Penn State Worried About Mike McQueary’s Safety Now, Won’t Coach This Weekend

November 11th, 2011 // 150 Comments
Mike McQueary
PSU Scandal Gets Worse
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Penn State may have dropped the ball in making sure little kids weren’t systematically raped for over a decade, but by golly, they’re going to make sure a former quarterback who could’ve physically stopped at least one of those rapes is kept from harm’s way. The Patriot News reports:

“Due to multiple threats made against Assistant Coach Mike McQueary, the University has decided it would be in the best interest of all for Assistant Coach McQueary not to be in attendance at Saturday’s Nebraska game.”

And why would people be pissed at Mike McQueary? It’s not like he once broke up a goddamn knife fight between two players, yet saw a legendary defensive coordinator raping a 10-year-old boy and his first concern was protecting his own career. Except, oh, wait:

McQueary is a guy who once stepped in and broke up a player-related knife fight in a campus dining hall — a fight police admit could have been very ugly. But this week, he is getting blasted by the public for doing too little.

McQueary testified that the boy was pinned with his hands against the shower wall — just like Jim Calhoun had seen two years earlier — as Sandusky stood behind him.
McQueary was shocked. Both Sandusky and the boy — who remains unidentified — saw him, he testified.
Instead of taking action to stop what he was watching, McQueary testified that he left immediately and told his father. The next morning, McQueary said, they went to see Paterno.
And what did McQueary say?
We don’t know. The grand jury presentment that has been given to the public, simply says that McQueary “reported what he had seen.”
According to Paterno’s testimony, McQueary told the coach he had witnessed Sandusky “fondling or doing something of a sexual nature” to the boy.
Two days after the report was released, Paterno issued a statement saying he wanted to correct the impression left by the presentment.
Even though Paterno himself had told the grand jury that McQueary saw “something of a sexual nature,” Paterno said this week that he had stopped the conversation before it got too graphic. Instead, he told McQueary he would need to speak with his superior, Athletic Director Tim Curley, and with Schultz.
That meeting did not happen for 10 days.

Photo Boy and I were talking this over this morning, and what’s so incredibly fucked up about this whole situation is how many people saw Jerry Sandusky raping kids and he saw them looking at him. (Detailed list here.) So either a. he psychologically wanted to get caught yet nobody did anything, or b. he kept doing it because apparently nobody was going to do anything. So no wonder his next move was to start pimping the kids out. He was probably calling donors going, “Seriously, you can have sex with them right out in the open. I didn’t believe it myself until after the 25th time.” Then again, that’s all in the past, and Joe Paterno won all those championships, you guys, so I don’t know why I even brought it up. Except I do, and it’s from this memo I got from the president of the media titled, “Paterno must die for winning so much.” I was only following orders!

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  1. Dave Mustaine

    I don’t get it? He see this disgusting piece of crap doing that to a 10 year old, and doesn’t do anything? I would have cracked the guys skull in two, then called the police.

    Maybe he should have the same thing happen to him?

    • cc

      My thoughts exactly. I find it astonishing that someone could walk in on that and NOT lose their shit and cave the guy’s head in. I’d love to see his guy on the wrong end of some misfortune.

    • he looks like he would enjoy that. the sick fucker ran outta there because they caught him jacking off watching them…that’s how that went down.

    • The phrase “morally bankrupt” can’t be applied too often to both McQueary AND his father. It’s really not too surprising that McQueary was able to turn a blind eye when his father, a doctor, didn’t express any concern whatsoever about the physical/medical wellbeing of the boy his son just told him he’d seen being raped; obviously the apple fall no distance at all for the tree. Dad advised son it would be “prudent” to speak to Paterno THE NEXT DAY, and of course when they BOTH visited him, that little “talk” turned into a nice career for son. Hey, Father Knows Best.

      It’s no surprise that people are comparing all the willfull blindness, inexcusable buck-passing, and outright enabling for profit that went on here here to the Kitty Genovese case. She was attacked and stabbed in the street in 1964 New York, and even though her neighbors could hear her screaming for help, many of them just dismissed it as some sort of lover’s quarrel. Only one neighbor yelled at her attacker to leave her alone, which drove him away. She was seriously injured and manged to crawl to the back of her building, but no one did anything more. Her murderer came back and finished her off 10 minutes later. Everyone figured it wasn’t their “responsibiliy” and that someone else would do what was right – and it’s this case that the “bystander phenomenon” comes from..

      All I can say is, Kitty Genovese wasn’t killed over and over again. The same people who didn’t stop it, or call the police the first time, didn’t continue to close their curtains and turn off the lights. There is no public opinion hell hot enough for this collection of sick fuckbags. Roast the whole fucking lot of them.

      • Brought It

        justifiable, will you marry me?

      • Cock Dr

        justifiable is hot when she gets worked up to a full head of steam.

