People Wearing Weird Shit at the MTV EMAs

The MTV EMAs were held last night in London and they were pretty much just like the American version, except with a little extra euroflair and a lot more exposed breasts. I don’t know a couple of these people in this gallery, but I assume they’re probably big across the pond and don’t speak enough English to make it big in the American mainstream. Regardless, they still kind of look like everyone else. Demi Lovato even took a page right out of the Kardashian book of style and opted to just go with a sport coat over her boobs. I’m quite disappointed I was not invited…


Another woman has come forward accusing hypocritical bible-thumper Roy Moore of sexual assault and it’s not going to make Jesus happy. [TMZ]

The Weeknd is supposedly banging another lady that has also tasted the syrup of the Maple Christ. Why? [Celebuzz]

Russell Simmons’ closed sexual battery case is coming back to haunt him. [HHMW]

Hardcore Sean Hannity fans are getting back at liberals by destroying their Keurig coffeemakers… seriously. [HollywoodGossip]

Elizabeth Perkins from Weeds is cryptically calling out James Woods for sexual misconduct. [EvilBeet]

I thought Tyrese’s case against his ex-wife was dropped last week, but I guess he’s representing himself now? This is probably normal. [TheBlast]

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