Penn State Won’t Remove Joe Paterno’s Statue

July 16th, 2012 // 94 Comments
Joe Paterno Statue
We Are! Rape State!
Penn State Nittany Lion
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“Wait, didn’t this guy let a bunch of kids get raped?”
“Only poor ones. Now quit slouching.”

Thanks to the Freeh Report, we now know Joe Paterno and Penn State officials consciously made a decision to allow a known pedophile to roam free in order to protect the university’s reputation. It was a horrible sequence of events that allowed young boys to be continually raped by a predator emboldened by the fact he could get away his crimes. However, Joe Paterno also won a bunch of football games, and something like letting 10-year-olds get anally raped shouldn’t distract from that. This is America. ESPN reports:

The embattled members of Penn State’s Board of Trustees quietly have decided to leave Joe Paterno’s statue standing — at least for now and, some hope, forever, according to sources with firsthand knowledge of the trustees’ private discussions this week.
The trustees’ reluctance to remove the statue is motivated, in part, by a desire not to offend alumni and students who adore the late coach despite the damning findings of his role in the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse cover-up detailed in the Freeh report, the sources said.

In the Board of Trustees’ defense, plans are in place to eventually install a mechanism that allows the statue to detect rape and suggest a more suitable location while pivoting the other direction and shielding nearby security cameras. “When you hear Joe turn to you and say, ‘Excuse me, fella, would you mind taking that elsewhere?’ it’ll rape your face off,” one member said under the condition of anonymity. “The animatronics are that good.”

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  1. Someone should weld a giant cock to Paterno’s lips. I bet they take it down then.

    • I know, right? It would be so easy to permanently disfigure that statue fairly quickly. Or even if they didn’t permanently do it, a person with a can of spray paint could easily scrawl “I let kids be raped” across that thing, and then Penn State would have to spend money to clean it, which would in turn be a media worthy event.

      Granted, I’m sure the thing is surveiled, and who ever did it would probably get caught, but I’m still surprised someone hasn’t done it anyway.

    • cc

      Actually, an armor piercing round would go straight through that. Leaving that statue there with a hole right through the center of the forehead would be alright.

  2. broduh jenner

    that kid knows wassup. he has a watchful eye on the STATUTE.

  3. The Russians tore Lenin’s statues down. The Iraqi’s tore Hussein’s statues down. It’s time for Rape State to tear Paterno’s statue down.

    • Leo

      “Iraqis” – no apostrophe, no “u”. Raping the English language isn’t cool either. Also, not all the statues of Lenin were torn down in Russia. The Russians also keep his embalmed carcass on display for the public, in case you care.

      • who is she

        There always has to be someone in the internet to attack someone else’s grammar to seem intelligent. We get it. You’re smart. You’re also irritating.

    • “Mr. Erickson, tear down this statue!” – Ronald Reagan

  4. Jake

    Joe Paterno is more powerful even when he’s dead than the Board of Trustees are alive.

    Joe intentionally turned his head while young boys were molested. They should melt down that statute and throw the ore in the middle of the ocean.

  5. Jill

    Joe died of shame and guilt. He knew he let Sandusky get away with raping children.

    • Not to my knowledge, again, nothing I saw indicated the man had guilt for any of his actions. He was denying and obfuscating to his dying day, and his family continues on doing so in his stead. Paterno died of cancer, nothing more. If he truly felt shame he would have come clean. Fuck that rapist enabling scum bucket.

    • Bullshit – he let Sandusky have free rein rather than endanger his all-important program. What the fuck makes you think he had any remorse for letting those kids be sacrificed, let alone “shame and guilt” about covering it up?

      And if he did, he didn’t have anywhere near enough.

  6. El Jefe

    Utterly fucking disgraceful. Even more disgraceful the NCAA has not banned Penn State for life.