      • jane

        Yes, roast them slowly over a fire pit.
        Animals! All of them!
        The poor kids will never be the same.
        I can’t believe how many people closed their eyes to this.
        They deserve to be in the general “pound me in the ass”
        Prison. I can’t wait to hear about the day Sandusky gets
        Raped by twenty men and beat to death.
        Have fun in hell pal

      • jane

        I meant “in the general population of “federal pound me in the ass prison”
        Just to clarify…

      • pornstar


    • You guys. Fuck, I’m moving to Utah, I’ll marry you both.

    • Mike

      The problem is this…
      Sandusky was the next in line, the heir apparent to Paterno’s coaching gig. He had a LOT of influence and had been working closely with the All Powerful Paterno for over 10 years.

      Nobody was going to question this guy, no way, when he was for all intents and purposes the next coach. So, when he walked the campus he could do just about anything he wanted, and nobody was going to question him. Add to that he fronted the largest organization in the world that was in place to “protect” young boys from sexual scavengers like himself.

      No that we’re finding out Sandusky pimped out young boys to key guys who gave large donations to the team, I’m guessing Paterno knew a lot more than he is letting on to.

      • Mike

        The only good thing that will come from this is a complete house cleaning, and finally getting rid of the “good ol’ boys” that make up the Athletic Department . Paterno hasn’t really coached the team in 25 years, his retirement as he closes in on 90 is LONG overdue and will help the team move forward.

      • doug

        Mike…Please please please back this up with some sort of credentials:
        “No that we’re finding out Sandusky pimped out young boys to key guys who gave large donations to the team,”
        I’m guessing you meant “Now”. I need to see something to collaborate your claim here. And yeah, the part about nobody questioning the coach that had already been dismissed from the team (early retirement) but apparently you have him still lined up to coach PSU next weekend. Look, the guys a monster, horrible things happened, but that’s no license to make false and unstantiated claims. “Hey, I’m angry, lets make shit up!” Why dont you grab some torches and get a good old fashioned villiager mob going! That’s justice for ya!

    • pimp, you better promise to respect me in the morning.

    • notmerica

      Why didn’t Mike Mcqueary stop the rape of a 10 year old by an adult?

  2. it had to be said

    This guy is basically unemployable once Penn State gets rid of him.

  3. Sunny

    You. Are. Amazing!

  4. KD

    He was a former QB, not a linebacker. Everyone knows QBs are pussies.

  5. Sandusky Blew
    McQueary Knew
    mcpoop 182

  6. Venom

    I kind of felt sorry for this guy and sort of understood where he came from, but then I realized he is a huge guy and much younger guy than Sandusky and he should have just beat the shit out of him and then called the police.

    I am 50/50 right now on my feelings that he and Paterno should face charges over this incident.

    • Keep in mind too that McQueary saw Sandusky on campus, and even in that same locker room all the time for the next nine years, and he just went about his thing, like nothing happened.

    • You gotta be shitting me. I don’t give a fuck what he weighed, how tall he was, or how much younger he was than Sandusky. If he were a 15 year old 98 pound weakling it would make no difference, except that if he were Sandusky would’ve probably raped him as well.

      The day that a 28 year old man has to call his daddy on the phone to ask him what to do when he catches a man raping a child is one sad, pathetic fucking milestone in that child’s life.

      And by “child” I mean the 28 year old.

      • BE

        McQueary parlayed (ie sold that little boy out) his silence into a promotion. He knows it. We know it. Everyone can see it.

        In some ways, he’s so much worse than Sandusky.

        Hence them hiding him away so some very angry individuals can’t get their hands or sights on him.

  7. The sad thing is Penn State fans hate this guy not because he didn’t break up the shower sex, but that Paterno’s gone and he’s not.

  8. JuicyLucy

    In 2002 at the time of the rape of the 10-year-old he witnessed, McQueary was a 28-year-old, 6’4, over 200-pound MAN (that’s like super-hero size!) and he did nothing to stop the rape and continued to work with Sandusky in the next years to come. There is nothing to defend about this piece of shit coward. All the people who turned a blind eye to this situation deserve bamboo shoots shoved right in their cocks.

    • Gigi33

      I don’t think it matter if he wsa 5′ 3″ and weighed 100 pounds soaking wet. If you walk in on someone raping a kid, you do something. What did he think the pervert would do to him?

      • JuicyLucy

        I agree – it just adds to the lunacy of his inaction! I am a tiny woman but would do everything in my power to bludgeon that fuckin pedo.

      • BE

        Real simple:

        1. Grab spare football helmet by strap.
        2. Club rapist over head with it until unconscious
        3. Remove child from situation.
        4. Call 911.

        Works if you 5’3″ 85 lbs dripping wet or a behemoth.

      • The joaker

        Rape him.

  9. Richard McBeef

    Well I’m at least glad to know that Penn State is concerned about someone’s safety.

    • BethR

      Excellent Point Richard!

