Penelope Cruz shares a lesbian kiss with a special someone

January 4th, 2008 // 89 Comments

In these screenshots Penelope Cruz plays some sort of hot lesbian librarian in her brother Eduardo Cruz’s new music video “Cosas Que Contar.” And who’s that woman Penelope is kissing, you ask? Maybe it’s, oh I dunno, her sister Monica. The idea was cooked up by Eduardo who wanted to generate some controversial publicity, according to FOX News:

“I don’t think it was a wise move for Penelope, as she has always been considered a very classy actress and it wasn’t like she was doing this for a ground-breaking film,” said Adam Weiss, CEO of Weiss PR in New York City (who does not represent Cruz). “But then again, nothing in Hollywood is surprising. People have done worse things and become much more famous as a result.”

Wow, I can honestly say that the last two people I’d want making out in my music video would be my sisters. Unless, of course, I never wanted an erection ever again. Then, yeah, this is exactly the route I would take.

NOTE: Secret kudos to Eduardo Cruz for pulling this off. Hey, they’re not my sisters.

Photos: Splash News

  1. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Now that’s how you make a video. Classy, two girls kissing, you can never go wrong there.

  2. It’s not her sister. It’s the actress from “Alias,” Mia Maestro.

  3. ack

    i don’t think that’s her sister.

    penelope is awesome.

  4. Debagger

    When I first saw this picture I had prayed it was her sister. Is that wrong?

    In any case: 17th!!!!!!!

  5. Ript1&0

    “Controversial publicity” = good

    Giving the public something to hurl to = bad

    Find another way Eduardo, please man.

  6. Do_FreeBird

    Hot? that’s not hot. A little nip on a lip? LIcking each others faces is hot. Gently pinched nipples is hot. Laying on their backs while they diddle each others clits is hot. using a double dong is hot (doing it up their asses adds 50 degrees). Blowing donkeys while while plucking the 50,000 hairs on Kim Kardasians monobrow is hot. Getting fucked by Michael Vicks stable of Pit Bulls (including the dead ones) is hot………Oh I can just feel a truck load of spunk about to discharge!

    Having a 3 way with Paris?

    Just lost my bonner.

  7. Not her sister.
    But still, its pretty weird to have your sister making out with another chick in your videos, no?

  8. Rufus

    OHHH SHHHIITTTT I JUST exploded in my pants…………………………………………………………………………………………………………ahhh excuse me

  9. Sheema

    It’s not her sister, it’s Mia Maestro, the actress who pretty much ruined Alias.

  10. Josh

    Do_FreeBird – Well played, Sir.

  11. Cireg

    That is not her sister….if anyone would bother watching the entire video, it’s clear that it isn’t her.

    What is clear is that my abs can cut glass.

  12. Binky

    I guess she’s just trying to get Salma jealous….
    not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  13. put the ugly people in the back

    The whole incestuous Cruz family practices scientology so they don’t really have a good grasp of reality or lets say “right” and “wrong”. The Cruz sisters will tell you that a magical alien told them to make out in order to save the universe (really it was Tom Cruise and Eduardo Cruz in a dark room under a big lumpy blanket doing it doggy style flaling around yelling out in panting cracking voice “kiss your sister Peneloppe kiss your sister”(conveniantly the alien, I mean homo scientology douches, had a video camera set up). Anyway if you were a dumbass taco skank, or two, brainwashed by scientology you’d prabably think two sissy pigs in a blankey banging in a dark room were actually a giant outerspace funny speaking alien on an incestuous sister lovin’ mission too. The pile of dimly lit sheet covered sweaty man sex prolly looked a lot like jaba the hut if you think about it.

    So of course by now you’ve figured out that Tom Cruise and the Cruz family are actually related, the genius family decided to just change the spelling of their names to lead us off their freaky trail, so which is the real spelling for the batshit crazy incest lovin’ scientology lunatics? Really no one knows it’s like the chicken and the egg, no one fucking cares cause they both taste good. What the fuck wait where did I just go? I don’t know but suddenly I want a giant chicken omelet.

  14. Well, It seems to be true. I got to know that her hot and mature kiss with a bisexual at can be also found. It looks like that she really wanna have a try.

  15. moka

    penelope is a slut, so, what’s new with her? obviously it runs in the family, all whores in the name of fame and money.

  16. Daniela

    Mia didn’t ruin Alias. Melissa George did. Lena Olin leaving the show on the third season and magically coming back to life ruined Alias.

    And in this picture it is Mia Maestro.

  17. me

    I saw 2 black women kissing on the animal channel. It was gross.

  18. jimena

    that video is so wrong. and not good for Penelope at all. if there was the slightest suspect of her sluttiness, now she brought up the proof!

  19. Hot

    Mmm two Spanish hotties. Gotta love these exotic Spanish dark haired, dark eyed, beautiful hot chicks. Like Kim K. I know Kim’s Armenian and not Spanish, but she looks like a girl from Spain anyway.

