People Took Tara Reid Seriously

February 4th, 2011 // 73 Comments

Tara Reid apparently announced this week that she’s filming a sequel to The Big Lebowski which people took seriously as they do with most things that spill out of a drunken pile of clay that magically walks and talks. Of course, once someone got around to asking the Coen brothers, they had no fucking clue and essentially called her an idiot. E! News reports:

“I have a movie coming out called The Fields. I have another one coming out that I produced with my brother called The Irishman,” she told “And we’ll be doing American Pie 4 this year and Big Lebowski 2 this year.”
Whoa! Wait! What?! Let’s back up on that very last part part, shall we?
Thankfully, that’s just what a reporter for Austin360 did while interviewing the Coen brothers about their current flick, True Grit.
“I’m glad she’s working on it,” joked Ethan when the subject of Reid’s comments came up, adding that, while they don’t have any plans for a sequel, “we’ll watch it when it comes out.”
“Especially if Tara’s in it,” teased Joel.

Further increasing her chances of becoming an employable actress in Hollywood ever again, Tara’s rep has since thrown Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges under the bus and blamed the whole thing on him. So I think I speak for all of us when I say, Tara Reid has a rep? What the hell does she even pay him in? Whiskey breath and handjobs? “Now, hold still… I’ve had a few *hic* hunnred drinks, but is just like pulling carrot outta the ground, right? Carrots… Carrots with bunnies… Aw man my tit fell off.”

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  1. Bucky Barnes

    This first pic is HILARIOUS.

  2. Bucky Barnes

    Somewhere a Pekinese is nudging his dog buddies and saying, “Look, dat bitch’s eyes are FUCKED up!”

    • Whooooooooooooah.

      She reminds me of death. How is this hag only in her thirties and looks like my mom? My old, weathered, broken down, but still lovable mom?

      To quote Rick James “Cocaine’s a helluva drug!”

  3. “Does this clavicle make me look fat?”

  4. jojo

    I think George Lucas finally found his live action Jar Jar Binks.

  5. Johnny Cage

    And I’d still roll around with her in everyway possible.

  6. sparkymcgee

    Gollum with tits!

  7. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Her shoulder looks discusting. She’s too bony!

  8. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    She could open a can with that shoulder blade!

  9. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    If\t’s a shame she diced up her body.
    She was (and still is) very cute.
    Come to think of it “Cute and crazy as a shithouse rat” can work…

  10. ChonchArcola

    man the years have been kind to her…and by kind i mean used,abused and in need of a good lathering of saddle soap like an old catchers mitt.

  11. seth rogen's vagina

    well, her looks may have faded, but at least she still has her dignity!

  12. rican

    Jeff Bridges probably told her that to suck her frankentit

  13. i’d like to take a piss on her…

  14. anonym

    is she broke yet?

    how is this bitch still living and partying it up?

  15. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Mr Abooy
    Commented on this photo:

    Tara Reid as “The Dude”.

  16. BT

    This chick is only good for one thing, on demand sex…then you put her back in the closet. I’d still rather do her than a Snookie…( I think I puked a little bit in my mouth)

  17. the dreams of has been star.

  18. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    “You mean I really look like this?”

  19. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    the things tara puts in guys drinks in order to get them to hang out with her.

  20. Ze German

    I’d punish it. Then punish myself for having done so. Then punish it some more.

  21. xanax in my beer

    Hmm… I’m eating 1% cottage cheese instead of the fat free kind I usually get, and there is a remarkable difference in taste.

  22. she looks like her boobs were squeezed too hard and her head shot out like a bar of soap.

  23. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Ah, not since Faye Dunaway has there been an actress so beautiful, yet multi-faceted at the same time. Glad to know our Tara is still working on those fine acting chops with indy films before accepting a role that would ultimately deliver her Oscar gold. Good luck getting an engagement ring on that fine philly, young Hollywood gents, you’re gonna need it! You would have an easier time lassoing the moon!


  24. ick-abod

    I didn’t read the the directions on my at home botox kit that I got from Mexico.

  25. anonymoose

    tara reid? i thought it was that LOHAN loser!

  26. Crabby Old Guy

    Yup, right after she’s in the sequel to “Sunset Boulevard”. Obviously, she’s already in character with the “I’m ready for my close-up….” look.

  27. Zombie Kitty

    She looks like a hamster on crack… with fake tits

  28. Maxi Pad (with wings)

    i think she meant to say the porno “The Big Lebowski’s penis”

  29. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
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    She should be in an after-school special called, “Jenny – eat something!”

  30. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    suck it
    Commented on this photo:

    he is kinda sexy… hmm

  31. slappy magoo

    The only reason for a reaction like that is if you’re a Hee Haw Honey and Junior Samples just told you he wanted to donate money to the Easter Seals but the people at the zoo just thought you was plumb loco.

  32. Satan's bitch

    The Joker’s got some wonky ass titties.

  33. Pat C

    Unless the Coen’s have the right to the name, there may well be a Big Lebowski 2 with a bunch of hacks in front of and behind the camera,

  34. Fuckjudger


    Go Home.

  35. BigDaddy

    Damm! What the hell happen to this bitch? The Coen brothers suck and so does their movies.

  36. tchde

    She´d be perfect for Charlie Sheen. They´d be the Sid and Nancy of shallow Hollywood stars with a deathwish…

  37. Ed

    She’ll do anything to keep that Hollywwod lifestyle going . . . even American Pie 4. Can a sex tape be far behind?

  38. Amy Sandwich

    Waffle Fries! Fo FREE!

  39. Huh?

    What the hell happened to tara reid? She used to be so cute; now she looks dried up, stringy, hagged out & skanked up. With (next to that patridge chick) the worst fake tits ever. She looks like a really bad example of what meth will do to you…

  40. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Glad to see you’re back, Kelly Ripa

  41. Veronica

    They didn’t bother inviting her back for Pie 3. What makes her think she’d be in #4?

  42. She scared the HELL out of me when she did this in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”.

  43. “Arroooo?”

  44. probono

    Where is World Vision when you need it??

  45. aeru

    It’s like looking at the bastard child of Barbie and Chucky.

  46. GravyLeg

    That first picture really needs a caption that reads “Aaaaawooooooga”.

  47. GravyLeg

    Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice! BEETLEJUICE!!

    Did she go away???

  48. Tara Reid Big Lebowski 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone throw her a bone.

  49. wim

    ………… E.T.-lookalike, folks.

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