    • Cock Dr

      It seems at that school it’s the big kids with money and/or influence that matter.
      The little ones are just there for the cornholing.

      • kimmykimkim

        I don’t understand how someone could see something so horrific and actually sleep at night and go about their business like nothing happened. Fucking disgusting!

    • Crabby Old Guy

      McBeef, you’re the greatest! That was EXACTLY mt first thought. Penn State is worried about “protecting” this guy – but 10-year old boys are fair game for their coaching staff.

      • Reading is Sexy

        There are more people at Penn State, campus police officers, attorneys, that were aware of the incidents & still did nothing. Pretty disgusting place.

    • Johnny P!

      He’s been placed on a “leave of absence”.
      A PAID “leave of absence” until all this nastiness blows over.
      I can only hope this gives him many, many hours at home replaying the night he saw the Grandpa fucking the 10-year-old up the ass in the showers, and maybe thinking, “I prob’ly shoulda called the cops”.

    • Whattaya wanna bet he’s at home blaming dad for giving him bad advice? Fuckbags like McQueary never admit they made a wrong decision, because they generally go through life getting everyone else to do the heavy lifting for them. That way they’re never responsible for shit. Hey, it worked like a charm for the past 9 years, right?

  10. hmna

    The only reason I can think of why McQueary still has a job is that he is protected by whistleblower laws. He actually witnessed the conduct and reported to his (now-fired) superiors. Now, if Penn State lets McQueary go, he can sue.

    Although I’m not a lawyer, I’ve heard a couple of attorneys say the same thing. It’s shitty, but there you go.

    • BE

      Yeah – but not much is going to stop a good rifle with a scope.

      And that’s what they’re worried about.

    • stratacat

      it has nothing to do with the law. legally, he did what was “required” of him by PA law. it’s like one of 10 or so backwards states that doesn’t force a legal obligation on a witness or suspicion of child abuse to be reported directly to the police.

      he (eventually) reported it to his superiors, who (eventually) reported it their superiors who then never reported it to the police–which is a crime.

      the last thing these fuckshites care about is the law.

    • Amy

      Yeah but…Paterno did his legal obligation and got fired anyway.

      • That “legal obligation” might not work for him – Paterno was directly in charge of McQueary, and when McQueary reported it to Patreno, as HIS supervisor, the law could be interpreted to mean Paterno was now required to notify law enforcement, not kick it upstairs to HIS superiors.

        And Paterno can still be charged with obstruction of justice by deliberately softpedalling what was reported to him.

      • BobTheBob

        Pennsylvania state police commissioner said Paterno fulfilled his legal requirement . But wondered whether Paterno had a moral responsibility to do more.

        That pretty much sums it up

    • He also said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been associated with a case with this type of eyewitness identification of sex acts taking place where the police weren’t called.”

      Pretty damning.

      Paterno’s hiding behind the whine of, “I did what I was supposed to,” along with claiming McQueary never told him the graphic details, so he never knew it was rape – as if that excused his softpedaling *any* sort of child abuse. So his new excuse is:

      “If this is true we were all fooled, along with scores of professionals trained in such things, and we grieve for the victims and their families,”

      Yeah, that “professionals” crack is a swipe at Spanier, who’s a trained family therapist and the founding editor of The Journal fo Family Issues.

      Wonder what the cover story will be THIS month?

  11. Fuck Paterno

    This may not prevent future abuse but there’s only one solution for the Sanduskys of the world: Death to all child rapists. Every fucking one of them. Period.

    And as for McQueery, he forfeited any credibility he ever might have had in the sports field. What a pussy.

  12. Melissa

    It is terrible that these poor people have to suffer like this. Why are some people so intent on ruining the legacy of JoePa and Mike McQueary? What ever happened to live and let live? I think it’s sick that people want to keep digging up old news. They should learn to let sleeping dogs lie.

    • hmna

      Do not feed the troll.


    • I think the point is that “live and let live” is what McQueary was doing when he let Sandusky go ahead and rape a kid. How would you feel if you had been raped and people who could have stopped it didn’t? Or what if the rapist had raped someone before you and the people who could have stopped him from ever raping again didn’t, so that he was available at a later date to rape you. Because that’s pretty much what happened at Penn State.

    • John The Terrible

      Go stick your head back in the sand, twat.

    • BE

      Melissa – either you like to stir the pot or you’re just brain damaged. It would be old news IF they actually did something about it and helped the EIGHT boys he raped. But they didn’t, did they?

      Moving him off to a position where he could pimp out children for money is NOT old news. It’s NEW news.

      Now if you’re on that campus, like we’re wondering, and had heard all about this long before with no prosecution for the forcible rape of a minor, then that’s a whole nuther can a worms.

      Quit blaming everyone BUT Paterno and McQueary.

      THEY, personally, made THIS their legacy.

      By not giving a crap about these children…

    • Seriously, troll. Even to the “sleeping dogs” line – this twat salts all threads with it.