    The hottest thing on Earth.

  20. PatheticNewGuy

    That’s the ghey. No, wait. What?

  21. X

    penelope is gross looking. like a poor cheap version of Salma

  22. Binky

    Cliff Notes : As long as we can watch.
    Binky: Yeah – I guess that about covers it.

  23. kels

    #19, please do not insult the beautiful spanish/latin girls. Kim K looks hella Armenian (she’s had a nose job, so don’t let her ‘latin’ fake booty and other curves fool ya.

  24. kels

    #19, please do not insult the beautiful spanish/latin girls. Kim K looks hella Armenian (she’s had a nose job, so don’t let her ‘latin’ fake booty and other curves fool ya.

  25. kels

    #19, please do not insult the beautiful spanish/latin girls. Kim K looks hella Armenian (she’s had a nose job, so don’t let her ‘latin’ fake booty and other curves fool ya.

  26. Chloe

    It’s not her sister… it’s a young actress called Diana García who appeared on a mexican movie called Drama/Mex.

  27. At Least KK Is Smarter than Kels

    #23, #24, #25, please do not insult our comprehensive ability. We understand ya fine with just one post, even if we had a fake brain like yours.

  28. Penelope Cruz Is An Embarrassment to Other Spanish Women

    What do you expect from someone who was desperate enough to steal Tom Cruise?

  29. Penelope Cruz Is Embarrassment to Spanish Women

    What do you expect from someone desperate enough to fuck Tom Cruise? While he was married too.

  30. umm

    wait isnt she married to javier bardem?

  31. rob

    i swear people reporting are morons…and this mr. superficial is the king of the dumbasses.

    It’s not her sister, its the woman from the beginning of the video. If the reporters weren’t busy giving fingering your sphincter while watching 2girls1cup they might have done a good job and reported it correctly.

  32. Bea Dyke

    Dykes are disgusting, and why do all of these stupid actresses and Hollywood Lefties want us to think that there is something wrong with the rest of us that are not Gay. What a bunch of Sickos.

  33. Fag Hag

    This picture turns my stomach. I think I’m going to go puke now.

  34. ………………………………………………..JUST SWEET!!

  35. Sister???? Impossible!!!!!! Someone told me she saw both of them on a website!!!!!!! Is it true?????? I’m wondering !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. D. Richards (Trash.)

    Jesus! How erotic is that; I’ve always wanted to fuck a couple of sisters. Oh, man!

    Penelope’s brother is a genius isn’t he? Next time, I wanna see penelope eating her sister’s pussy though. Erection!

    I need to see penelope’s face buried in her sister’s ass. I’d stare-on like Jack Nicholson stared at that woman – lying in the tub – in the Shining. Like a maniacal pervert.

  37. N

    errr sorry but
    1—she is not her sister.Mónica Cruz is quite different from the woman she is kissing to

    2–they are nos scientologist at all

    3–She is not married to Javier Bardem,they are just couple,not married.

    and Spanish women are sooo beautiful

  38. N

    errr sorry but
    1—she is not her sister.Mónica Cruz is quite different from the woman she is kissing to

    2–they are not scientologist at all

    3–She is not married to Javier Bardem,they are just couple,not married.

    and Spanish women are sooo beautiful

  39. D. Richards

    Well, N, Thanks-a lot.. You just ruined my erection.. Bitch.

  40. Sandra

    That’s not actually her sister Monica, that’s Mia Maestro (from Alias and Poseidon). She really similar to Monica, but most definitely not her.

  41. That’s what I am looking for!! LOL Sweet kiss. You can enjoy more on Come on gals!

  42. put the ugly people in the back

    Of course it’s not her sister dumfucks. Most people with a brain new that but it’s way more fun pretending it is her sister and yes her family DOES practice scientology.

    The girl is Mia Maestro and if you look her up on IMDb you’ll seee that she is drop dead gorgeous.

  43. Me

    ack that is her sister…the implication is disgusting, but in the end, look at angelina and her brother, and that kiss alone is what I believe made her truly a famous actress.

  44. huh

    Hmm… 40 different people so far have posted that it’s NOT her sister. But I’m gonna go ahead and still believe that it IS her sister. *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*

  45. Spanky

    Wait a second…that’s MY sister ! What a slut ! Man if mom finds out about this…

  46. BaldAsBritney

    Is it just me or does that 27 dresses add at the top of the page make you want to puch that Hiegl chick right in the face?

  47. Drew B

    That’s not her sister, it’s some Argentinian actress.

  48. penelopeluvsmydong

    Spanish chicks are insanely hot. Damn, I wish I was in Spain right now. Instead, I am in texas where dangling a sack full of big macs is considered calling women. American girls suck and they really aren’t good at that.
    Though I doubt that Penelope is kissing her sister, that would certainly make Christmas a little awkward if the two sisters really made out.

  49. Mike

    That looks more like Monica Cruz than Mia Maestro.

  50. Miles Long

    I would love to give Penelope the D. Have a nice day.

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