People’s Choice Awards: Minka Kelly Won

Unlike Katy Perry, there was no deep, moral quandary over whether or not to give Minka Kelly her own post. In fact, I knocked over an old woman running to my computer just to get these up. Why she even was in my house in the first place is none of your business, but Tiny, you feel me. Anyway, here’s Minka at last night’s People’s Choice Awards where people had the audacity to confuse her with Leighton Meester even after they presented an award together. I guess I can see a slight resemblance, but then again I’m incredible at pretending people are someone else, so I don’t know if that counts. On that note, I need to make sure Megan Fox didn’t shatter a hip back there. Damn things like glass.

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Photos: Getty, Splash News, WireImage