gay guy is using the word faggot as a derogatory statement to a straight guy.

    that and has actually DONE something with his life and contributed somewhat to society even if it’s just making music. Perez Hilton does what? scratch his balls and wish that he was more famous and good looking enough to get his d*** sucked by someone attractive. keep dreaming.

  26. sarah

    I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that the first thing I did was LAUGH SO HARD after seeing this photo…

    but this guy is such a waste of chromosomes. He is SO desperate for attention that he sends a mass message for his ‘followers’ to call the police for him?

    UGH, just so he can send another one later to thank them for all their support…
    He wants to be a celebrity soooo badly – the whole celebrity bashing thing is just his way of getting access to them. He makes my skin crawl.

  27. Courtyardpigeon

    I seriously want to punch this guy and I normally don’t hit girls.

  28. Mister Bored

    Two posts on the same liar?

    It’s funny though… given this site, you know you’ve messed up when the typical racists comments go in favor of the black guy.

    Guess Perez Hilton really has alienated most people.

  29. alex

    I like that this turd got his comeuppance. I think I’m gonna have to steal one of his moves and out him. Perez Hilton is a red blooded gay hating hetero. I’m gonna use paint to draw a vagina on his face.

  30. Jeja

    This picture made my week!

  31. Sweet

    Are you crying in this picture??? Pussy. (Wait, can you call Perez a pussy considering the gayness of this freak?)

  32. Newt Gingrich

    I figured he was trying to hit on the manager in some perverted way and got put in his place.



    “Polo, MotherF@#$er!!!”

    The guy is drunk on faux power. Serves him right.

  33. Ksurfiws

    Calling someone names like that will pretty much get you punched in the face anywhere on the planet…so what is the problem here?

    Superficial Writer could kick his ass with his penis tied behind his back!!!

  34. Jade

    The flaming homosexual calling someone a faggot?

    I am confused with my gayspeak. What exactly is and isn’t allowed, or can only gays call people faggots?

    Perez is stupid. Stupid. He talks of this guy not being an artist.. what is Perez exactly? Besides stupid that is.

  35. Sweet Cheeks (HIV +)





  36. Newt Gingrich

    “I am confused with my gayspeak. What exactly is and isn’t allowed, or can only gays call people faggots?”

    Just consult blacks and use of the “N-Word.” It’s pretty much a direct parallel, hypocrisy and all.

  37. thrasycles

    The only thing that photo proves is perez is one ugly bastard with a “zippy the pinhead” kinda look. Or maybe a bell tower idiot, I can’t decide. Feel free to have someone really kick the shit out of him while I figure it out.

  38. thrasycles

    The only thing that photo proves is perez is one ugly bastard with a “zippy the pinhead” kinda look. Or maybe a bell tower idiot, I can’t decide. Feel free to have someone really kick the shit out of him while I figure it out.

  39. havoc

    He’s calling another guy a faggot and he’s wearing a pink undershirt.

    Puffy wittle eyes. Bottom lip is quivering and its a still photo.



  40. ozzie

    If I got into an argument with a Black guy and I told him he was so “white” and to stop being a “cracker” he would probably laugh his ass off, which is what this guy probably did.

    Perez is an idiot and apparently a homo-homophobe.

  41. burchio

    i preferred him before, when he was a BBW

  42. Ximenez

    He should be publicly humiliated in the press for what he has done. After calling for the head of Carrie Prejean because she “dared” to have an opinion opposite of his, calling her “intolerant bitch” yet he calls another man a “fucking faggot” and thats okay?

    Perez spews more hate and intolerance to the gay community than anyone I’ve seen. If you’re a female celebrity he’ll call you a “Tranny”, if you are an attractive male celeb, he’ll call you “gay gay gay” and draw penises and fake semen on your photo.

    I really want to see Matt Lauer put him on camera and make this idiot eat his words after what he did to Miss California.

    Karma is a bitch, bitch.

  43. SendPereztoSwatValley

    I’m wondering when all of L.A. will come together and throw this bitch out into the ocean.

  44. Deuce Bigalow


    I fucking cant stand this perez guy….


    They went all BOOM BOOM POW on his ass!!!!


  45. Zanna

    I have to say, I like it when John Mayer makes fun of him.

  46. HAHA!


  47. yuristache

    Perez Hilton finally gets what he deserves. Faggot can’t take a fucking punch. Go cry, fucko… go cry.

  48. tech guy

    Is that video in high def? looks like 1080p to me? excellent camera work!

  49. titsonsnack

    Dude makes a lifestyle/living off of making fun of people, calling them horrible names, doodling jizz and dicks onto their faces, perpetuating rumors about them, making fun of what they wear, posting naked pictures of them, calling people fat and ugly, kicking people when they’re down in the midst of nasty divorce, and then cries when someone pops him one for doing so right to their face. What a effin retard. He’s lived behind the computer screen for too long. This is reality, idiot, calling someone a “faggot” to their face is going to get you creamed.

    LOVE that he makes several Twitters or Tweets or Twats or whatever the hell they’re called, about trying to get someone to call police for him, instead of fucking calling the police. Drama queen bitch.

    I went to his fucking site and saw the video, did not watch it but merely scrolled through the comments… seriously people are “in tears” after watching poor Perez in his crybaby video? the entire world needs to get kicked in the cunt.

    Suck it up, Perez. Be a man. You were talking shit about a woman and got popped in the face for it like you should have.

  50. hmmmm

    It’s sad in Hollywood how if you play a character and it turns out you really are, you get in trouble. Example- Keifer Sutherland plays a tough guy on TV, gets drunk and headbutts a guy. Well shit, he’s Jack F*cking Bauer! Will.I.Am is a rapper, someone talks shit and one of his entourage drops the guy. Well shit, that’s what the posse is for!

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