Perez Hilton sues Black Eyed Peas manager

June 25th, 2009 // 104 Comments

The Black Eyed Peas’ manager Polo Molina is being sued for punching Perez Hilton in the face at the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards Sunday night, according to the AP:

The celebrity blogger, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, sued the Peas’ road manager in Los Angeles for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He is seeking unspecified damages of more than $25,000.
“Perez Hilton was assaulted by the band’s road manager because he would not agree to stop writing about the Black Eyed Peas on his Web site,” Bryan Freedman, Hilton’s lawyer, said in a statement. “Whether you love Perez or hate him, he is entitled to his freedom of speech without fear of physical violence. This lawsuit will make the statement that violence is never the answer.”

Wait. I thought he got punched in the face for calling a “fucking faggot” not because he’s a shining crusader of first amendment rights. I guess I missed the part where Perez and George Washington battled the King of England for the right to make it look like splooge is falling out of Britney’s dress. Must’ve happen between all the Twitters.

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  1. Mav

    Another example of the US’s failed legal system.

  2. chango666

    What a dildo . . .

  3. blp

    What a big cry baby nob jockey

  4. blp

    Look at that smug face, how does anyone have the will power to not punch him when they’re in the same room?

  5. Bonanno

    True #1. Perez is a fucking loser, he just needs too stop with all his bullshit and move to Sacacama, South Africa.

  6. Assbestos

    If I think really hard maybe he’ll burst into flames…

  7. schwimmer

    $25,000? Jesus Christ. In civilized countries, the amount would be somewhere around $1000.

  8. Sandra

    lol…really? I found a place that many players are hoo king up with hot models, seems the big&tall club called: __BigTallS CoM___, do you hear this before?

  9. Pat C.

    We need to support Perez. Otherwise the fucking faggots will take over the country. You’ll see – next they’ll be demanding fucking faggots be allowed to marry each other.

  10. Matt

    He’ll lose. What he said is called “fighting words”- words intended to provoke an altercation. They are not covered by freedom of speech.

  11. chuck

    First off, this guy looks like he wants to be punched.
    .. and he didn’t get punched because he’s gay, he got punched because he’s a douche bag.
    .. but he uses his sexual preference like lindsay lohan’s parents used their children.

    .. 2pac was shot 5 times in a recording studio and never once thought to press charges.

    perez is a little whiny bitch and gives america a bad name.

  12. quake

    You don’t have to be a flaming retard to be gay and that stereotype is exactly why so many people are disturbed by gay marriage.

    He isn’t helping anyone.

  13. Jenny

    What a gigantic cry baby. Shut the fuck up already and move on. If this is the worst thing that happens to him, then he is having a truly great life.

    Walk away, Perez. You may, MAY, have some dignity left if you let it go now.

  14. Where's Mary Jo?

    Come on AIDS…..

  15. Where's Mary Jo?

    Come on AIDS…..

  16. Anonymous

    I sincerely hope this whining crybaby loses his website, is sued for millions, loses everything he has, is shunned by everyone, and slinks away completely humiliated, never to be heard from again. Not many people deserve it more than this clown.

  17. Lauren

    You can’t go around hitting people because they yelled at your or your buddy. What’s with the atmosphere of victim blaming lately? This is the same reasoning that let’s domestic abuse happen: We had a fight, she yelled something at me, so I hit her. It doesn’t matter that here they are both men at a public venue; it’s the same thing. Come on people, thinking is a good thing!

  18. chris

    I’m sure he gets it a lot rougher from his dude loving all of the time. How did this guy ever get to be ‘famous’? He represents all that is wrong with this country.

  19. Cookereh

    I hate to inform Perez’s lawyers, but Toronto is in a whole different country!

    How can you sue someone in the states for something that happened in Canada?

    Good luck with that, you moron.

  20. joe blow

    This cocksucker is quickly replacing Spencer Pratt as the asshole I’d love to learn had been killed by an angry mob of flatulent sea lions.


  21. Toolboy

    #10-straight up, you got it.
    If a man jumps into a polar bear enclosure wearing a thong made of bloody penguins and duct tape and proceeds to wiggle his ass in front of the bear’s nose, yelling “fist my ass you coca cola selling homeless omnivore!!” Then he shouldn’t be surprised to find a hairy dinner plate sized paw stuck in his ass at the end of the day. “Mr Zookeeper, what’s that brown ring on that polar bear’s wrist from?” “It’s the high water mark kid, and yes it does smell like cedar chips”

  22. pj

    @10 – 1st amendment is irrelevant because BEP manager was not a government actor
    @20 – lawsuit may be possible, depending on jurisdiction rules, since BEP is probably a resident of LA county (of course, it will probably be removed on basis of forum non conveniens

    that said, eff perez. the BEP manager should countersue for intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation. he’s got pretty good claims for both himself.

  23. Max Planck

    $25,000 to punch this douchebag…does he accept Visa??

  24. bUZZTOE

    Fidel Castro just called…he wants his favorite Ass-bandit home..Perez, you’re still here?

  25. I swear he’s a pair of kiwis short of a fruit basket.

  26. insecthero

    I love how his lawyer says “Whether you love Perez or hate him…”

    Which basically means “Yes, I know that my client is the biggest fucking douche in America…”

  27. Inmate #2648927

    Mom…he hit me!