  7. They are changing the statue’s dedication to: “The Finger That Didn’t Call the Police So More Boys Could Get Raped.”

  8. I think they should not only keep the statue up, but add to it. How about behind Joe running out with his “football is #1 hand sign,” they could put up a bronze statue of Jerry Sandusky soaping up a young boy. Put it at an angle, so you kind of can see it, but kind of can’t. And of course, they should ad the new alma mater, “Penn State: we’re good at football, and we love kids. No, really, we LOOOVE kids.”

  9. Cock Dr

    I don’t know how the current students & staff can stand for it.
    The rationalization seems to be “he won a bunch of football games”. Wow.

    • JC

      Penn State is a huge school. If even a tiny percentage of students and faculty are outraged by this, they should have more than enough people to vandalize the ever-living shit out of anything with Paterno’s name or image on it.

  10. EricLr

    I hope they leave it up. The comic possibilities of that extended finger are truly endless. I can’t wait to see what the creative welders and sculptors have in store for ‘Ole Joe.

  11. Schmidtler

    So, how many times do they need to see people bending over and jamming their ass into the Paterno statue’s crotch for fake ass raping pics before the jackasses running that school decide they HAVE to take it down? Maybe somebody should host a site where people can post those kinds of pics, to expedite the process?

  12. They will not remove the statue. However, they are going to lower the arm 45 degrees so people can bend over in front of it and take pictures.

  13. stinkfinger

    Mom, that finger smells like poop.

  14. Grand Dragon

    A university is bigger than any one man. The statue should be removed.

  15. cc

    Remember Christopher Hitchens on Gerry Falwell?

    Sub in “you can get away with the most extraordinary offenses to morality and to truth in this country if you’ll just get yourself called ‘football legend’”

  16. Shouldn’t the finger be in front of his lips…

    making the “Shhhhh” gesture.

  17. NittanyFan87

    I am glad that there are some people left with enough courage who are still willing to stand up for what’s right.

    WE ARE

  18. Paterno…Paterno…let’s see, I’m guessing he was Catholic, so maybe he just went to his Proest to ask for advice on what to do with the knowledge of somone in your organization committing pedophilia. And are surprised at the answer?
    Shit, the Pope is probably giving Penn State the old slow golf clap of approval

  19. catapostrophe

    It’s always a bummer when a predator realizes he can get away his crimes.

  20. vgrly

    OT but those ladies ankles looks quite small in porportion to the rest of her body.

  21. vgrly

    Mom: “Smile honey, what’s with the frown?”
    Boy: “That’s what Mister Sandusky’s Wee Wee looked like in the shower the other day….”

  22. “We’re number one!…

    At allowing boy rape!”

  23. Buck

    The gays have infiltrated our schools, churches and athletic fields. Shame on Paterno for not exposing and prosecuting this one once he knew.

    • pedophilia has nothing to do with gays. The vast majority of child predators sexually identify as heterosexual…so technically the problem is the infiltration of heterosexuals.

      • Buck

        Yep i’m sure this guy Sandusky was thinking about hot women as he rammed his prick into a 10 year old boys ass. Don’t let the gay community and our age of political correctness fool you. In this case we did and we let a lot of young boys get hurt because of it.

      • Moron!

        He was thinking about young boys. Don’t you fucking get it? You stupid fucking inbred hick.

      • Buck

        Oh, so sandusky is gay and he did infiltrate our schools and athletic fields. we need to stop the gays and keep them away from our kids.

      • So Buck, by your account, it would be okay if Sandusky had raped 10 year old girls instead of boys? Because then he would have been a “heterosexual?” Seriously dude?

      • Buck

        Dreg, you sound like one of those deranged gay guys we need to keep off the streets and away from our kids. How would you even think anywhere in this thread that its okay to rape 10 year old girls. Liberal thinking strikes again, very sick.

    • “Buck”

      Hmmm let me guess…

      White, christian male from the South or Midwest. Maybe Baptist? Drives a pickup truck and keeps his keys on chain tied to his wallet.

      I know right….totally psychic.

    • SkyGod2.0

      Holy hell if you are trying to make a serious comment, try using GOOGLE and RESEARCH, Einstein. If you were trying to be funny, you failed miserably.