  13. Further proof that gingers do not have souls.

    Better dead than red!

  14. Rico Jones

    Fuck Penn State. Their entire season should be over. Shut their sports down until a full investigation is completed. Way too many people were involved in covering this up.

    • BE

      They brought federal investigators in according to the Patriot New Link. I’d bet a lot they’re working the RICO angle.


      • I believe you called that yesterday – kudos! If they are involved in trafficking kids and RICO can be used, the can of worms is gonna be ginormous, and they’ll be looking at Federal time.

      • BE

        Not psychic. When it’s this big and so many people with real money are involved , it’s unlikely justice will be served by any local authority. Look at the jury pool crying about Joe’s “legacy” for pete’s sake.

        They did i there in Detroit with Kilpatrick. It was so bad and widespread our governor had to ask the Feds to come in. Which they did.

        The feds invoked RICO and five plus years later they’re still pulling down conspirators and hounding Kilpatrcik. But, no movement yet on the stripper that was allegedly murdered by Detroit Police at a party in the mayor’s mansion.

        Since this Penn State scandal has become a national embarrassment – I’d bet some phone calls to clean this up have come from some very high places.

    • Sadly, BE, you make a lot of sense. For it to have gone on for so long, and for Sandusky not to have “wanted to retire to spend more with his family” – the conventional “my arm’s being twisted” excuse – it had to be worth it. You don’t have a coverup of this magnitude, with so many upper echelon guys involved in keeping it quiet, for no purpose. The reason is always money,

      So the real question is (other than the Penn State admin): “cui bono”?

      • BE

        Well for starters. The Second Mile. Pedophiles such as Sandusky rarely start (in their forties) then stop – his most contiguous access to children from 1970 onward was this charity. Most likely, he started at The Second Mile where the vast majority of his victims were located. Then he got so comfortable with getting away with that he could blatantly use the locker room at Penn State.

        Naturally, The Second Mile has circled the wagons and is declaring full ignorance of everything and anything – hoping (I suppose) to avoid the public disgust at the visible apathy and coverup at Penn State.

        And it won’t be long as investigative reporters ‘t give us more horrible reports in the next few months, while the 20-30 major law firms that have descended on this will be presenting additional victims and accounts for the next several years.

        Early reports are that some rich contributors to The Second Mile were give access to young boys for molestation. This would be logical as pedophiles tend to gravitate to other pedophiles. The contributors deep pockets would also be a valid reason for Sandusky acting like he’s untouchable. As he can probably name names.

        Either way, The Second Mile is probably toast. No one will believe their denials and fundraising for this charity is going to be, at best, difficult because it was founded by Sandusky. Obviously to gain him access to the young boys he desired.

        In the meantime, Penn State is a 4 billion dollar a year institution. Moody has already started downgrading them, rightly so, as the drain from the lawsuits is about to begin.

        The constant references to this being old news from Penn Staters has me wondering this wasn’t one of those “open secrets.” But either way, it’s obviously very big, includes a lot of people who have yet to be investigated and has a lot of money involved.

        As for Paterno and Spanier, I am personally sick of people aspiring to such high ranking jobs then acting like that position doesn’t require handling difficult situations and with difficult choices just such as this. They get paid the big bucks to handle these, not just pass the buck and do nothing. If promoting McQueary for his inaction and silence is the Paterno and Spanier they could do, then they too should be prosecuted to the full extent of any law they can go after them with – Gross negligence comes to mind.

        As I doubt any of them are going to have financial difficulties. From watching the kickback, there are just too many (sick) supporters that will find a way to make sure they don’t suffer too much once the media frenzy begins to die down.
        -IMHO, anyway

  15. Wootang

    I’m haunted by the idea that there was a poor kid who was experiencing this nightmare, looked up and saw this fire crotch, and probably thought for one fleeting moment that someone might help him, only to see that hope scurry off. That kid is an adult somewhere and has to live with that every day. Makes me want to go on a ginger murder spree.

    • JuicyLucy

      When I read that grand jury report last night I thought the same thing. That poor defenseless kid thought he was saved and that fucktard just looked and walked away. I don’t know how he lives with himself each day. And then on ESPN’s site, Jon Ritchie said he if he was McQueary, he too would likely have been so shocked at the surreal incident he witnessed being committed by a man who he held in such high esteem for many years, that he would probably have scurried off too. Bunch of pussies, all of them.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      I have been there, and have been abandoned and let down like that. I’m in my forties now, and I have never been free of the hate for those that did nothing and allowed me to suffer.

  16. Napoupi

    Fish, I understand how this seem to affect you on an almost personal level, but could you please remember that you’re no fucking journalist, or anything half-decent like that, and get back to posting celebrity news and boobs ? The fact that you are somewhat holding the blog hostage with personal opinions that have nothing to do with its initial purpose is rapidly getting annoying. We don’t need to read two posts about the same story, on the same day. Kids got raped in the ass by some POS. It’s awful, the circumstances surrounding the story are awful as well, and justice needs to be served. OK. Get over it, let the press and the police do their job, and keeping doing yours.

