People Took Tara Reid Seriously

February 4th, 2011 // 73 Comments

Tara Reid apparently announced this week that she’s filming a sequel to The Big Lebowski which people took seriously as they do with most things that spill out of a drunken pile of clay that magically walks and talks. Of course, once someone got around to asking the Coen brothers, they had no fucking clue and essentially called her an idiot. E! News reports:

“I have a movie coming out called The Fields. I have another one coming out that I produced with my brother called The Irishman,” she told “And we’ll be doing American Pie 4 this year and Big Lebowski 2 this year.”
Whoa! Wait! What?! Let’s back up on that very last part part, shall we?
Thankfully, that’s just what a reporter for Austin360 did while interviewing the Coen brothers about their current flick, True Grit.
“I’m glad she’s working on it,” joked Ethan when the subject of Reid’s comments came up, adding that, while they don’t have any plans for a sequel, “we’ll watch it when it comes out.”
“Especially if Tara’s in it,” teased Joel.

Further increasing her chances of becoming an employable actress in Hollywood ever again, Tara’s rep has since thrown Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges under the bus and blamed the whole thing on him. So I think I speak for all of us when I say, Tara Reid has a rep? What the hell does she even pay him in? Whiskey breath and handjobs? “Now, hold still… I’ve had a few *hic* hunnred drinks, but is just like pulling carrot outta the ground, right? Carrots… Carrots with bunnies… Aw man my tit fell off.”

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  1. Kellie999

    You guys please shut the hell up! Tara Reid is so beautiful! And I’m completely staight but Tara is the only woman I would ever have sex with. infact I would do it right now if she wanted to. There really is no hotter beauty than Tara.. Minka Kelly… NOT! Tara is 10 times hotter and She is really turning me on.. I’m going to rub one out to those picturess. OMGG She is fucking Hot as hell!! You guys are freakin’ crazy!! I’ll have fun while u gay bitches talk about What Minka Kelly will wear tomorrow..

    • I hate to break this to you Kellie, but you are gay…and that’s fine.

      Unfortunately you’re also retarded. Sorry.

      • Johnny Cage

        I actually hate to break this to you Little Richy, but not only are you gay, you are also a washed up motown singer who’s only masculine display was “Long Tall Sally” being played during the helicopter scene in Predator 1. You are also part of a “Life Style” that over-demands Americans and seeks corruption of their core fundamental values such as marriage and adoption. Your populous greatly over exaggerates their numbers. When you catch anyone disbelieving your claims of being over 10% of the population or opposing your desire to corrupt straight traditions, such as marriage, you viciously attack them. These attacks may be verbal, obscene gestures of fellating your opponent, or sometimes physical (such as the attack on Lansing’s Mount Hope Church in Michigan). Members of your “Life Style” also spreads AIDS and HIV at a rate of nearly 15 times more than any heterosexual.

        You also have hair like Gene Simmons. But you make cool music.

  2. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like doctor reached in too far and yanked too hard on that last surgery.

  3. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    i get it now…
    it’s the golden globes viewing the before and after her surgery s party

  4. kara

    i don’t understand why so many people think they only need braces on their top teeth. hey dumbasses, although your top teeth are more visible for the most part, we can STILL see that crooked mess on the bottom. shell out the goddamn money if you can

  5. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    When I see her I honestly get upset. This girl NEEDS HELP. She used to be cute! She has some serious issues that need some dealing with.

  6. duder

    I think her eyes are trying to escape from the sockets. I don’t blame them, I suppose. I mean, if I had to look at that steaming mess every day…

  7. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    he reminds me of jordan ratman….hmm

  8. Johnnybegood

    I’m in agreement with kellie! I would fuck the living shit out of her infact I’m gonna fucking jerk off to her right now!! ^^ Hey duder, you’re a fucking douche! Steaming mess? Tara Reid is fucking hot and I’m sure you would do anything to even get to have 10 seconds with her, I would take a full week with her.. Hell a full 10 years and still not get bored.. She is so freaking beautiful and I can only imagine how nice it would be to fuck her amazing pussy. Ahh time to beat my meat to the amazing Tara Reid.. She is hotter than any celebrity and her ass and body are so incredible. I want it so badd……. I cant w8, later… fuckers who dont know beauty!

  9. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
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    Good gawd, she’s GROSS!

  10. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks pretty good for an 80 year old.

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