    • Rich

      A shame true and honest Americans get shouted down by liberal thug tactics everywhere you go, isn’t it?

      • SkyGod2.0

        Rich, why in the hell are you on this site? Go on Fox’s “news” site and you can go nuts. They would love your brand of crazy.

      • Rich

        Believe it or not, most Americans agree with me. F

      • Let’s see – would that be the Americans who are Episcopalians, since their leadership supports inclusion into the church as well as gay marriage, the Americans who run Kraft, for promoting inclusion through their Oreo campaign, the Americans who support JC Penney and others who don’t have your paranoia and inbred ignorance – or do you mean just the dribbling morons you hang with, that Fox news tells you represent the country?

        Take a big bite, asshole.

      • Ahhh…infiltrating gays and liberal thug tactics.

        Oh Rich and Buck, I know the big scawey gays and liberals are so mean and sneaky and thug tough. It must be so hard for you tuff little paragons to stand against the rising tide of having people disagree with you or put the blame for crimes on those who commit them instead of some diverse group you’ve decided to hate and fear.

        Conservatives: babies who fear everything and cry foul when someone disagrees with what they say. Yeah, Buck, all those people you’re afraid of are infiltrating everything you were already paranoid about. Yeah, Rich, the people who disagree with you are using liberal thug tactics when they express their opinions.

        Pssst…Rich…by the way…that expressing their opinion thing they’re doing…you know, the thing you call liberal thug tactics…it’s called free speech. Maybe not all true and honest Americans understand that…

        …but all true, honest and halfway educated Americans do. You know what Tommy Jefferson had to say about that last part, right?

        No. Probably not.

      • Buck

        just so you get this straight, its not me thats afraid of the big tough gays…its the kid that are afraid of them and they are the one’s being abused.

      • By honest, do you mean the guy who discouraged his “bosses” from reporting a child rapist, because it was the “humane” thing to do for said child rapist? Thanks for clearing that up for all of us.

      • Buck

        the gay guy (Sandusky) who discouraged his boss ( Paterno ) from reporting the gay child rape should be put away forever. Any deviant gay old man preying on young boys should be kept out of society but somehow we allow them to move in and out of our society and are actually celebrated. Hope that clears it up for you. Got to love liberals.

      • catapostrophe

        Sandusky’s predilection has nothing to do with homosexuality; just as a person’s realization–or ignorance–of this fact has nothing to do with his or her being a liberal–or a conservative. You sound like you have a problem with gay people. That’s your prerogative, I suppose. But don’t make the mistake of equating homosexuality with pedophilia. If you’re interested in the facts, perhaps you should want to rid the country of married heterosexual couples like the Sanduskys, whose respective perversions and tacit approval thereof led to the abuse of so many vulnerable young people.

  24. Wendy

    “Hey Jerry, I want you to meet someone!”

  25. That was a lob

    Sandusky should have to sit on that finger for all of eternity.

  26. That kid is NOT taking his eyes off that finger.

    good instincts on that kid.

  27. Smapdi

    They can keep the statue – they just need to relocate it to the men’s shower.

  28. Fourthman

    Perhaps they could just turn the statue so that it’s looking the other way.

  29. Rich

    Give me a break. More of the liberal, everyone’s a winner, can’t offend people no matter how monstrous they are, trash Der Führer Obama peddles. Killing us with kindness… and the mental retardation that makes one a liberal.

      • Rich

        You “have no idea” because you’re one of der Führer’s mentally deficient cronies.

      • And I’m pretty sure that back in the actual Führer’s day an inability to put together a coherent sentence in a known language would get you thrown in the back of a van with the exhaust fed into it quicker than you could say S-Wagen.

        Watch those historical references, boy – you’re not even close to being smart enough to use them without hurting yourself.

      • fur burger

        BOOM… headshot

    • SkyGod2.0

      Dummy, if you are going to post a negative comment about “liberals” being retarded (that is what you were trying to do, right?) you might want to try and type someithing that doesn’t make you read like a pot calling the kettle black.