    • BE

      Here’s a novel thought. Unsuscribe your RSS feed and then don’t read the links you don’t like.

      As a female, I don’t open the female T&A here. You have the exact same option over ANY post.

      Go Fish!

      • Ashley

        For every person annoyed about his coverage over this incident, there’s probably 30 people who are actually happy he is writing about it. Even though it’s purely an entertainment website that usually pokes fun at celebrities, I thoroughly enjoy his more personal write-ups. It not only shows that he is human, but he’s not a half bad guy.

    • “Holding the blog hostage” OMFG, that’s just…just…horrible! Have you been held hostage, cupcake? Was it terrible? Why, I bet it’s comparable to being raped in a shower stall and not have anyone who sees it do anything.

      First off, you blithering fuckwad, if you want Fish to run his blog according to your desires because Mommy told you that you’re a special snowflake and you’ll always get what you want, you might want to avoid reminding him that he doesn’t even qualify as being “half-decent” and he’s only good enough for tit delivery.

      Secondly, “personal opinions that have nothing to do with its initial purpose is rapidly getting annoying”? Jjust where the righteous fuck do you think you are? The blog is driven by nothing BUT Fish’s personal opinions, which is what makes it so entertaining.

      There have been 5 other postings today, in addition to the Crap You Missed, so stop posturing and comparing yourself to some bank teller who’s been held at gunpoint for an entire day. Until you have to raise your hand to be taken to the toilet because you have a bag over your head, kindly STFU.

    • BE

      My final comment would be that Fish likes keeping the ladies happy too;..)

      And you don’t hear us griping about the lack of hot male posts. Although Fish occasionally tosses us one or two.

      Neither do we chastise him or Photoboy up for preferring to troll for pictures of women to post.

    • TomFrank

      Fish IS doing his job: he’s attracting people to his site. By being out front on this story, he’s gotten a lot of traffic from new viewers. At one point, The Superficial was the fourth top Google result for a “joe paterno fired” search, because the story had yet to penetrate the mainstream. More traffic=more ad revenue=continued job security for someone who sits at home in his pajamas surfing for celebrity news to inspire those snarky posts that we all love.

    • Brought It

      Yeah, Fish, you big jerk, how dare you post what you want on your own website! You have some fucking nerve!

    • kimmykimkim

      What? Fish has opinions? Fuck this shit! I’m out!…you’re retarded, napouoopui person don’t care what your name is.

    • Dan

      The guy sells ads and you visited his site. He sold more ads when you visited here to post this.

      He wins.

      • BE

        So? It’s cheap entertainment.

        I have some development background, don’t underestimate the work and cost involved in keeping a site like this up and running.

        I’m a minor webmaster but know enough to say this here is no walk in the park. Fish earns his $$$.

        And, Fish has been pretty cool about his ad placement and lack of annoying popups. I’m not routinely annoyed as with some other sites.

    • jenyjenjen

      He actually is a journalist.

  17. interesting

    McQueary was good friends with Sandusky’s son so he was not only “coach” to him.

  18. WTF?

    Sandusky’s bail is ridiculously low and he is reported to be driving around doing erands as usual. His manner in an attempted interview on his porch after all this came out is surprisingly relaxed and confident.
    He knows others more powerful than he that are involved. He has to. I just hope he spills the beans before he is suicided.(unlikely) My guess is that all this will all stop with him and never go any further in just another cover-up .

    • BE

      That would be known as “denial.” Typical for criminals who don’t get caught for a long time.

      No way this is just going away for him now…

    • J. Jonah Jackson

      “Before he is suicided?” That would mean he’s going to kill himself. If he seems as confident as you say, that doesn’t sound likely. I think you mean murdered, and I wouldn’t say that’s a stretch at all. Child molesters don’t get far in this world…

      • BE

        I think WFT? is implying that something could happpen to further the coverup or get this off the media horizon quickly. That is the folks with the real money who used those children are going to have Sandusky offed in a manner that appears to be suicide.

        He may be right, just from the Grand Jury testimony it looks pretty big and ugly.

    • Venom

      I was mad at first when they let him out but then I realized they probably want him to go home and commit suicide hope that someone else kills him and they can wash their hands of him.

  19. Ike

    McQueary had pocket presents for his recieivers

  20. Brought It

    But seriously, there can never been too many posts vilifying these assholes.

  21. Dan

    Jock guys are like this. They think they can do anything and get away with it. It is instilled into them since high school.

    You can hardly blame them because it is mostly true.

  22. Clark Kent

    Breaking News (breaking as I type this, old news by the time you read this) on CNN: Mike McQueary – the Penn State coach who told head coach Joe Paterno about a child sex abuse allegation involving a former coach in 2002 – has been placed on administrative leave, interim school President Rodney Ericson said Friday.