  28. dejvf

    hate to tell you perez but screaming in someones face calling them a fucking faggot is violence.
    and you do seem to think thats an acceptable answer.
    lawsuit dismissed.

  29. norton

    Why hasn’t someone shut down his stupid web site yet?

    Seriously, isn’t there a hacker out there with skills?

  30. Funeral Guy

    Words cannot express how much I hate this fucking homo.

  31. Kaelith

    The lawsuit, if won, would also make the statement that calling someone a “fucking faggot” will earn you $25k as long as you take a punch. So, no. Don’t think so.

  32. theantiyou

    18. Where’s you’re outrage for will i am’s victim status? In Canada what mario said to him is considered a HATE CRIME. Mario also slandered will i am on top of that by initially claiming that he was the one who assaulted him.

    People aren’t saying that what his manager did wasn’t illegal, they are saying that mario instigated the situation, hurled hate speech to incite a reaction, and then cried when he got said reaction.

    Mario is a sociopath who has set the gay rights movement back years. He purposely ruined a man’s career for use of the very same hate speech that he himself used against will i am. The fact that he was hit does not negate and should not distract from his actions and that’s exactly what he’s using his “victim status” for.

  33. TheTruthAboutDildos

    TRUTH! Perez Hilton make 300K a month. Drawing penises and cum lines on photos. TRUTH!

  34. El Franco

    I don’t like the guy AT ALL, but the fact is that, in a civilized society, it is absolutely uncapptable to respond to comments with a physical assault. Mr. Lavandeira is absolutely right in suing the person who assaulted him. As anyone else is and should do.

  35. CrunchPop

    So he’s fat, gay and Mexican.

    3 strikes & you’re out, fucker.

  36. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Oh God its a publicity stunt, and as I am pro legalising gay marriage I am all for Perez using this as a way to get publicity.

  37. Craig

    15 minutes of fame on the backs of other peoples pain. PH is a bottom feeder and deserves to spend more time with his own kind. Lawyers! What he did was a crime. He assaulted the BEP manager and should be charged. He incited this man and in doing so, it is not protected Free Speech. He should be charged with a hate crime and sentenced to be cornholed in some disease ridden jail. Another instance of the homosexual agenda being forced down our throat and I am sick of it. Live and let live but don’t tell me how to live and what I should accept. If you want to be a pervert, do it in the privacy of your own home, not in front of my kids or you are bound to get an ass whoopin and not one you will enjoy.

  38. norton

    If is smart he will sue for slander, defamation, verbal abuse and a hate crime.

    Additionally I hope he sues Mario right into bankruptcy.

  39. frv

    i hope the judge rules that perez deserves to be punched again.

  40. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    @37 just make sure you never get turned on by seeing 2 women together then. I am sick of this hypocrisy about homosexuality being perverted, when there is scarcely a straight man alive who doesn’t get aroused by seeing two women together. I have had so many men asking me if they can watch, and couples asking if I will sleep with their ugly fat wife (UGH) I don’t get turned on by straight sex, so why do almost 100% of you straight perverts male and sometimes get turned on by seeing two women.
    Gay marriage – it’s gonna happen, it’s already happened in many of the other more advanced less ignorant developed world countries, it’s like the smoking in public laces ban, it’s GONNA happen, you lot can bitch and whine but it’s gonna happen.

  41. jayla


  42. jayla

    homosayswhat? Gotcha.

  43. kerri

    #33 totally agree with you…Lauren – wake the hell up.
    i won’t reiterate but i do want to add a couple things.
    this guy is the worst human being on the planet. he outs gay people before they are ready. my sister came out recently and it was EXTREMELY difficult and emotional for her, my family, our friends. if someone had been publicly (say on facebook) calling her a lesbian you better believe i would have violently attacked said person. how Perez has NOT been punched out before is beyond me. he insults women, men, young girls, babies!!! (adam sandlers toddler for gosh sakes). how has Jennifer Aniston not hired someone to take him out? or Bruce Willis for his daughters sake? Or the 1000s of other celebs he constantly insults?? he keeps saying “this isn’t Karma”. Open your eyes douche bag – THIS IS KARMA. and i am sure there is a lot more of that coming your way.
    can some computer hacker genius please knock his site down????
    FINALLY i have zero respect for anyone that advertises on his site.
    That’s all i have said my peace.

  44. havoc

    I walked up to and said “I wanna corn-hole your mama” and he didn’t do anything.

    I think it”s just Perez……


  45. Craig

    Bitch and Wine. Now thats the way God intended it.

    BTW, I do in fact support civil unions and the providing benefits to partners. Just don’t call it marriage.

  46. kmm

    will i am should sue him for slander.

  47. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Perez is taking action like the big sorry ass pussy he is.

    I real man would have punched back, not start a sissy drama queen rant on twitter.

    But then Perez is not a man.

  48. Venom

    Please take this to court Perez, please do.
    At the end of the trial you will have to pay money not Polo.
    Perez, no one likes you, no one.

  49. JB

    I agree with #18. I mean, seriously, have you ever listened to a Black Eyed Peas song? They should be used to getting called these kinda names by now. Case is point, “Where is the Love”. Google it.

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