    • Rich

      Obama is good because the lamestream media tells me he is! I’m okay with my money being used to give hood rats cellphones!

    • El Jefe

      Are things that bad in your party that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have to send trolls to celebrity blog sites?

      • kim

        Someone is telling the truth about glorious leader! Quick, accuse them of being a troll before the messiah, barack HUSSEIN owebummer is exposed for what he truly is!

      • The truth?

        Okay Kim, so the truth is that Obama is like Hitler, but a Hitler who doesn’t want to offend anyone, one who wants everyone to be a winner and who wants to give cell phones to ‘hood rats’.

        Which isn’t really very much like Hitler at all, is it?

        See, you’re confusing truth with gibbereeze.

      • You left out the “HUSSEIN” bit. This is, of course, proof positive that he’s a secret Mooslim crypto-terrorist who’ll be springing his dastardly secret Islamic terrorist plot any day now. Yes! Uh, OK, he’s probably waiting until November, but just you wait and see!

      • He’s also an atheist and a homosexual and a radical black liberationist and a Kenyan and whatever other things scare right wingers.

        Seriously, there are a lot of legitimate things you can criticize Obama for (his use of executive privilege, to name one), problem is that the other party is unilaterally worse on almost every issue, so they have to make up stuff to whip up the base.

    • Blubbo The Clown


    • Blubbo The Clown


      You FUCKING idiot god damned moron americans…I bet you think you are a fucking “good conservative” or some horse shit, even though you have NO fucking idea what a real conservative actually is. HINT, MEATHEAD, the word conservative wasn’t defined by Oxycontin Limbaugh. And I guarantee if you’re here blathering about “liberals” you have no GOD DAMNED FUCKING clue what a real conservative is. Hint #2 shithead: YOU AREN’T CONSERVATIVE EITHER. You’re a fucking drone, conditioned by the Republican party and it’s media whores like Shithead Oxycontin addict Limbaugh. You’re a USEFUL FUCKING IDIOT, the kind Hitler and Stalin loved…you’re a fan of the team, a mindless shithead cheering in the stands having NO FUCKING CLUE about the real game afoot.

      “Liberals” my ass you god damn brainless automaton.

      • Buck

        You sound like a European liberal…our goal in the U.S. is too not turn into European liberals, but thanks for the input.

      • “our goal in the U.S. is too not turn into European liberals”

        Yeah, because God forbid you might actually become literate in English, let alone another language.

  30. renzomatic

    Child: “Hey, what’s that old man doing with that child?”
    Paterno Statue “That guy? Umm..nothing, hey look! A plane!”

  31. Bane

    Old Blind Eyed Joe.

    Melt the MF’er down and drop it on the Board of Trustee”s next meeting. With a Sandusky chaser.

  32. The Royal Penis

    Looks like Joe’s statue has got a good game of “grab ass” going on the 12 year old boy. Can’t let Jerry have all the fun now can we?

  33. I Hate 0U

    They should send the statue to prison for 10 years, and then put it back up after it has paid its debt to society.

  34. phooey

    They should just turn the statue so it’s looking the other way.

  35. anonymous

    They forget the Sith come in twos. Somewhere there is another rape statue bidding its time.

  36. Nope

    Looks like the trustees are still in a state of denial. They should stop worrying about sucking up to the alumni, and start worrying about the lawsuits that will soon be filed against the university from kids and parents of kids that paterno allowed to be raped on campus, and it’ll be proven (through not taking down his statue) how they’re still trying to protect his image…

  37. After the Vatican’s response to the sex abuse scandal, and the half-assed apologies the Pope and others did for actively covering up 25 years of molestations. I never thought another institution could behave in such away. I was wrong with Penn State, in some ways they are worse.

    TO all the football fans and Penn State Alumni, “Your hero is a total PIECE OF SHIT.” Move on and find someone else to idolize to bring meaning to your shallow lives.

    I applaud the university for keeping the statue up, I want to see all the interesting ways the students will vandalize it in the coming years.

  38. Buck

    They should ship the statue to Harvey Milk Street in San Francisco

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