    The leave is “indefinite,” Ericson said.

    • BE

      Yep – so he can HIDE from all the people who want to give him a personalized demo of what he SHOULD have done.

      Hope his Daddy is happy with his advice now.

  23. kimmykimkim

    “Penn State worried blahblahblah…” Fuckin weh, alright? Fuckin’ weh! Wipe your tears with your pashminas, you little pussies, and let this guy get his ass kicked. Weh!

  24. Obstreperous

    Someone of sandusky’s age doe’s not start doing bad thing’s in his late 40s’ . I fear there are many more victims out there going back many decades. Fuck Penn st and the students who support
    any one connected with this tragedy

  25. infinitend

    I encourage anyone who cares to sign this petition

    This man Witnessed with his own eyes, a child being raped and did NOTHING. He doesn’t deserve to be employed at PSU anymore. He belongs in the state penn, not @ Penn State!

  26. Lamarr Latrell

    All Pedophiles should be tattooed with a BIG “PED” on both arms in red ink. I am actually for the red tattoo on their foreheads , but that might be “cruel and unusual”

    • Jon and Kate plus Hate

      They should make them get a tattoo of Sinhead o conner’s new tattoo, that would shame em for sure

    • Dirty Harry

      Or we could just remove them from our midst. They can’t be cured, thus they will always be a danger to children. Either lock them up and throw away the key, or put them down.

    • D-chi

      “The Scarlet P. ” I can already see it in the theaters.

  27. Mrs whit

    i apologize for being completely serious on a site which is 110% NOT… You have REDEEMED your negative social value (again, your stated and achieved daily goal) with your spot on abhorrence of these despicable acts. I have read NO OTHER site which better sums up precisely how I feel about this BS. What kind of HUMAN BEING sees that and doesn’t beat the hell out of ANYONE doing that to a CHILD???? What is wrong with you that you LEAVE that child there? Thanks for being a sane rational voice on this. I apologize for calling you that, but there you have it. Apparently everyone else is too in love with… Whatever bizarro football world to remain human.

    • D-chi

      I mean, even if he freaked out and ran away (an understandable reaction), you CALL THE POLICE! Or better yet, return with a metal bat. Hear those things are durable.

  28. John Tate

    Looks like he’s been put on paid leave for the time being. Man, I wish somebody would put me on paid leave. Same money with none of the work!

  29. carmen

    I just want to thank you for all the posts you are doing on this situation. You say exactly what I wish all the other news agencies were saying.

  30. Juaquin ingles

    Souless Ginger.

  31. forrest gump

    no doubt………….it are his red hairs.

  32. BeggingForFish

    Penn State should shut down the entire football program. Like, yesterday. The kids on football scholarships should maintain the scholarships as long as they continue to meet academic standards, because it’s not their fault – any of them who have a shot at the NFL could go to another school. But the only way the school will ever have any credibility will be to eliminate EVERYONE involved in the football program and start over from scratch. That is, IF they even have a football program again…at this point, I’m leaning towards banning the fuckers from football altogether.

  33. jsburg

    Here’s what is really sad, McQueery witnesses this act and does nothing to stop it but just reports it to his superior, JoPa. Paterno sees nothing for himself but does what he should and reports it to his superior, the university president and he does nothing. But now McQueery still has a job and Paterno doesn’t ? What is wrong with this picture. Paterno did what he should. Now maybe a lot of people here should be critized for not confronting this man, but to fire the largest/greatest figure in college football history? Bad move. And why was the U.S Constitution thrown out the window by the school? What happened to inocent till proven guilty? This seems to be a problem all over this country now days. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure Sandusky is guilty of this, and you know he will get what’s coming to him, in court and from the boys in prison. But when he hasn’t even been convicted yet, how do uou fire the biggest name in football and a man who has done more for your school than any one ever had or will, for something that the perp hasn’t even been convicted of. My parents both graduated from Penn St and I was born there, so my family is very connected to that school, so trusy me when I say, this is a sad day for Penn St, College football and this country. Becausd when you start convicting people like this, who did nothing, and without due process, which one of our rights or freedom’s are next ????? I wonder ?????????

    • Oh God, where to start…you may have “read’ but you fail to comprehend. “Innocent until proven guilty” applies to the mulitple charges against Sandusky, which is why he’s home on bail, so the Constitution hasn’t been “thrown out the window”. No one here on this blog can “convict” anyone, let alone “without due process” – the courts do that, so again, the Constitution isn’t even close to doing a defenestration act in PA.

      Paterno hasn’t been charged with anything – YET – and it’s his Grand Jury testimony as a witness (status that he still holds) that people are so enraged about. You ironically characterize him as someone “who did nothing”, and that’s what the outcry is about – HE DID NOTHING.

      Even the PA Police Commissioner is incredulous – he’s never seen anyone in authority who heard an eyewitness account of such an event who didn’t call the cops. Paterno’s inaction may or may not be deemed illegal, but people have a good idea of what they consider morally bankrupt and unacceptable, and morality, as you should know, is a separate issue from the law.

      McQueary’s deservedly getting the same treatment, but since he reported the rape to Paterno he can’t be legally charged, and may even be able to claim whistleblower status. McQueary is low man on the totem pole when it comes to this, but he was an adult, NOT a child, and the fact that he appears to have directly benefitted by doing no more than reporting it to Paterno may not be legally actionable at this point, but people aren’t stupid and can put it together.

      But Paterno’s not denying McQueary never told him anything (altho he claims he never heard the “graphic details”, as if that somehow excuses anything), and his arguing he did “what was legally required” in telling his superiors and then sort of forgetting about it for 9 years while Sandusky was allowed to roam the campus is nothing short of reprehensible, and people don’t have a great deal of tolerance for it as an excuse today, and more than they had for the Nuremberg “I was just following orders” defense 70 years ago . The fact that Paterno could be charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, negligence and violation of the PA Child Protective Services Law comes later – no one’s denying him “due process”.

      People, however, do have the right to form an opinion of people’s actions – or lack of them – outside a legal framework. And based on the Paterno’s own statements, which he made freely and under GJ investigation, people are doing just that. Your fellow humans judge you every day by what you say, what you do, and how you treat others, and they don’t need to wait until court is in session to determine how to make it. It’s called “reputation” for a reason – not “court mandated status” – because the word base is “repute” – a generally held opinion, a basis of being generally regarded.

      Seriously, where have you been living all this time? Wake up.

    • BTW, the plural of “freedom” isn’t “freedom’s”.

      Look it up after you google “apologist”. See if your picture is there next to the definition.

    • hmna

      And the last I checked, the Constitution did not gurantee you a job. Or save you from being fired for cause, whether the law was broken or not.

      • I’d love to know if his contract, like McQueary’s, has a morals clause, ditto for Spanier, Graham and all the rest..

        Although “ethics” in this case would really be the better term.

    • Jsburg is a kunt

      Who cares if he is the biggest name in COLLEGE football. He’s just a coach for god’s sake not a Noble laureate! What really funny is that people in football consider themselves to be “real men”. A real man would not shrug something like this off. A real man would call the police and make sure this never happens again.

      • jsburg is currently pre-pre-law in Penn State and therefore has no knowledge of any aforementioned alleged “real men”, as such, and he will stand firm on his endangered and already compromised Constitutional Fifth Amendment right not to tell you any more.

        The only “man” he’s familiar with is one “who has done more for [the] school than any one ever had or will.”

        And by “done more” he means “opened the university up to a scandal of such proportions that it will become a byword for corruption for decades to come.”

        Yeah, I really don’t think anyone’s gonna be able to top Paterno’s efforts in that area.

    • From TMIPOTI, 11/12/11:

      “…my personal favorite comment – After the one at the end of this gallery, of course. – has to be from jsburg who actually feels the firing of Joe Paterno for doing close to jackshit while children were raped is a grave Constitutional violation and the beginning of the end of America as we know it. Because if football isn’t treated like a holy and sacred institution, then my God, what is? We might as well be under British rule again.

      Don’t tread on me,

      - The Superficial”


      Heh. Heh heh heh. Pass the crumpets, Chauncey. You can be ‘mother’.

  34. Jsburg

    Oh, and one more thing. For all you idiots out there who keep saying, their current team should be banned and nof allowed to play are the giggest morons I have ever heard. What did they do? Most of them were either not born yet or were in gradeschool when this all happened. W hg at do you think that they should have known and called the police from their grade school or better yet, from the womb? How stupid are you. And punish the entirr coaching staff? There has been no talk of all of them or anyone else knowing, but I guess all of you know everything. There have already been innocent people punished for this. And go ahead and criticize me if you want, but you don’t punish innocent people for the crimes of others. I bet there are a lot of you out there who know a friend or relative who have commited a crime, should all of you be fired from your jobs or go to jail because you knew about it? And maybe didn’t turn them in? What do ya think????

    • BeggingForFish

      Those of us who you call “giggest morons” feel that because this was such a huge issue – go read some news sites and you’ll easily find some time lines detailing all the times someone SHOULD have done something – and you’ll see why the whole program should be eliminated and rebuilt from scratch. This obviously was not one or two people knowing, this was a whole bunch of fuckheads knowing and not saying anything. The players aren’t entitled to play for a corrupt program. AND – there is a MASSIVE difference between me not reporting my neighbor for stealing office supplies from her employer and people not calling the cops to report an adult male RAPING LITTLE KIDS. Apples and oranges, buddy.

    • “I bet there are a lot of you out there who know a friend or relative who have commited a crime, should all of you be fired from your jobs or go to jail because you knew about it? And maybe didn’t turn them in? What do ya think???? ”

      I think if I came across any of my friends or relatives in the act of raping a child and I did nothing, being fired from my job because someone found out should be the least of my worries.

      After you look up “apologist” to see if your picture’s next to it, google “David Kaczynski”. He was under no legal obligation, he wasn’t even a witness to anything. Yet he did what he knew to be right. Now imagine how many lives he saved by doing just what you find to be inconceivable.

      Now imagine how fucking glad I am that your last name isn’t Kaczynski.

    • From TMIPOTI, 11/12/11:

      “…my personal favorite comment – After the one at the end of this gallery, of course. – has to be from jsburg who actually feels the firing of Joe Paterno for doing close to jackshit while children were raped is a grave Constitutional violation and the beginning of the end of America as we know it. Because if football isn’t treated like a holy and sacred institution, then my God, what is? We might as well be under British rule again.

      Don’t tread on me,

      - The Superficial


      Heh. Heh heh heh. Pass the crumpets, Chauncey. You can be ‘mother’.

      • BE

        Since there is no international worship at the temple of American football – we now look like perverse idiots to the rest of the world.

        Does anyone really think Americans will derive respect for letting a serial pedophile rapist go to it for approximately 30 years because Penn State had a winning program?

        Put that layer of icing on top of all the crap and name calling Americans have done over the Roman Catholic church. The Pope just happening to be centered in Europe – Americans look like dolts because all you need to make institutionalized child molestation OK is?

        A great football program. Tah dah!!!

        Seriously, people that downplay this citing “Paterno’s legacy” need to take a good hard look at themselves in search for their brain, morals, heart and ethics. Because apparently – they have none.

        My next thought on growing a conscience is that perhaps these supporters should be bent over for a demonstration of the physical agony those little boys suffered (we’ll even ignore the emotional can of worms here). But alas, it would probably be lost on them as one can suspect Penn State has had a lot of sick individuals gravitate there over the last 30 years. Birds of a feather flock together after all. If its “sick” from the top down, then “sick” will feed comfortable there and hang out, won’t they? Healthy will vote with their feet and run…

        Yep, I’m grasping at this point, because even the “cult of personality” theory doesn’t sufficiently explain this level of rationalization…and I’m still trying to wrap my poor little overtaxed brain around the magnitude of this CF.

  35. Mike

    JoePa may actually be a little less significant in this matter than it seems. Big business in the form of the natural gas industry has in the last decade donated many many HUNDREDS of millions of dollars to PSU and has bought reasearch that supports their position that drilling is safe. The former state attorney general who is now governer would have never become governor had he prosecuted PSU officials, including Joe, before his election. His ascendance to governor assured the gas indudstry’s free hand to drill in the state and be the only state that does not impose a tax on the industry.

  36. Maggs

    Here’s a novel thought. Unsuscribe your RSS feed and then don’t read the links you don’t like.As a female, I don’t open the female T&A here. You have the exact same option over ANY post.Go Fish!

  37. Johnny Caustic

    McQueary first paid the price for blowing the whistle, and now he’s paying the price for not blowing it hard enough. You know what every future potential whistleblower is learning from this? DON’T DO IT! If you see something, pretend you didn’t and you’ll stay out of trouble.

    After McQueary blew the whistle, the local cops covered everything up, and you’re delusional if you think he could have gotten them to act any other way.

    • S

      The FBI would have become involved pretty quickly, considering the fact that Sandusky most likely moved children across state lines for the purpose of sexual exploitation. This isn’t a matter for the local cops. In fact, if I were in this position, I would have called the FBI first. It’s not difficult, I’ve done it in similar circumstances. They’re good about taking crimes against children very seriously.

      And how did McQueary pay any price for “blowing the whistle?” He kept his job. He’s being protected by his employer (notice how he is on leave, not fired), and he never even bothered to call someone outside of his employment hierarchy, so I wouldn’t exactly call that blowing a whistle. The crap he’s going through now is a result of his lack of follow-through. Most people are disgusted that he was perfectly fine with continuing to work for people who let a pedophile continue to have unfettered access to vulnerable children without ever raising another peep about it.

  38. gigi

    Ginger = hot. He can come hide out at my place… I’ve got beer & haggis

    • gigi

      on second thought…. never mind… I avoid news stuff on purpose — didn’t know all this was going on. Exile.

  39. 253-Jeffery Holly

    Penn State is devastated, there 8-2 now, and they will end up lose the next 2 games instead.

  40. Mike McQueary
    Megan Breaux
    Commented on this photo:

    I found (from an INCREDIBLY unlikely source) a well composed and well researched blog post that essentially outlines the link between homophobic organizations in which adults have “ultimate authority” over children and pedophilia. I think if more people understood the reality that pedophilia is incur able, dangerous, and facilitated by these organizations, more of them would come under scrutiny. Click here to read it for yourself .

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